No Guns, Just Be An Old Dude Walkin' Around, Exploring Stuff

No Guns, Just Be An Old Dude Walkin' Around, Exploring Stuff

Well, here's a welcome change of pace. Spirit is, creator Holden Boyles tells Kotaku, "simply about the experience of walking peacefully through a magical ancient world, as you control an old man who has retired to a remote mountain village and just wants to explore his surroundings."

The game's got a playable demo you can try out now, but is also looking for a few grand to complete development on Kickstarter.


    I'm always a bit nervous when i see people asking for only $4K or whatever. Thats like 3-4 weeks wages tops for a couple of guys on the breadline. Is it really possible? I wonder if they are just better off asking for $40K ,going hard on promoting the kickstarter and taking a gamble on getting enough to work for 4-5 months on it and churn out something actually pretty decent.

      Yes, 4000$ is enough and it kind of is the "breadline" for ~2 months of work for 2 people. We did the demo from scratch in about 3 weeks and going forward will be a bit easier at least on my side which is programming it. I am a rather unique programmer though as i already had a ton of sprite related code and multiplatform support well before this project which helped a lot. We didn't aim for 40K because as you can see we barely hit 5K. if there was more money you can rest assured we would work on it more, but we also want to ship the game which is why we asked for the bare minimum.

    I don't know. For a game to be 100% about exploring, I think it would need to look absolutely stunning to pull it off. Even journey had puzzles and player interaction, and minecraft (which may or may not look stunning) has fighting and ... Well, crafting.

    I guess you guys have never heard of Proteus then.

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