Now It's Harvey Norman's Turn To Have A Great Game Sale...

Yesterday Dick Smith had 10% off the Xbox One, and now it Harvey Norman has a pretty great game sale — what's with all these normally average retailers suddenly being actually quite useful?!

How about Max Payne 3 for $15.

Or Saints Row: The Third for $10

You can pick up Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the PS3 for just $10.

Uncharted 3 is $20, Skyrim is the same price and there's actually a whole lot more available. This is as good a sale as I've seen from a major retailer.

Have at it!


    *sigh* That feeling you get when a game you bought years ago at a higher price but has been sitting untouched in your backlog is now cheaper then lunch...

      I still have unwrapped games in my shelf :|

        I'll get around to play RAGE someday!

          Don't bother. Keep it sealed you will get better value out of selling a unopened copy ten years down the track than you will get from playing the game itself.

          Rage was fun, I like post nuclear holocaust style of my fav genres to be honest.

          My 2cents - RAGE was fun for a while, but never went anywhere. There were a couple of key scenarios that really impressed, but on the whole....very underwhelming.

      There needs to be a word for this exact feeling, because I think it will get a lot of use among gamers.


          No that's regret or guilt. These are bought by people who want to play them but find out afterwards that they don't have the time.

          See remorse is too general a word for wishing things had been different. That doesn't apply in a case where you bought a game at launch, not having time to play it, and realising you could have saved money by getting it later since you never had time to play it.

          I need something more along the lines of "Patience would have been a virtue but I did not realise it at the time so I acted impulsively and ultimately gained nothing."

            No, seriously. I think it's a form of - "I bought a game thinking I would play it only to realise I don't have the time and/or I could buy it now cheaper."

            Although there's probably also a bit of in there for good measure too.

      I can proudly say all of my console games like that were bought years ago at that Dick Smith mega clearance sale for $5 each before they sold the stores. :)

    Steel Diver and Pilotwings Resort for $10 each. Great games, and especially at that pricepoint.

    @popdart5 gogogo!

    "what’s with all these normally average retailers suddenly being actually quite useful?"

    Even blind squirrels sometimes find acorns…

    THANK YOU @markserrels
    I have been looking for wireless ps3 microphones for the Karaoke Pax Meat and Harvey Norman had them for $20. Thank you thank you thank you!

      You got ripped, Harbey Norman Mudgee had them for $5 ;)

    Awesome! I've been thinking of grabbing skyrim if I ever saw it el cheapo.

    EDIT: Must be on-line only. $88 for RE6 is not my idea of a sale.

    Sidenote: Picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $7 at EB, post-Xmas sale. Really good game. The first FPS where I actually hate shooting/killing people.

    Last edited 12/02/14 5:06 pm

    I took one look at the image, noticed the Xbone pre-order tab and thought of this;

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