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    I hate those ads we see this time of year that start with "there's nothing more Australian than..."

    It's like they're trying to brainwash us.

      What about the hash tags on twitter saying #youknowyouraussiewhen and it has either some writing or a picture, some are just stupid

        Totally. Most are stupid. I'm glad I was born here, don't get me wrong, it's a great country. But to be proud of it? Proud of something that is totally arbitrary?

        You might as well be proud that the sky is blue.

          I'm proud that every night the moon comes out and every day we aren't floating away due to lack of gravity

            I feel a deep sense of pride that my musculature and epidermis prevent my internal organs from falling out and leaving stains on the carpet. It's a true achievement.


              I'm glad you brought that up. Good job skin! Nice work.

        #youknowyouraussiewhen you couldn't care less about national pride.

      I need to pay attention to these adverts. They might pop up on my citizenship test

        Just show up for the test in a singlet and shorts with a bottle of VB and for every question write a variation of "ahh she'll be right mate". You'll be in like a shot


    Now where my Fantasy Life at?!

      On a side note, I rate your Robot Prince avatar, looking forward to the next issue of Saga!

      Finally, I can tell my jerk friend to get off my back about getting MH3U.

      2015? That seems to be a ridiculously long time for it to take to be localized.

        Poor old cash-strapped Capcom, they're good for it! Honest! :P

        I'm surprised it seems like they're publishing it themselves, rather than making Nintendo do it.

        Well they're pulling off a Bravely Default in that Japan will getting Monster Hunter 4G (the pseudo-expansion of monster hunter games always get the 'G' tacked on) this fall, and we're getting the translation of 4G only a few months later.

          I just wish it was on Vita instead of 3DS. I really hate everything about playing games on that system. It sits badly in the hands, is shoddily made and the hardware itself is underpowered with terrible quality screens. Plus it lacks proper control options for a game like MH.

          EDIT: Oh also, despite the hardware being underpowered, the 3DS battery life is absolutely shitty.

          Last edited 27/01/14 1:39 pm

            Ah, I remember the comments like these when MH4 was first announced. I imagine this would be salt to the wound for those still hopeful of a Vita version.

            I believe sir, that you not only have 3D on full blast and sound turned up all the way, but the screen lighting is on level 5 and you are playing a game that involes the camera and uses the controls at high speeds and frequencies. There's also something called a charger.

    "There's nothing more australian than wearing a footy shirt, short shorts, ugh boots and chowing down on a six pack of beer and a meat pie while you throw another shrimp and a lamb or two and a kangaroo on the barbie and sing waltzing matilda at top of your lungs…so where the bloody hell are you?"

      At home, in bed, doing none of those things, but I am looking up where to buy a kiddie pool

        You know a child can drown in just a few centimetres of water, no need to buy a pool, just use the bath

          Kiddie pool is easier to remove no cleaning needed

            I suppose you could wrap them up in it and toss it all away at once, makes sense I guess. I was thinking more in terms of frugality than efficient disposal.

      I'm rewatching Metal Evolution because metal is better than all those things combined

      There's nothing more Australian than giving your mate a handie.

      If I was a millionaire I'd put that up on buses and billboards all over the country, just to make the bogans uncomfortable.

        The ad campaign can just be a pair of stereotypical bogans grinning and giving a thumbs up and its only when you look a bit closer that you notice a bit of something white on their thumbs...

        Last edited 27/01/14 2:33 pm

      For the last time, it's a fucking prawn.

        He might be using shrimp as a descriptive term for a short person in which case I think we should phone the police

          Isn't that what Paul Hogan meant in the 1984 ad? If they had meant prawns, I'm pretty sure they would have said that….I mean, please don't call the police.

          Last edited 27/01/14 3:39 pm

    new tay! this could be the first time in years I've actually been around to post on the first page!
    Also, last night was so good! First time in months I've slept under the covers instead of on top of them! Didn't even need a fan! So much win!

      Nope you go to the back and wait for page two!

    I'm wondering if I can keep up my teetering tower of shame destroying momentum further into 2014.

    Knocked over GTA 5 and Uncharted 3 this month.

    Ni No Kuni and Dark Souls are next... Or maybe I should try finish Skyrim or Castlevania?

      One does not simply finish Skyrim.
      Seriously though, are you just planning on doing the campaign?

        I got it a few months after release, got very distracted with side stuff. If I remember right I'd gone about an hour past going up the huge mountain to get the final word in fus ro dah.

        I want to say I'll aim for the campaign... but knowing me I'll get distracted by some map marker and never go back. =/

          Probably max 3 hrs left if you rush it. Maybe even 2.

      I need to finish at least one game this year. Also, try and platinum one measly game as well. Resogun seems the most likely

    Completely forgot there would be a new TAY today :P

    Thanks for coming over last night, Sydney TAY! 'Twas fun. Played some Mario and Smash Bros and Cards Against Humanity and Avalon and Hanabi. All the good stuff.

    Hope you had a good time, @masha2932 !

    Now to start cleaning up D:

    EDIT: OH YEAH! Ruffleberg and I watched the tennis and tried to convert the rest of the TAYbies into watching too. WAWRINKA!

    Last edited 27/01/14 9:51 am

      Better watching the tennis than the cricket. One more week of misery and then England can bugger off and stop being an embarassment to me :-)

      This year seems like it could be anyone's for the rest of the year though in tennis. Murray recovering from injury, Federer looking like he's got the shape and form back to match his desire to win, Nadal and Djokovic not looking unbeatable. I'm sure something exciting happened in the women's tennis too but I pah as much attention to that as Forumla One these days

      Thanks a lot for hosting and inviting us, I had a great time. You have a nice apartment too and it was really nice seeing myself part of Pow's fridge photos :-)

    I feel like I should sleep in some more but then I'd lose most of the morning if I do. Decisions decisions

    To play some more Path of Exile to fill my arpg needs, or craft those blisters on my fingers with more Rocksmith? The choice is out there...

    Who gets to work today?

    THIS GUY! *two thumbs at myself*


      If it makes you feel any better, I'm still laying in bed.

      ...wait, that wouldn't make you feel better at all.

      Pez is working today too apparently. 12 hour shift! as long as you get penalty rates, I'd be happy!
      Does suck a bit working on holidays, but I'm sure you'll be compensated at some stage with a day off or something! (Hopefully anyway)

      What... But you told me last week you had this Monday off D= BLASPHEMY!

      If it makes you feel any better at all, I had a few drinks last night and stayed up until 1:30pm playing games and watching bits of Oblivion and Westworld. Then I had a salad sandwiche and went to bed, waking up at 8am.

      Oh wait, that probably doesn't make you feel better either... please disregard.

      And now I get to quote one of my favourite lines from Firefly

      Oh my god! It's grotesque! And look there's something in a jar.

      Egads! What is it? I must have missed the leadup to this! Glad to hear you're ok!

      My nephew is having surgery today too! Fingers crossed it all goes well for him too!

        It's a piece of bone. It had been free floating around my left knee for a few years and I finally had it removed.

          Now you need to eat it so you can gain it's powers.

          Carve runes on it and just keep it on a table as a conversation piece

          ow.. I can semi imagine what that must have felt like. I shattered the cartilage in my knees when I was about 10.

    My friend just gifted me Might and Magic X! OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    His reasoning "Man I spent more on breakfast yesterday!"

      Marry that man, Welbot.

        lol there was a time he probably wanted to do just that. He went through this whole bi-phase, but now he's happily in a relationship with a lovely lady!

          I went through a phase where I wanted to learn to play the guitar. Same thing, I guess? XD

            hahahaha perhaps! He knew it wasn't my thing at least, so he never tried to pressure me to try anything thankfully. Probably one of the reasons he's still one of my best friends!

              You know you're australian when your best mate is in love with you.

            A quest for the legendary C-chord?

              Being the hermit he supposedly is.. was likely a logical step in the quest to interact with a g-string!

                Violin's a better choice though. That's how you get an f-hole.

                  Chris Cheney of The Living End, the guitars he uses Gretsch Guitars, they're are all hollow body electrics, they have f-holes :P Like his signature model.

                  Malcolm Young is also known for playing similar models from time to time as well, they look massive on him though, it's hilarious.

                  They're pretty common in hollow body electric guitars lol.

                  @virus__ Oh riiiiiiight. I completely forgot those exist, when I think of guitars with holes I go straight to acoustics. Forgot that electrics could be non-solid.

    There's 3 shops in the entire centre open if you include mine o_O

      print of pictures of Nick Cage and put them everywhere in the centre

      So Coles & Woolies? What about Kmart & BWS? I'd expect them to be open.

    It is 11:30 and I can still post on page 1. What is this madness?

    Also I hate my neighbours. Every god damn morning there's some kind of ridiculously loud sound banging around or something at a stupid time of the morning. Can't even remember what it was this time, but 7:30 sucks.

      You could always put land mines around next door, it'd be one more morning woken up early by a loud noise but it may well be the last one

    @dc you should skip the next HD rerelease and but some glasses instead so you can actually see HD from then onwards.

      Nah, he should get the HD re-releases, then say "The HD graphics of this game are the most beautiful ever seen on a console ... probably"

    So Australia Day was great, alcohol, good friends, unlimited BBQ, drunk of our asses karaoke and of course the hottest 100 (even if I only knew Get Lucky in the entire 100) .

    I also realised it's probably not the best thing my mate distils his own alcohol and it costs him about 20 bucks to make 5 or so litres of spirits.. You sorta just don't care cause there's just so much free rum or whiskey or whatever. HOWEVER, it's smooth and doesn't produce hangovers. So good.

      This sounds like some sort of nectar of the gods! Tell your friend he must start mass production!

      I'd (figuratively) kill for a hangover-free beverage!

        It's the filtration process, it removes any of the nasty impurities from the alcohol, he then adds the flavours or in some cases lets some age with wood chips, I am assuming oak. His Malibu, is pretty much identical to the actual Malibu brand, was awesome in the daiquiris his wife was making.

    Hola Tay


    A Monday Morning Question: Which Strayan property (other than Mad Max) needs a game?

      The Sims: The Castle Edition -

      The entire game is clicking a button marked "how's the serenity".

      Optional sidequests involve hunting down bargains in the hope that the seller isn't dreaming.

      Home and Away

      You play as a young actor / actress desperately trying to make a name for yourself while saving money so you can move to Hollywood.

      Assassin's Creed: Bushranger

      You play Ned Kelly fighting to disrupt Templar artefact smuggling and the enslavement of the aborigines and the former convicts. Ultimately you're defeated and captured after the siege is broken and the Templars, being dicks, ensure the fouling of your legacy by making sure that 2 of the most famous recreations of your deeds was the movie starring Mick Jagger and that piss awful animatronic thing at Glenrowan.

      Last edited 27/01/14 1:53 pm

      Bioshock: Jindabyne
      Canberra: Roundabout simulator 2014
      Groote Eylandt: Survival horror

      Ooh how about a survival horror where you play as a bunyip hiding from humans?

      Well Civilization Australia was covered by Mark this morning
      A bushranger based game could work or even a merchants and marauders style game. You start as a swagman and then it's up to you how you play the game

    Public holidays make TAY something something.

      It's like Weekend TAY. But during the week.

      That's because you can't tell the difference between a public holiday and any other day.

    Thanks to Powalen for opening up his home to us and for all the taybies who came to the meat yesterday. We played some video games- 3D world and Smash Bros, some board games - Resistance: Avalon and Hanabi and enjoyed some pizza as we watched the tennis.

    It was probably my last meat and thankfully it was a fun day , we left around midnight. Good times.

    I got some unexpected gifts too. Shiggy and Patience got me an Australian goody bag full of various Aussie treats and an Australian flag towel. I'll happily share them with my friends and family back home. Thanks guys. Powalen got me a photo album full of pictures of various TAYbies and most of the meats. Really great gift and having the physical photos will be great for remembering you guys. Thanks to pow and all of the rest of you who provided the photos.(There is even a surprise DC punching Shane photo)

    It was nice meeting Nova's girlfriend Ash too who attended her first meat (who knows she could even take my place, you can't spell Masha without Ash :-P ) and seeing guys like Flu and Ruffles who haven't been to meats for a while.

    So many goodbye hugs too which were really appreciated.

    Thanks to Nova for dropping me home as well, it was a comfy ride home and much better than taking the train.

    Thanks for being good friends guys. :'-)

      lol @ dc punching shane! DId this really happen?! I can't imagine dc even joke punching someone!

        Ha ha, it actually happened. I think @dc has the photo on his twitter page :-)

          :) yeah I just saw the post from Freeze with the pic from his twitter! :0 crazy!!!

    I can't tell if Advance Wars 2 is easier, or I've just gotten better. So far I'm mostly S-ranking everything in the campaign, with a couple of A-ranks peppered through. Can't remember how well I did in the first game, but I know back in the day it was mostly B and C.

      Well, relatively, AW2 is easier than 1. AW1 has the hardest campaign, I think.

      Also Grit OP.

        I found more success with Colin, actually. Cheaper units meant flooding the playfield sooner and getting the jump on the enemy :P

    I just watched The Italian Job (2003). Not a bad movie, even if it has nothing much to do with the original. Pretty decent heist movie with a good cast. Good fun.

    So I finished Dead Space Martyr yesterday, and I suppose I should give my thoughts.

    I think EA made a good choice with Brian Evenson (a.k.a. B.K. Evenson) as the author. The man has a history of books that share many thematic elements to the Dead Space franchise. Also, he was once a Mormon, so this makes the fact that he is writing about how a cult is started just that more interesting. Their is an air of subtle philosophy and intrigue to the franchise, and their is the Dead Space disturbance factor. The book also keeps the franchise tradition of not being the least bit scary. However, the book is incredibly intriguing, just like the games. The Marker is a very interesting focal point for the series, as trying to comprehend how the Marker thinks is simultaneously futile and instrumental to how you view the franchise as a whole. The Marker is a sentient being, and watching the way it manipulates people is fascinating.

    For those unfamiliar with the book, it is all about how Michael Altman formed the Church of Unitology, and how the Black Marker was cloned. The way it plays out is totally different to how you perceived it when you heard about it in the games.
    It has been said before, but Altman is not the man you perceived him to be. Unitologists in the games always had a air about them when they talked about Altman, and used the phrase "Altman be Praised" frequently.

    It is also rather interesting seeing the Dead Space universe from the 2100's. Most of the technology from the games (RIGs, Kinesis, the mining tools) are absent, yet the book has earlier versions of those technologies. For example, instead of having RIGs inserted into the spine, people carry holopods, which are basically USB drives with Skype built into them.
    I have to comment that the world - at least at the beginning - is very Crichton-esque. The book is basically Sphere, except instead the thing under the sea being a magic ball that grants super powers, it's a sentient rock that spawns alien zombies and causes hallucinations.
    (Michael Crichton wrote Jurassic Park, Prey, Sphere, Airframe and NEXT)

    However, there is one major caveat to this book. It is very slow going. The book is only 400 pages, yet is took me 26 days to finish, since I went into periods of stopping and starting reading the book. Be that as it may, I was distracted by Katawa Shoujo (yes, I am still harping on about that visual novel 10 days after reading, but it's so damn good) so that might be a fault of mine rather than Brian Evenson. Nonetheless, I am happy for having read it. It was very interesting lore piece, and I would recommend it to Dead Space fans.

      I seem to recall mention in text logs during either DS1 or 2 that Altman tried to destroy the markers towards the end but the unitologists killed him and suppressed the information that he thought he was wrong about them so the cult could continue.I've always liked that narrative tragedy element where someone's words get perverted post mortem into pretty much the exact opposite of their meaning.

      Last edited 28/01/14 12:39 pm

        Uh, you should probably use spoiler tags. I made sure to keep my review spoiler-free, so anyone could read it.

        But yeah, he was kinda killed by the Unitologists. They artificially created a necromorph brute. They combined the corpses of three people. The necromorph is named The Krax, after of the dead people used to make the monstrosity. Whilst alive, Krax killed Ada, Altman's girlfriend. So in essence, Krax killed both of them.
        If you care enough about the lore, I would recommend it. Or you could just get the summary from the wiki.

        EDIT: What is with Kotaku and linking google image searches? They never seem to work the first time. Yet they work the second time, despite there being absolutely no change to the code. I wonder whether this glitch will get fixed at some point.

        Last edited 27/01/14 3:25 pm

    So I watched Die Hard yesterday. Very good movie. Here are a bunch a miscellaneous thoughts.
    -Hans Gruber was an awesome villain. Give him his detonators.
    -It's weird seeing some of the changes between the '80s and now. Watching McClane smoke in the airport was weird. It was also funny hearing Argyle rave about how awesome the limousine was. Guys, it's got a car phone and a VCR! So modern!
    -How is this movie M-rated? It's pretty violent, and there is some harsh language. The totally pointless nudity was quite funny.
    -When did McClane change his shirt? It was white in one scene, and khaki in the next. On that same train of thought, why didn't he have shoes? I know he took them off to get rid of jet-lag, but why didn't he put them back on?
    -Everyone talks about how McClane is a super relate-able protagonist, yet he struck me as quite the arsehole.
    -Ellis is freaking annoying. I know he is meant to be, but how is he apparently such a good contract negotiator? I suppose people sign the contracts just to get away from him.
    -Whoever names their child Al Powell should be shot.
    -The relationship between Powell and McClane was quite interesting. They never met, they have no idea what either of them looks like, all they know is their voices. Yet they somehow recognise each other instantly when they meet. Huh?
    -The same goes for Gruber and McClane. They have no idea what either of them looks like, and this is exploited in a later scene. However, the voice of "Clay" was really off-putting.
    -How did Karl survive getting hung? It seemed like a rather pathetic attempt to give Powell an arc.
    -I suppose it's the best Christmas movie ever, huh?
    -I imagine Die Hard 2 is going to be all about how John McClane has PTSD

      I can answer why it got an M rating with ease. Simply due to the fact that back in the 80's, people didn't give a shit, and the govt wasn't trying to baby us in to a politically correct and socially adjusted society. Obviously that also applys to others outside of politics, like media outlets and stuff.. but I'm sure you get the point.

      Last edited 27/01/14 4:22 pm

    Latest updates suggest that the FF Type-0 fan translation is at 99%, being tested at the moment and will probably be done next month. Also apparently it's 100% compatible with the PPSSPP emulator. \o/

    Meanwhile on Saturday, Shahid from Sony was teasing some news related to the JRPG PS Vita twitter thing they did a while back. So watch as the fan translation hits 100% and then Squenix announce an official release the next day. :\


        Tales of Hearts R would be okay yeah. Or Innocence R but I hear that's not as good a game.

        But I'd rather have an updated port of Type-0 or Valkyria 3 and those two were the ones that were top of the list for them apparently.

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