Someone Made A 3D Version Of Flappy Bird For The Oculus Rift

You might say that a 3D, virtual reality version of Flappy Bird is an insane idea and should never exist ever. I disagree. It had to happen. It just had to.

And hilariously, one of our own created it. Kotaku reader Lamboman, aka Braycen Jackwitz, over the course of the last few days, has been working on what you see above — a fully playable 3D Virtual Reality version of Flappy Birds. It exists. You can play it!

I am amazed. I am horrified. I am... about to play it. Wish me luck!


    Seriously impressive stuff. The guy's got skills to pay the bills!

    dear Lambo,
    you are brilliant.
    that is all.

    I havnt played the original but i will try this for sure.

    @Lamboman pls remember us now that you have hit the big time.

    Played the original for a minute and hated it.
    Played this for 30 seconds online and immediately downloaded it.

    Fly around the pipes you stupid bird!

    Hold on......Kotaku makes a big deal about the original game how it "stole" and "ripped" assets and level design from other games.

    But now one of their own basically does the same thing in 3D and we are singing their praises?!

      Er, it was a kotaku reader, not a staff member.

        It was more a play on their own comment stating "one of our own".

        Personally I have no issue with it. I just think there are some blatant double standards in their handling of both stories

          Different writers do tend to have different views on things. Jason Schrier (or however you spell it) was the one that wrote that article, while Mark here has posted this up as well as another alternate take on Flappy Bird in the Flappy Typing Tutor the other day.

            Not to mention that in a later article Jason Schrier apologised for his remarks in the article you are referring to, to quote:

            “Over the past couple of days, I’ve spent a lot of time reading reactions and feedback to the article I published last week, and I’ve spent a lot of time regretting it. The post was rash, and hasty, and below my usual standards. To Kotaku I apologise for allowing that to happen. To Dong Nguyen, I apologise for my poorly-chosen words, and I hope that you find peace.”

            Stephen Totilo also apoligised on behalf of Kotaku (US) in general for the whole sordid affair.

    Saw your tweet about this early this morning @lambomann007 (hope that's the right tag!)
    Looks pretty cool! Wish I had a Occulus to try it out!!

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