Dead Space Is Currently FREE On Origin

Haven't had the chance to play what I consider to be the best horror game of its generation? Well you're not gonna get a better chance than this. Dead Space is currently free on Origin. You legitimately don't have to pay a single cent.

Head here if you want to take EA up on its offer. I'd say you're crazy not to. It's been a while since I've played Dead Space, so I might have the rose-tinted glasses on, but I loved it to death. The series — in my opinion — went downhill shortly afterwards but this was the pinnacle.

Get on it.


    If you haven't played this yet (which is somewhat unlikely) GET IT NOW!

      Yep. Fantastic game. Funnily enough it's one of the few games you shouldn't feel bad about giving EA money for.

      I've never played it and I finally have a PC (as of 3 weeks ago) that CAN play it - perfect timing!

      Closest I've come is picking up Dead Space Extraction for Wii because it was $15, I like light gun games, and it came well-recommended from a friend with similar tastes despite its lack of cursor disabling.

      I'm still yet to play that either though :P

    But I do have to sign up for an Origin account, right?

      Yes, but if have an old EA account from back in the day, you can use that.

        It'll most likely convert it to an Origin account when you try to log in.

        Not that there's anything actually wrong with Origin that isn't also wrong with Steam and most of the other forms of digital content delivery.

          There are things wrong with Origin that arent wrong with Steam but I assume they are bugs and not something they intend :p

          I only have 5 games on Origin but probably half of them had issues registering the key. I also got a free copy of BF4 with my video card which I gave to a friend and he also spent half a day trying to get it to actually register that he had it. Then theres the problems of it not registering DLC properly.

          To be fair though I cant tell if this is a fault of Origin or DICE because all the games I have on origin besides Star Wars TOR are Battlefield games.

    An absolute must-play. Forget the rest.....(well, 2 was half decent, but....)

    Lies! You do have to pay the price... of getting Origin!!!

    Can't wait to get home to get this. Never finished it. Got to chapter 10 and then the comp died and had to reformat. Number got released and just went on to play the following ones.

      I've got it on my steam account, I got to like, chapter 6 or 7? and the game bugged out and stopped process. Couldn't finish it.

      The fear factor wore off the second I had a weapon though.

    Controller recommended! Actually, this was the game that made me buy a wired 360 controller, this and Geometry Wars I think.

    awesome game. thanks for the heads up, Serrels!

    Mark's article on the sense of place in the first game convinced me to give it a second chance. I'm glad I did - despite the clumsy PC port, it was all kinds of awesome.

    I already have it on Steam... why do I want to get this so much?

    Fuck that damn Origin and it giving away free AAA games!

    EA is scum, most evil company ever, only want to take your money etc, etc...

    Oh wait? You mean that they do good things like this often?

    This is truly a fantastic game. Well worth getting.

    I actually thought number 2 was the peak of this series. It had a little more character to Isaac. Also the panic stomping was cathartic.

    A word of warning, this PC port isn't the greatest. It doesn't work on certain machines for no good reason.

    No its not you need to subject your computer to Origin.

    Stop making Origin happen, its not going to happen

      Origin is happening. The library is growing, the service is improving all the time, and the interface is a lot better than Steam's.

      It has problems and EA are shitty, but Origin is here to stay.

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