While You Were Sleeping

So my entire family, my wife and my son, have been floored by some weird feverish disease, which I now have. GREAT. Still, news waits for no man. I will soldier on! Welcome to While You You Were Sleeping.

It's funny how things tend to come in waves. We've seen a lot from the Elder Scrolls series, what with that fancy mod update of Morrowind. So it is the season for that series. Check this out: someone has been building replica potion and scroll sets from the games. It's crazy — we're used to swords and armour from the game being built. This is original!

And while we're on that topic, click here if you want to make modern Skyrim look amazing.

We're hearing a lot about DayZ with us being close to the final release and all — this is an encounter that turns into a humiliating, yet funny, axe fight. This is the story of the first time SEGA quit a hardware business and you can now watch 30 minutes of the new Longest Journey sequel.

In Short The Dreamcast Wasn't The First Time SEGA Quit A Hardware Business A Whole Shelf Of Elder Scrolls Potions, Scrolls And Books Watch 30 Minutes Of The New Longest Journey Sequel Want To Make Modern Day Skyrim Look Amazing? DayZ Encounter Turns Into A Humiliating Yet Funny Axe Fight


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