A Look At Life After The Giant Monsters Take Over

A Look at Life After the Giant Monsters Take Over

As far as apocalypses go, zombies are in vogue right now. Nothing wrong with that. But the public fascination with kaiju is on the rise again and the question needs to be asked: what does humanity do if the 30-foot-tall monsters win?

Enormous presents a stripped-down look at a world where humanity's gotten stomped and atomic-breath-assaulted one too many times. The new webseries adapts adapts a graphic novel of the same name which depicts a reality where there was no last-minute miracle to prevent giant life-forms from stomping all over civilisation.

The suspense and world-building here works really well, serving up multiple moments that make you want to learn more about this dry, hot and inhospitable-looking world. The ragtag crew clearly all have haunted back stories, especially since adult humans are dying like flies because of a unknown illness. And, of course, the survivors are just awful to each other. Grim times for mankind.

When you think about it, odds would probably be hugely in the kaijus' favour in humans-vs.-monsters showdowns. The thing about zombie apocalypses is that they're still human-sized. Sure, swarms of undead are a challenge but, on an individual basis, you're still facing down something that's about the same size as you. That's not the case with kaiju. They're bigger, tougher and radioactive. It's about time someone showed what happens when dinosaur-sized freak monsters become alpha predators on planet Earth.


    This actually looks good. H+ had potential, but failed to deliver. Looks like Machinma have another chance to win my love.

    Thanks for finding this Evan, I rather like the look and the premise of it. Keep up the good work.

    That was actually pretty cool. The world needs more giant monsters.

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