While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. News. Babies snoring. Porridge. We have it all. (Mostly just news though).

This video of a gamer trying to get his Dad to play Grand Theft Auto V brings back all sorts of weird memories for me. My Dad just could never get into games at all, but the few times I forced him to play something ended up just like this video! Relive that moment you once tried to get your Dad to like video games...

Those Halo movie rumours. Why won't they go away? Maybe because we keep writing about it? Ha. Oh, right...

But still, not sure if I could really get excited about a Halo movie. The stock is down on that series and I'm not sure if it'll ever hit the same heights it once reached. A movie now will never quite be the same as when Neil Blomkamp was working on it.

The new Muppets trailer really nails stupid internet comments, this is some seriously dark Mario fan art, and this is the difference between anime fans and everyone else.

In Short New Muppets Trailer Nails Stupid Internet Comments Mario In Wonderland Is A Bit Darker Than The Mushroom Kingdom The Difference Between Anime Fans And Everyone Else Relive That Moment You Once Tried To Get Your Dad To Like Video Games Those Halo Movie Rumours Just Won't Go Away


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