DayZ Encounter Turns Into A Humiliating, Yet Funny Axe Fight

Running into another group of players in the online survival game DayZ rarely ends in a simple gunfight. It's rather a mental test. Klyka and his friends ran into two players in yellow jackets, and decided to humiliate them (without any serious consequences) in an axe fight.

The fun starts around the 1:20 mark, and it's fascinating to watch. Lets just say it doesn't go as smoothly as planned.

The DayZ guide to being a prick - Lesson 3 - There can be only one [Helloween4545, YouTube]


    Ok, gotta laugh a *lot* at that... well done guys.

    Other peoples experiences playing this game always look so much funner than my own ahhaaha

    tell me about it mine always end up in the middle of no where with no idea where i am lol starving because every town i come across ends up with zombies chasing me through walls can't fight as i've lost too much blood and would die lol

      WOAH there sonny, just take a breath and use some punctuation. :)

    We should make a kotaku team & just wander the land singing Assassin's Creed 4 sea shantys

    "Everyone wiggle, wiggle for the yellow jacket man." LOL

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