Community Review: Titanfall Beta

I don't think I can remember a Beta that's had as much of an impact as the Titanfall beta. Everyone, it seems, is playing it. Everyone has a copy. How are you finding it?

I had a busy weekend, but still managed to squeeze in a handful of games and I've come to this conclusion: Titanfall is the perfect game for people who used to love Call of Duty and are now a little sick of Call of Duty. Yes, that's pretty much everyone who plays games. Yes, that is meant to be a compliment.

The beautiful thing about Titanfall is that it takes everything that Call of Duty gets right (let's be honest, pretty much everything — the core shooting, the pace, the responsiveness) and actively decimates everything that we've grown to dislike about the series: hubris, repetition, the same old shit.

Imagine someone decided to completely reinvent FIFA and every five minutes a giant robot Pele decided to parachute in from the sky, bursts the ball, and then spend the remaining 20 minutes chasing a dwarf Lionel Messi around the pitch. That's sort of what Titanfall does: it takes something comfortable and familiar then obliterates it with — gasp — some actual new ideas about how things should be done.

As gamers we rarely get to interact with something new that arrives seemingly perfectly formed. Almost like a Titan itself. Titanfall just sort of fell from the sky and landed on our laps like — BOOM. Here I am. Play me. Love me. It's a multiplayer game, of course, so the flaws and cracks might still appear with time but, for now, it feels like we have something special on our hands here.


    "Titanfall is the perfect game for people who used to love Call of Duty and is now a little sick of Call of Duty. " Well, if one sentence ever put me off a game this is it. I think the hype around this game won't live up to its expectations.

      I don't know, that sounds good. CoD hasn't had that much of an impact since CoD4, and that was a long time ago.

        Yeah since cod4 it just kind of went downhill.

          They bounced back with Black Ops 2, just a little since Treyarch cares. But Ghosts basically knocked back any kind of momentum that made.

            I felt Black Ops 1 was better than 2

              Nah, I felt that Black Ops was a little messy at times. It also doesn't help that I friggen hated Woods. Thankfully he was toned down in Black Ops 2 and while I still don't like him he was at least tolerable.

                ah right, I meant the multiplayer, they added the newer money system where scopes/upgrades were bought rather than having to use a gun for 20kills before getting a scope.

                Awkward moment where someone is providing thoughts on a new multiplayer game and refers to a shooter's single player campaign....

                Have a very special day, for a very special little man.

                  Eurotrip reference!? *Creates an account just to +1 you*

        I think it comes down to a stale product. I'm a big BF4 fan but too much of a good thing is exactly that! I'd rather have a Battlefield 2142 for the next gen etc to come out. Something different from the modern day shooter. COD's consistent regurgitation should be a stern warning for DICE to mix it up otherwise lose touch with their market. That being said. I play games. Just my opinion. :P

          Sometimes developers are restricted by their publisher. EA has been trying so desperately to beat CoD over the last years that all they did was copy them. Titanfall may be the killer hit they've been begging 7 years for and with its success it may be enough for EA to let go of their choking hold over other developers and franchises.

            Yeah very true. :) Maybe, maybe not. Will be interesting to watch it all unfold!

      I couldn't agree more. I am over CoD and I am not looking for a replacement. I won't be rushing to get this game.

      The game does actually look pretty fun in action though. And CoD multiplayer used to actually be quite good (I haven't played recently) so it's not a horrible comparison to make.

      But it's EA so I'll not be playing it anyway.

        You have to play it now! Because Titanfall 2 will be out before the end of the year and everybody will move on to that!

      A guy in my office walked in this morning and said "It's Halo for a new generation" - I liked Halo but didn't love it - so it's also put me on the fence until I get a run on it for myself.

        Nah, I gotta say that CoD has moved on to Titanfall while Halo has moved on to Destiny.

          I don't know. Judging from looks destiny seems more like borderlands.

          Edit: sorry not from looks. Was meant to say lack of experience, but from the sounds of the mechanics. Lookks definitely agree

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            There's a certain feeling in the mechanics that make all the difference. Gametypes and gimmicks can be changed and worked in all types of games but everything underneath the layers have certain movement and rhythm.

            You can imitate the feeling of Titanfall in say, Reach. Increased movement, jumping, give everybody a Jetpack, make Scorpion tanks spawn within capture zones. But it will still feel like Halo and not like CoD.

      The thing to remember is that COD still sells about a billion copies every year, so while it’s all well and good to be jaded about the whole thing (I haven’t enjoyed a COD since the second one I don’t think) a “new” replacement for the COD crowd is a massive thing for the gaming industry.

      Basically I don’t think it needs to excite you or I to live up to expectations. It looks cool and there’s a MASSIVE audience out there for this kind of game. If it gets solid (COD level) reviews then this game is going to sell a shit-ton of copies.

      I don't care much for CoD (actually, quite dislike it, and find its multiplayer shallow), and I think Titanfall is quite good. It reminds me more of Quake then CoD.

      I think the one issue I have with Titanfall is that you have to aim down sights, which I think detracts from the pace and free flowing movement of the game.

      There is no hype bro...I've been playing the game for hours n with only 2 maps in the Beta it is by far better than the last 5 years of call of duty...Titan Fall did fall out of the sky but it landed in COD's backyard and went ham. This game is what gamers needed. A reason to play. A reason to run freely and not worry about campers and players crying about k/D's. This game takes it to a whole new level and filled a void I know all gamers will learn to appreciate.

        Hit the nail on the head! We all wait for the next cod hoping it brings us back to the glory days of cod4 but those days are gone! This is exactly the kind of game I've been waiting for to come out! Something new and fast paced and put together very well! And done with the k/d bullshit!

      Totally agree. CoD was/is/always shall be a piece of crap multi-player game. Like I say for WoW, the fact that a lot of people play it doesn't mean that it's good. It means there's a lot of people who have never played any decent games before and don't know any better.

      FPS' have been dead since Counter-Strike came out(they purposely made aim more random until it met it's death in beta5). TF2 tried to help but got lost in a sea of pointless hats. Now we're stuck in a time where 'random bullets' rule all. Having good 'aim' hasn't been a factor for a long, long time. If you can push your trigger button/key then you're as good as the next guy. Never understood why they put cross-hairs in games when they don't actually relate to anything. I don't miss, the game forces me to. These games are a joke and they should be treated as such.

        what a load of bullshit

    This game definitely has a awesome pace/momentum to it, hopefully they will be able to deliver in customization when the full game is released.

    Attrition (aka Team Deathmatch) feels like COD Team Deathmatch except occasionally someone has a giant robot. I do love that the pilot jump gear gives more verticality to the games but it's still basically people camping/sniping/getting cheap kills until they can call in a Titanfall. The current amount of lag due to a lack of local servers is far worse than I ever experienced in other shooters like COD and Halo so I don't feel like I'm much more than cannon fodder. On the upside the AI minions are pretty worthless, so you still get to kill stuff even if you suck. It doesn't contribute much to victory, but you still get to feel like you're doing well and can call your Titan faster.

    A much more fun game mode is Hardpoint (aka Domination). It's the same old gametype but the need to move more to contribute to victory along with the added varaible of the Titanfalls realy brings this gametype to life, much more so than in COD (where people would just snipe at the control zones to pad their K/D. The best thing titanfall does is take away the focus on K/D so people are, over time, more likely to actually play the game.

    The thing I love most about Titanfall is how when victory is decided the losers have 45 seconds or so to get to the evac point and board their dropship and escape. Escaping gives you extra points for the round and gives you a degree of satisfaction. The winners on the other hand have that time to kill everyone or even destroy the dropship (which takes the concentrated effort of at least two Titans to pull off in the time allotted). It's reminiscient of the final Invasion gamemode which was introduced in Halo Reach, where the Convenant had to escape with a data core and the UNSC had to stop them, but simply as a frantic addendum to every game. I love it.

    As long as the game has Aussie servers at launch so I don't always have to watch killscreens where I didn't fire a shot before being plugged in the head (whereas my experience was shooting half a clip at someone who took no damage whatsoever), I'll pick it up.

    Edit: typos

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      It won't have Aussie servers at launch. Microsoft's Australian 'Azure' server cluster (which Titanfall runs on) is still being built and won't be available till Q4 this year. The closest one to us in distance is Singapore, but more than likely we'll be sharing with Americans.

      Interestingly enough, even pinging 120-150ms I found it pretty smooth and did pretty well in the game, although I played on the first day of the open beta and there were not many people playing (i don't think i had a full 6v6 from the start, ever), and this may have changed now.

        I have a horrible ADSL1 connection and was playing last night on my Xbox One, no noticeable lag with 133ms South East Asia datacenter.

        Respawn have managed some phenomenal netcode.

          Unfortunately my pings were around 250+ regardless if datacenter which didn't seem so bad but played pretty terribly. Could just be me I guess.

        here in NZ on 100mps connection had around 150ping always, there was the odd time where I watched the Kill Cam and my player didnt even fire a bullet and was facing the wrong way, never saw anyone with above 1 bar connection though so assume everyone was like that?

        won't be available till Q4 this year

        Excuse me a moment.

        Stuck at a pretty constant 151ms Ping to South East Asia... Had a few questionable calls each match with being killed by non shooting opponents. But overall wasn't too bad, hopefully matchmaking can work someway to stick all aussie players together so that the lag is the same for everyone to balance everything out. Was still fun as heck though. Being multiplayer only though, I just hope they stick a sufficient amount of levels when it launches and doesn't stick a lot of content behind DLC...

      I really enjoyed the game. I will probably get it, but the lag is an issue, and I know it's not one which isn't going to be fixed until much later.

      It's actually pretty disappointing to be honest, because the game is phenomenal, it's just going to be let down somewhat by poor infrastructure in our region.


      My issue with Titanfall is 1. the iron sights breaks the flow and aiming of the game. It slows the pace down, and 2. the maps in the beta, i don't feel take full advantage of the verticality of the game. More narrow gaps between buildings to wall jump up would improve the flow of the game.

      Agree on the focus away from K:D's.

      I have found that despite a ping over 100 I haven't noticed any lag at all. Which is very surprising.

        That's a good point you just made me realise about the wall running. To design the maps they have to make the roads wide enough for titans to move down, but at the same time thin enough for pilots to wall run? doesn't work and you can tell they favoured the titans obviously. barely any real wall running areas

    "Titanfall is the perfect game for people who used to love Call of Duty and are now a little sick of Call of Duty. " I agree 100% with this, loved the BETA, but now want more.

    Really enjoyed it so far. Level capped pretty quickly and dont have many more loadout options to unlock

    Love taking down Titans as a pilot. Feel like pilots are a little too weak to damage (always hated how easy you can die in CoD, more of a halo player) Smart Pistol is just right, good for sneaking but get owned face to face.

    Love the bot addition just wish it was a little easier to differentiate between bots and humans.

    Just enjoyed how polished it is. How it tells you when there are too many Titans are attacking you etc. But find messages aren't as easy to read (which again is from CoD)

    Burn cards feel a little superfluous though.

    Agree games feel a little short but overall one of the best betas I've ever been in. (and thanks for the 5 beta codes they sent me when I signed up for 1 rofl)

      The variable commentary the game offers is a great touch. "You are outnumbered 4 to 1" is the last thing you want to hear, but I'm glad it's something they put in. You also have your commander telling you when you're losing badly, or completely creaming the other side. It keps the pace going so you don't have to really worry about the score. Other games have tried this but only ever offer comments like "come on guys we're getting smashed" whenever the enemy takes the lead, even if it's only briefly. It doesn't seem like a hard thing you get right so I'm surprised it's always felt so jarring and out of place until now.

    I really enjoyed my time with the Beta, love the parkour movement and the Titans, but I can't help but think I'd enjoy this much more if it were a Battlefield game, with enormous levels and 64 player battles, with tanks, planes and mechs. I hope the 2142 team are taking notes!

      I think Titanfall is going to accomplish what it set out to do but there's no doubt in my mind that we'll see bigger and better once devs are fully committed to "next gen". I'd love to see Battlefield-sized maps, bigger Titans, and air support. But maybe not just yet.

    Wait, we're reviewing betas now?

    Is this like how companies charge for early access?

      Nothing wrong with showing your impressions of a beta.

      Unsure what you meant by that analogy.

      Well its saying what the beta as it is now is like rather than what the full game will be like based on the beta. That seems fair enough

      I came here to say exactly this. WTF Mark! Beta by its very definition is an unfinished game.
      "How are the game mechanics?" works fine. But "Community Review".... Don't like that.

    Seemed like it's aiming for the same market share as COD multi, and felt like it does the same things very well and will probably be a big success. Not really the kind of game I look to play online though.

    I love reading the hate about this game... Try playing games for fun you might get a bit more out of your hobby...

    I think i was the only person in the universe to not have been sent a beta key? *sigh*

      I had to buy one of ebay, regretting it now as its free for all

        How much did you pay for it ???
        I've played a lot of beta's and this one I probably would buy a code off eBay. Was unbelievable, I play out of Sudney and had no problems with lag whatsoever

          After currency conversion it was around $10NZD, I had enough fun to make it worth it, but if I'd known it would come out free I prob would have waited.

        i just sent a fake key to EA and they sent me 2 back before it went open :)

    Had fun. Fast paced and good run and gun. Wish the guns had more recoil and spread so the skill cap isn't so low but hey it's not meant to be a competitive game anyway.

    I actually tweeted almost an exact paraphrased version of that first paragraph last night. So I pretty much agree.

    Except one thing that I think might hold it back from being as big as COD is a lack of the same simplicity. The fact that there are two different control schemes is enough to turn a lot of people off. Also that it's sci-fi.

    More dedicated "gamers" (for lack of a better word) will like that it's not a run of the mill military shooter, but there's the droves that keep coming back to COD because it's simple and familiar in concept and game play, an itch that I don't think Titanfall will quite scratch for the mainstream. But hey I might be wrong.

    But as for my experience, it isn't turning out to be a godlike shooter and the future of FPS as so many people kept saying but I do find it quite enjoyable. Personally I think I prefer the weight of Battlefield, but Titanfall has some really nice touches.

    My highlight is rodeoing both enemy and friendly titans. Although the camera could be positioned better in the latter.

    I think I'd buy it if it was a little cheaper than an average game.

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    I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. I'm in the PC beta and it's nothing special as far as i'm concerned. It's SOLID, for sure, and it is a bit of fun, but it's just another shooter with some added mech and parkour for good measure, and that's hardly worth getting moist over in my opinion.

    The mechs don't really feel like much of a reward as they happen so often and last about as long, compared to something like Blacklight where spawning a hardsuit feels like something you really had to earn, and keeping it alive is more strategic.

    As for the parkour stuff, it's fun and it's all fine and dandy but it's not really a selling point for me, it helps you get from point A to point B in a map that all kind of feels the same no matter where you go on it.

    My thoughts.
    Its great fun but has a few issues.

    Although lag is not horrendous not having an Aussie server is problematic and noticeable when you come out of a 30 ping Sydney server with something like BF4.

    Bots look too similar to real threats like humans. I would love to see a TF2 inspired silhouette to make it easier to distinguish targets.

    Took me a bit to learn to like some aspects, and others I still don't and will not like (smart gun...) but ultimately I'm really enjoying it.

    Hey guys, I have an unused Xbox One Titanfall Beta key. I applied for both Xbox and PC hoping I would get one, I got both so I am using the PC version.


    Enjoy :)

    I really enjoyed the limited time I had to play it last night.

    The gameplay was fast, simple and enjoyable. As with the posts above I sat around 130~150 ping (usually unplayable in most other FPS) but rarely noticed, It felt like I was on 60~70 instead.

    I think the round time was perfect from the games I played. I would assume there would be server setting to adjust this later for those who love the long battles, I just don't have time anymore for 45 minute rounds (not to mention it gets a bit stale). I only played Attrition (TDM Equivilant) and I managed to get a few games in before bed.

    Really happy with it and interested to see where it goes from here!

    As above, I would love to see some 64p Sized Maps with bigger titans (Megazord anyone?)

    The game is good but the titans feel disposable. Like a $100 million version of the iPhone - in planned obsolescence. I feel that there is no real reason to pilot the titans anyway. Just leave it in AI follow mode and it will not only spot enemies within a 360 degree radius but also lay down supressing fire and allow me to have two sources of damage on one person. They are at their most useful without the pilot and that just feels wrong

      I feel like it's the complete opposite. Auto-Titans are decent for mopping up minions, but they aren't anywhere near as good at taking out players as I am in the Titan. They're also pretty much done for when a player-controlled enemy Titan starts into them, and quite easy to get the drop on and take out by opposing Pilots, particularly in the city level in the beta due to how vertical it is. I'll stick them in autopilot during the epilogue if my team lost and I want another target around the escape point for the other team to deal with (they'll keep going until the game ends even if you get killed here), but they'll happily stare out into space and not bother taking out either the ship or the players on the roof attempting to board it if your team happened to win.

    Don't hate me but I don't like it! *runs*

      Sorry, gotta bomb your comment with downvotes.

        Noooooooo, not the down votes. Anything but that!

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          Once you get to -5 your profile will be knocked back to guest status and you'll have to wait until admin approves of your messages!

            Oh really? Well I definitely don't want that lol. Can it be reversed by an admin?

              It kinda resets after a day or two.

              At which point I'll bomb you again!


                Okay, its the bestest game in the world. Am I good now?

                  Yeah I guess. Only way you could mess up even harder is if you were a woman. At which point I'll have to destroy your life for being one.

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    I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but I'm put off at the fact this is only a multiplayer game. I actually liked the single player campaigns of COD, it was like living thru a hollywood blockbuster action flick. I usually played a bit of the multiplayer, but grew bored of it after a week.

      I feel like this gamepaly could support a great story, but I guess Respawn are cashing in on the fact that whenever a COD/Battlefield comes out these days it's for the multiplayer and the story is usually just an add-on. I know I only got an hour into BF3 and haven't touched BF4.

        They've said they are gonig to run a bunch of story through the multi. Which just makes me feel more and more like it's Brink done right.

    Gameplay feels fresh and lots of fun, strange stutter and lag issues on PC, Needs a server list like Battlefield, won't be worth playing without Aussie servers.

    A typical Run n gun FPS without much depth to it.

    the extremely fast gameplay makes the tactical side to this game suffer a fair bit.

    the pilots movement abilities and cloaking abilities make it far too easy to get out of sticky situations.

    The titans are basically run n gun but more powerful in offense and defense with less movement.

    theres no true teamplay to it.

    the AI grunts are ridiculously stupid, if you take the time to watch them fight each other you'll soon realise theyre added into the game as an attempt to "fill out" the game a bit more with false depth and as a layer of "stat padding" to help the lesser skilled players enjoy themselves without feeling like theyre making no difference.

    this game was created as a COD killer through and through, It was made for the casual masses to play half heartedly.

    i know it was only a beta but if the full release game is more of the game thing, this game should be a 40-50 buck game at most.

    Last edited 17/02/14 12:21 pm

      I barely play any multiplayer FPS games, the last one I played was BF3 during the beta. 2 mates and I jumped on last night and beat the enemy team every single time for about a solid hour.

      2 of us are very average FPS players, the other 1 is pretty decent. The game has strategy and team work if you want to win.

      Killing grunts is great filler to find another player. 6 v 6 makes you a tighter team if you do work together, or alternatively you'll die over and over if you don't.

      So yeah, I call BS on the whole no teamwork thing.

        considering you havent played bf3 or bf4 properly, you dont have a clue what teamwork in an FPS should and could be like. Titanfall is nothing in comparison to BF for teamwork in a game.

        you just said yourself,you dont play much fps and youre not very good, then you go and claim bullshit having already discredited yourself???

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          Hey, even people in BF have trouble working together. I still remember chasing Support classes asking for ammo drops.

          But then again, it's probably because I'm expecting them to play my way. Might explain why I was the only player ever supressing with my Support class.

            I drop ammo packs and med packs like they were covered in hundreds of spiders lol. You need to follow me around.

              If I could record which buttons and how often on my controller are pressed, I wouldn't be surprised if the left D-Pad has been used more often then RT.

              Although I know for a fact that I have pressed BACK more often then RT. It's like the first rule you need to learn for Battlefield. Spot, THEN shoot.

                couldnt count how many times I've pressed battelog (back) to spot in BF4, took a while to get use to RB to spot, now I find myself trying to spot in Titanfall too, grenade away.

            haha i know what you mean, but thats the thing. In BF you can help each other in many many ways, healing, ammo, etc etc. theres hundreds of different things you can do. air support, vehicle support, giving someone a ride, repairing. the list goes on and on.

            in titanfall, there are (from what i've noticed) ZERO teamwork abilities besides working together to kill a titan. and jumping on the back of a friendly titan seems somewhat pointless so i wouldnt even count that.

            its honestly an every man for himself kind of game. sure its split in 2 for your end game goal but you're not working as a team really.

              I found that true in Attrition but not in Hardpoint. I think we'll see a lot of natural teamwork happening in objective games. The deathmatches are where there's a real lack of depth.

              Last edited 17/02/14 12:58 pm

          Teamwork is very broad, I did not claim that Titanfall had superior teamwork to BF or any game - you did that yourself. My point was that in a game with a few of us working together - as a team - we totally destroyed the other team over and over again. That wasn't from superior skill at shooting, that was because of team work.

            thats assuming the other team werent all just absolutely shit.

              They changed around a fair bit at the end of rounds.

              Sticking together, flanking, shooting pilots off a friendly titans back, covering while shields recharge, that's all team work. Just because you don't have a medic or a transport doesn't mean you can't work together and be more effective then some yobo charging off by himself.

                I dont disagree with that, I do feel that it lacks depth immensely though.

                Maybe there will be better stuff on full release, like a support titan which is very weak to destroy enemies but can buff a friendly titan by shielding for him and healing/buffing him or what not.

                Last edited 17/02/14 1:14 pm

                  I'm hoping for this too. For the beta we seem to only have the "Atlas" chassis which I'm guessing is an all-rounder combat Titan. If there are support Titans with extra shields or repair abilities, we'll see some interesting gameplay dynamics. As it stands Titans are weaker than you'd think, I'd love to see support units buffing a real monster of a Titan.

    I'm absolutely loving it on Xbox One (nice to have a reason to dust it off).
    The pilot movement momentum alone is fantastic, not to mention the gameplay shift when in a Titan.
    I often forget I have a Titan waiting for me to drop as I chase down and rodeo titans for those david vs Goliath takedowns.

    I was quite eager to get into the beta and used a few emails, so if anyone wants a beta code for free (for either Xbox One or PC) PM me.
    Otherwise they just sit in my inbox(s) unused...

    I'm one of the few people who have never really gotten into COD (I get my shooting fix out of Battlefield and Counter-Strike), and would absolutely recommend this game for any fans of online shooters.

    I've been playing the beta on an average laptop, that struggles with frame drops in Counter-Strike Global Offensive after about 40mins of play, but played absolutely fine on a wireless connection, with a ping average of 230, for hours straight. No frame drops and no lagging. They have done some brilliant work here, and I guess the true test will be once they open up the beta and smash the servers.

    Either way, I'm committed to getting this game on whichever console plays smoothest post launch...

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    Overall I think it’s a fair amount of fun, but I was actually pretty disappointed with it (it was my number one game to look forward to this year). I think the game suffers from a few critical flaws:

    1) The AI: The bots are seriously derpy- they just stand there most of the time, and they cluster in very predictable spots. I was able to get a 5-kill pretty consistently from knowing where they would be at any point. It really cheapens the experience, since I feel like I am wasting bullets on AI when I want to be going up against other players

    2) I think the Titanfall deployment isn’t great- when everyone has a titan, you don’t feel any more powerful than you did without your Titan. Titan's feel cheap. It really doesn’t feel like a reward to get a Titan drop- it really feels more like ‘phew, that two minute wait is over. Now I can compete with others on a level playing field by being in my Titan’. Would have been much better if the maximum number of Titans in game was capped, and that you had to work with teams of people to earn or protect Titans. They would become a more strategic and precious resource than what they are now, the same way that tank in BF4 is a very important commodity that can really shift the battle, and needs to be manned/repaired by numerous people

    3) The level design is very dull: the need to balance tight spaces for on-foot and large open areas for Titans hasn’t quite worked. Levels feel too big on foot, and too cramped as a Titan. Maps like those in BF4 would have been ideal, as they have large open spaces between clusters of buildings. I'm imagining a Titanfall skirmish on Lancing Dam- I think that would be ideal

    4) Titan-to-Titan combat: often, I am not sure if I am hitting the other Titan, and if I am I feel like I’m doing very little dmg. The rockets are very hard to fire as they have this weird spiral arc thing. The Vortex shield is very difficult to use (hitting enemies with your captured projectiles etc). I cant jump as a Titan, meaning I am often caught in narrow channels with someone behind/in front and with no hope then of escaping or doing anything defensive.

    I think it has a lot of potential as a true next gen game: no bots, more vehicle diversity, more strategic use of those vehicles, larger maps. I think I'll hold off till then.

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