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    Now that I am done with Pokemon Y, at least for a while, I need something new to focus on. That means its time for another installment of Mystery Question Fun Time

    Your options are B, D, M and T

      I am disappointed that there isn't an "S" between that "D" and "M".

      So I go with B.

      Looks like the B's have it. So I will go finish off Brothers: Tale of two sons.
      Shouldn't take long. So we might get to do this dance again soon :-)


        That good, huh.

          That and @novacascade was one of my original Xenoblade buddies on TAY. It was his game of the year and he's been meaning to finish it one day

          ...but that day has never come


            I've mentioned before that I can't make it past the first half hour, unfortunately.

              Ugh Brodys (Brodies?)

              But I didn't even know you tried it out so you're not doing too bad. It does take a while to pick up but once it does and you're exploring dem Legs with dat music. Dayummm! (I think the area "Bionis Leg" was where it really picked up for me :) )

                That music...

                Bionis Leg was where it picked up for me. Then the marsh and forest after that kind of sucked, but the sea was where it turned awesome again.

                Needs more XenUblade details. I need to know if I should be hyped for it or not.

        Since my Wii is no longer in the same house as I am, maybe I should look at setting up the Dolphin Emulator...
        What sort of controller would I need?

          Most of the USB ones will work! (PS3/4, 360)

          I haven't used Dolphin myself but I'm guessing 360 type controllers will have native support but PS3 and others might need an additional program

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            Excellent. I already have a 360 pad.
            Have you got any experience setting up Dolphin, didn't @negativezero have some fairly major problems with it?

            Edit - your edit beat me to it

            Last edited 05/03/14 10:31 pm

              My problem was that my old i5 750 at 2.6ghz was simply too slow in terms of single-core speed to emulate the Wii so the game ran at like 15fps and the sound stuttered. I haven't tried on my current machine.

                Hmm... I may have issues then. My CPU is an Intel Core i5-460M 2.53GHz. Probably not going to cut it

                  @greenius - Yeah I'm going to try it and see how it goes. Fingers crossed I can get a stable game going. Though I shudder to think how long its going to take me to get through it, even up to where I was. I had just cleared Valac Mountain. Thats going to take me an age to redo up to that point

                  I don't like your chances but give it a go.

                  I just spent 45 mins playing it on my desktop and it wasn't hard to set up (just tweaked some graphics options, went for a slightly higher-quality DSP mode for the sound and set it to run with audio limiting the FPS to try and reduce any noise in the sound, because the music in the game is so awesome) and using my 360 controller as if it was a Classic add-on. Just using the latest Dolphin build. Game looks pretty reasonable and I remember the Wii version looking like smeary ass so while it's not amazing it still looks very solid. Like an up-resed mid-generation PS3 game.

                  26fps solid at 2560x1440 with 2x internal rendering resolution and I haven't tried tweaking anything yet to improve that.

    @beavwa Seems that a factory reset gave me a new safari, poison type apparently. Guess I'll do one more test with the restored image and see if I just got unlucky last time.

      Yup, looks like it's to do with whatever keys are generated during initialisation of the 3DS. The restored image and new friend code are still ground type, have to do a system format to get it to generate something new.

      At least that makes for a slightly easier method.

        Ahahaha just got poison type three times in a row.

        Gonna try one more with a change of Mii and stuff. See if that makes a difference.

          Flying type!

          Interesting indeed. Perhaps it does come down to the Mii after all, though I can't be certain.

            Just tried another format, this time with another random Mii but the same profile info for it I used with the first bunch.

            Ended up with flying type again. I give up, I have no idea what does what :P

              Same type is not necessarily same set. So that's your original ground set image but with a different mii? And that got a flying set?

                Nah, the ground type image got ground type with Phanpy and Camerupt every time. Doing a system format was what got me the poison one with Cacoon or something and Venemoth, all the other poison ones were the same. And Flying was Hoothoot and Doduo both times.

                Of course, can't say what the third one was and whether that was different for any of them since I haven't finished the game yet, so it's not all that conclusive :P

                  The same first two every time is conclusive enough

      Man, everybody has Poison type safari :P

        So I got told by my friend, who strongly advised that I roll again :P

        For now it looks like I'm back with my ground type. But hey I can always try create more in the future.

          If you can get a Normal type Safari with a Ditto, you'll be everyone's best friend for life.

            So I keep hearing. I dunno if I can be bothered going through that though, it's way too much effort plus I gotta bug someone else to check it for me once the 3DS is finally set up to try again.

              It's pretty easy to find Safari Ditto on the GTS anyway.

    Dark Souls related for those over it / not interested.

    I finally managed to get enough faith / attunement to carry out my Power Within + Darkmoon Blade + Uchigatana build. damage results are (Uchigatana is only +14 at this stage though):
    Uchi only = 280 damage
    Uchi + PW = 393 damage
    Uchi + DMB = 483 damage
    Uchi + PW + DMB = 676 damage
    (all results are one handed against moss dudes)

    Just gotta get my Uchi to +15 then helllllooooo PvP! :D

      Just be aware you'll only be doing about 200-300 damage in real terms once defences are taken into account, especially with a split damage source.

        Oh yeah, I realize it'll be lower against actual people, but I'm still stoked at the pure damage increase. Combine that the Uchigatana causes bleeding and is pretty fast and I think my PvP build us shaping up kinda nicely, so long as I can get 2 buffs in before getting killed :\

    Dear Tay,

    Have crossed border into Mexico (Victoria) on way to my cousin's wedding in Jindabyne. This means all of the post time on TAY are now accurate for me, which is odd.


    Ranging far Red.

    So this man walks into the Apple Store with an overheating Mac and walks to the Genius bar. As the genius guy is working his magic, the Mac overheats and catches fire so the store has to be evacuated.
    Apple takes the man to court for loss of most of their computers in the store, but the man says "well it's not my fault you guys don't have Windows!"

    ...I missed Page 6.

      yup.. you sure did! And also, Mac's do have windows, so it's kind of a null joke these days. Props for trying though! ;)

        You can get windows, but it's not like Apple has signs in the store saying "How to put windows on your machine"
        Office, they sell that. They won't sell Windows 8 at an Apple store.
        It's an old joke though :D

          It was in last weeks TAY wasn't it? I know I've heard it recently

    I really suppose I shouldn't be laughing but it's becoming increasingly likely Schapelle Corby will be returned to prison mostly due to her family becoming mindless animals at the mere hint of money.

      I think you should be laughing! She a fucktard, and deserves everything she gets. (as long as it's not money ;)

      Last edited 05/03/14 7:39 pm

        I am so fed up with hearing about her and her family. She did the wrong thing and majority of the Australian populace thinks so.

          At least most of the media I've seen (fortunately very small amounts) have been referring to her as a drug smuggler without adding the word alleged or any other qualifier

            ...because she was convicted, perhaps? They don't have to say alleged once a conviction is on record.

              Probably but they could have had other qualifiers like exonerated, released or something else to imply that she's reformed, redeemed or innocent

                But she isn't exonerated or redeemed or innocent. She was convicted, served a sentence, and was let out on parole. Completely accurate to call her a convicted drug smuggler because she is a convicted drug smuggler.

                  No but that was the narrative that certain media outlets who may or may not have been pushing a mini-series and loads of other shit related to her seemed to be trying to sell. Painting her as a tragic underdog wronged by society rather than someone who was caught with a shitload of drugs and came up with an implausible story to try and get out of it.

                  At least that was the impression I got from the small fragments of the thing I was unfortunate enough to see. There's a good reason I try to avoid the normal media as a whole.

    Downloading The Walking Dead Season Two Ep Two thanks to my US Xbox account.

    Engage radio silence.

    Edit: That's not silence.

    Edit 2: Better, but not quite there yet.

    Edit 3: Perfect.

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    Numenera: Tales of the Ninth World – Tenth Session Recap (26th February 2014) starring:

    - Nova aka @novacascade the stealthy Jack who explores dark places,
    - Ranger aka @mawt the rugged Glaive who lives in the wilderness,
    - Russef Volarskii aka @popdart5 the mechanical Glaive who murders,
    - Scrappa aka @tech_knight the mechanical Jack who talks to machines, and
    - Storyteller aka @redartifice the awesome GM who weaves tales.

    And unfortunately absent:

    - Beltigron aka @tigerion the mystical Nano who crafts illusions,
    - Blaghs aka @blaghman the tough Glaive who masters weaponry, and
    - Phetys aka @mythamphetamine the mechanical Nano who fuses flesh and steel.

    Author's Note: Sorry again for the delay guys. I spent a while deliberating on how best to preserve our dignities and I think I mostly achieved it. :)

    The two Orange Cloaks stood dumbfounded as Scrappa, Nova, Russef, and Ranger had surrounded them and threatened with all manner of weaponry. Phetys was also readying his bladed ring to assault the Orange Cloaks but a sudden emission of high-frequency energy from the citadel’s generators had momentarily overwhelmed his internal controls and he was forced to engage his tedious rebooting process. Nevertheless, he was still threatening the Orange Cloaks in a very stationary fashion.

    As the party surrounded the two Orange Cloaks, they immediately dropped their staves and pleaded for mercy. They surrendered themselves to Scrappa as he was the one that had drawn their attention with the knocking-on-the-wall ploy. Scrappa noticed that as one of the Orange Cloaks was talking to him, there was a strange, glassy look in his eyes. The other Orange Cloak also seemed to have trouble focusing and was swaying uneasily. Scrappa demanded that the Orange Cloak tell them where Raller Kay was and he mumbled that he was somewhere on this floor. Nova asked what was up the stairs that they were guarding and they mentioned that was the sleeping quarters and where quite a number of Orange Cloaks were resting. The party quickly decided not to go up there.

    While the rest of the party sheathed their weapons, Ranger and Russef kept their weapons out in case the Orange Cloaks tried anything. Nova motioned for the two Orange Cloaks to take them to where Raller Kay was hiding in the citadel and they staggered out of the hall and back into the corridor where Scrappa’s automaton had fooled the Orange Cloaks. Ranger and Russef kept their weapons trained on the two Orange Cloaks as they followed them while Scrappa examined the staves that the Orange Cloaks had dropped. The staves appeared to contain a small shocking mechanism that appeared to deaden the nerves of whomever it struck. He decided to leave them behind for the time being.

    The Orange Cloaks led them down the corridor and towards another room that they conjectured was to the eastern part of the citadel. They started complaining of feeling unwell and one of the Orange Cloaks began coughing uncontrollably. Nova forced the still upright Orange Cloak into the next room while Ranger and Russef attended to the ill Orange Cloak. Fearing that the noise might attract undue attention, Ranger brought the butt of his crossbow down on the back of his head and knocked him out. Russef was more malicious in silencing the Orange Cloak and slit his throat when he fell to the floor. Scrappa exited the hall and saw Ranger and Russef casually leaving the corpse behind and he began to question the motives of his companions. Scrappa sidestepped the motionless Orange Cloak and directed his automaton to follow him down the corridor.

    The other Orange Cloak entered into a circular room that was plain in décor aside from a few holographic ferns that were projected onto the wall. Seeing that there were no traps or other hazards, the rest of the party entered into the room just as the Orange Cloak began coughing. Ranger immediately dealt out the same punishment that he had dealt his friend and Russef also continued his spree. One dead Orange Cloak later, the party deemed it safe to continue although Scrappa and Nova exchanged a worried look about their two companions.

    Nova and Russef followed a path to the right while Ranger veered to the left. Scrappa had to wait a short while as his automaton was not equipped for corpse traversal. Nova and Russef discovered a few strange machines that they assumed were powering something nearby. The end of the corridor was blocked off by a featureless steel door and they could not find any way to open it short of cutting or barging through it. They doubled back and found Scrappa immersed in the circuitry of one of the machines. Scrappa said that the machine was powering a beam emitter that should be projecting some sort of force field. Ranger came back from his expedition and confirmed that there was a force field that was blocking off the next room. As Scrappa analysed the situation, he came to the conclusion that if he worked in conjunction with someone manipulating the emitter itself, he could disable the energy source and remove the force field. He mentioned that there was likely to be another force field as there was another generator near the impassable steel door.

    Scrappa began preparing the generator while Ranger, Russef, and Nova set themselves up in the room next door. Ranger was indeed correct; there was a solid force field that encompassed the entirety of the middle of the room. It was opaque as well so they could not tell if there was anyone on the other side. The force field seemed to originate from a patch of wall next to a slowly cascading waterfall which hinted at what this room might have been used for in more prosperous times. Nova volunteered to manipulate the beam emitter when Scrappa signalled while Russef and Ranger took up positions to silence any guards that might be past the force field. Russef had his blade at the ready while Ranger kept Russef and Nova covered with his crossbow. Ranger called out to Scrappa that they were in position and that he could commence disabling the force field.

    Scrappa disengaged the power supply while he coordinated with Nova to block the beam emitter’s projection. The force field began to rapidly disintegrate as it began to unveil what had been hidden behind it. An Orange Cloak had been standing in a small corridor up a few stairs when the force field started vanishing and he wandered over to investigate. Unfortunately for him, the force field completely failed and revealed him to the party. Russef dashed across and caught him in the jugular with his dagger as he was about to call out for help. The Orange Cloak still tried to yell but he could only gurgle up blood as he collapsed to the floor.

    The now-dead Orange Cloak was the only guard beyond the force field but there was another force field that blocked off one of the exits of the room. While Ranger stayed to guard Nova as he again began coordinating with Scrappa to disable this force field, Russef moved to investigate the corridor that the Orange Cloak seemed to have come from. The corridor went deeper into the facility until it came to a room where a large metal beam was continuously rotating around a central point. When the beam connected with certain points on the wall, small sparks flew off as the beam seemed to be charging a central generator or it was a generator itself. The beam was rotating too fast for Russef’s liking so he ventured back to the rest of the party and prepared himself for what lay beyond.
    Scrappa initiated the force field collapse and it was as smooth as it was last time. Unfortunately for the party, the removal of the force field left them defenceless against two Orange Cloaks. They were more attentive than the other Orange Cloaks that the party had encountered so far and they sprang to action immediately. One of the Orange Cloaks ran forward and hit Russef on the leg with the end of his staff as a charge shocked forth and numbed Russef’s leg. The other Orange Cloak drew back and fired a strange weapon at Nova. The weapon missed but when it collided with the wall behind Nova, a weird gunk spread forth from the impact and enveloped a large patch of the wall. Nova yelled out not to get hit by the odd weapon.

    Ranger locked eyes with the Orange Cloak that had just fired the device and he charged at him, leaping over Nova and barrelling into the Orange Cloak. While it was a solid tackle, Ranger was unable to lock the Orange Cloak down and he wrestled free. Ranger kept charging forward and as the Orange Cloak brought the weapon up to fire another shot, Ranger caught him square in the gut and pinned him to the ground. Nova and Russef duel with the staff-wielding Orange Cloak but they were unable to get past his skilful defence.

    Scrappa was slightly concerned that he hadn’t heard anything from the rest of the party so he thought perhaps they had gotten into a fight. He walked over to the steel door and he pulled a small device from his belt. When he activated the device, he was able to discern that there was a control panel on the other side of this door that would open it for him. He tried to manipulate his sensor to connect with the panel but it appeared that there was a software incompatibility issue and the control panel would not communicate with his sensor. Scrappa began hurrying back towards the other room as he still had not heard anything from his friends.

    The Orange Cloak that Ranger had tackled to the ground yelled out for help. The moment that the Orange Cloak called out, Ranger wrenched the weapon from his hands and threw it to the side, leaving the Orange Cloak defenceless. His cry for help did attract attention as another Orange Cloak appeared at the end of the corridor and he started rushing towards his comrade.

    The Orange Cloak with the staff lunged forward and scored another strike on Russef’s leg. The shock coursed throughout his thigh muscles and Russef fell to the floor as the Orange Cloak pressed the sparking tip of the staff to his throat. Russef tried to grab the staff and knock him off balance but the Orange Cloak held his grip and warned Russef to stop struggling otherwise the shock would kill him. Nova leaped into action and gashed the Orange Cloak on the cheek with his arm-blade. The Orange Cloak fell back, clutching his wound, and creating an opening for Russef to jump up from where he had been pinned to the floor. As the Orange Cloak reeled from Nova’s slicing strike, Russef lunged forward and caught the Orange Cloak through the eye with his dagger. He wrenched it out with a sickening squelch as the Orange Cloak collapsed.

    Ranger still struggled with the Orange Cloak that he had tackled but he relinquished his hold when he saw the other Orange Cloak approach with a drawn blade. As he stepped back from the struggling Orange Cloak, he picked up the strange weapon that he had disarmed from him earlier. Ranger levelled the weapon at the Orange Cloak as he picked himself up from the ground and caught him full in the chest. The shot carried the Orange Cloak and flew him through the air before colliding with the wall where the gunk enveloped him and pinned him as though stuck with a thick wad of gum. Nova, Russef, and a much delayed Scrappa ran up to join Ranger as the third Orange Cloak approached to help his friend. Seeing that he was clearly outnumbered and that Ranger possessed the mysterious device, the Orange Cloak surrendered himself to the group.

    While the Orange Cloak lay at the mercy of the party, his friend that had been pinned to the wall by the strange substance began coughing just like the other Orange Cloaks had before. Ranger looked at the Orange Cloak who had surrendered and he too had the same glassy and disconnected stare. Ranger demanded to know where Raller Kay was and the Orange Cloak gestured to a separate corridor that was opposite where the party had overcome the force fields. It seemed that that was all of the energy that he could muster as the Orange Cloak started coughing uncontrollably before collapsing. His comrade on the wall also gave one last cough before becoming silent. The party readied themselves and began slowly moving down the corridor.

    Russef and Ranger rounded a corner further down the corridor while Nova and Scrappa stayed back a little bit. The corridor began to open out into a much wider room with many cables and wires criss-crossing the floor. To Ranger and Russef’s left there was a small metal bench and there was the unmistakable presence of Nerada Trome, leader of the Orange Cloaks and adamant anti-Papist. She appeared to be dimly aware of Russef and Ranger’s presence and only seemed to notice them when they began to approach her. When she finally turned her eyes to gaze upon them, they noticed that she bore the same glassy-eyed expression her followers did.

    “Oh!” she exclaimed dimly. “Raller! Raller! There are some people here.”

    Scrappa and Nova entered the room behind Russef and Ranger just as Raller Kay emerged from an adjacent chamber. His presence seemed to be magnified by his towering stature and the sheer number of augmentations that emerged from his neck and back. His top-knot shimmered in the gloom as many different mechanical implants jostled for primacy on the back of his head.

    “Ah,” Raller said as he spread his arms wide, “I cannot say I was not expecting you but I didn’t anticipate you would arrive so soon. Welcome nevertheless. I hope you have marvelled at the chaos that I have sown.”

    “I hope you have enjoyed the chaos that we have created,” Russef replied. “Are you not entertained?”

    Raller chuckled to himself. “I suppose your work should be commended but it is all for naught. I am on the precipice of achieving a great calamity and I don’t need annoyances such as you hounding me.”

    “But why do any of this?” Nova asked. “Why bother stealing the power sources for Charmonde’s shield array? Why use the Orange Cloak movement at all? We could kill Nerada and your support would evaporate.”

    “Ah yes, I suppose that would be a hindrance but it matters not. Nerada and the other followers are a means to an end and the toxin makes them far more… pliable to my requests.”

    “As to why I do this,” Raller continued, “chaos is both the means and the end. The process and the product, as it were. Charmonde is but the start of what I can accomplish. The fall of Charmonde will plunge the entire kingdom of Navarene into anarchy. The rest of the Steadfast sees Navarene as their barrier to the north and the threat of the Gaians and the loss of the kingdom will spread like wildfire. Just imagine, an entire region beset by chaos.”

    “But how?” Nova demanded. “How did you achieve any of this? Why do you want to do this?”

    “The shield array component was a mere trifle for someone of my talents. The other three shall pose no great hurdle either and neither will you. The chaos that I sow will spread unchallenged like the Iron Wind itself and you cannot stop it. Go now if you must. Leave this place and return to Charmonde or wherever you please. Chaos will reach you eventually and you are powerless to stop me.”

    Russef smirked at this. “Those are some bold words for a dead man.”

    Raller sighed at that remark and he drew a vicious-looking blade. “I suppose there are some who refuse the truth. Fine. If it’s death you want, death you shall have!”

    Despite the group being fully prepared to fight Raller Kay, they were caught off-guard by the sheer speed with which he moved. His actions were almost bird-like as he parried and riposted each of the party’s strikes with ease. Raller also displayed quite a prodigious range of skills including spitting acid and throwing poisonous darts, all of which were used to great effect.

    Scrappa was hit in the neck by one of the poisonous darts and his vision began to fade rapidly from whatever venom was coursing through his veins. Despite this impediment, he assumed that the most appropriate response to the situation was to throw a small, ceramic sphere of corrosive liquid at Raller that would significantly impede his ability. That was the intention at least. The reality was that his aim was slightly skewed and he missed Raller entirely however he managed to catch Russef in the periphery of the blast radius. Fortunately Russef only sustained a minor amount of damage from the cypher’s blast.

    The combat against Raller Kay was long and fierce as the party struggled to get around his impressive guard. Nova sought to turn the tide by threatening to execute Nerada Trome and forcing Raller to submit. Raller Kay dismissed Nerada as irrelevant and continued to fight the party, even after Nova killed Nerada.

    Ranger tossed Scrappa the strange projectile weapon while he closed in and engaged in a valiant duel against Raller with his longsword. Due to the effects of the poison, Scrappa proceeded to miss Raller with the weapon and he ended up covering a few sections of the wall in the mysterious gunk. The debilitating effects of the poison proceeded to worsen as the fight drew on until Scrappa’s sight completely failed him and he was blinded.

    Scrappa was not the only one who was rendered near useless during the fight. Russef attempted to slice at Raller’s hand to disarm him but he tripped over a large wire and fell to the floor, face first into a bank of exposed wires. The resulting electrical shocks burned him on his face until he was able to pick himself up out of it. His combat effectiveness for the rest of the fight was below average as a combined result of the electrical shocks and the mild acid burns that he suffered from Scrappa’s misdirected throw.

    Ranger and Nova were able to preserve their dignity and did not suffer any serious wounds to their dignity. Ranger was targeted by Raller Kay when he spat acid however his deft reflexes enabled him to dodge out of the way. The two of them sparred with Raller continuously but Raller managed to evade their strikes and fight back with quick thrusts and vicious stabs.

    Raller Kay parried a close lunge by Ranger and drew back as he had grown tired of this fight. Raller drew a small device from his belt and held it above him.

    “I thank you for this melee but I must depart. You have impeded me but it is no great loss for the chaos is coming.”

    With that final word, Raller threw the device down as a vast cloud of smoke erupted from it. Russef leaped forward and lashed out with his blade but Raller Kay had already disappeared. As the smoke cleared, the faint outlines of a phase door were seen on the far wall as it realigned itself with reality. The dastardly Raller Kay has evaded our brave adventurers this time but what of the future? What sinister schemes will he inflict upon Charmonde? And what will happen to the Orange Cloaks now that Nerada Trome is dead? Tune in next time for more Numenera: Tales of the Ninth World.

      Tumblr has been updated too. :D

      Great write up as usual. Raller was always supposed to be tough, but I didn't think he'd be that tough

    Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 2 Spoilers/Discussion - Don't click if you haven't played it!
    I really enjoyed this one! A lot better than the first episode, I think. Some legitimately tough choices. It was good seeing that a lot of the choices were 50-50 split when I finished. Much better than those obvious option ones.

    - Blamed someone else for Sarah's photo (I'm not sure what this means, exactly. I told the intruder dude that I didn't know the girl in the photo, then I told Sarah's Dad afterwards that he shouldn't have told me to distract her. Can't remembering 'blaming' anybody :P)
    - Sat with Luke at dinner (this was legitimately the hardest choice I had to make haha. Sat at that screen for a good 5 minutes)
    - Told Walter the truth about Matthew
    - Convinced Walter to forgive Nick (and he ended up saving him, aw!)
    - Stayed and helped Carlos.

    But yeah, really good episode. I totally take back anything I said about not wanting to play as Clementine before Season 2, too. It really opens a lot of new themes that I didn't expect. Especially in that scene with the intruder guy ("Carver"?) in the house. Just that feeling that he could totally take me out at any moment if he wanted to. You wouldn't get that with Lee or an adult character.

    Totally called Kenny coming back, though. Was still a surprise however. But I did NOT expect to see Bonnie! And now she's a bad guy! What is going on! I thought for sure that the DLC group I rounded up would come to the rescue during the climactic walker invasion (thinking that the more people that I saved in the DLC [everyone] the less people in your group would die, or something). I really hope they flesh her out more, she was my favourite character from the DLC.

    In short: I liked it!

      Does nobody watch the TV show anymore? I've been waiting for discussions on that since it started back up again.
      I blame@dc for not being around. :P

        I watch it every week! Though I usually only exchange blows with DC on Twitter after we disagree about everything :P

        I'll post a discussion this week if you're interested!

          Yes! I am interested.
          Although I may do a @greenius and demand people talk about something, and then just upvote without responding because I have nothing to add. :P

            I watch it. I was rather disappointed with this weeks episode after last weeks

              Really? Then again I have a soft spot for Beth, she's adorable in how innocent she is because of how protective Hershel was with her.

                I think it was rather boring

                  Each to their own. I take the show as it is. Nothing amazing, and mindless TV watching. It has its moments but I always enjoy it, unlike a lot of people for some reason lol.

                  Yeah, I get that people would like the character development of Daryl and Beth but it seemed like filler to me.

              It was a very strong standalone episode. I didn't find it boring at all, it was just as tense as other episodes, maybe even moreso because of the character tension.


            Thanks for the line Powalen :P (helping)

            Also, I totally talked about Survivor last week and will this week!

            Last edited 05/03/14 9:55 pm

              I've only managed to watch the first five minutes of it so far.

        Sorry, I'm usually into the tv show but I've fallen behind by about three or so eps.

      Ooh I love these discussions

      - I said I took the photo (because, well, I did) This one just seems to be about gaining Sarah's trust.
      - went and sat with the new gang at dinner because, in Clem's own words (that I made her say) Kenny is a bit of a jerk - or rather he's an asshole and I never liked him and at that point didn't trust him at all
      - told the truth because I don't know
      - Walter forgave because yay
      - I stayed to help, but mostly out of panic and indecisiveness in the moment. Regretted this one even before it played out.


      Also, I like what they've done with Rebecca. Present her as a total cow in the 1st ep, then completely 180 it in the next. I found myself making Clem a bit more considerate towards her, but I'm still holding on to that badass threat I made in the first ep.

      Also also, speaking of badass Clem, I laughed out loud when Carver comes to the front door, asks what your name is, and you have the option to just close the door. It didn't work of course, but I found it funnier than it should've been. Sassy Clem ain't got time for no bullshit.

      Last edited 05/03/14 9:53 pm

        Yeah I like Rebecca too! And my Clementine basically had a constant -__- look on her face the entire episode. Surrounded by idiots.

        Also: Now that Kenny's back. I don't expect we'll see Christa (alive) again. Can't have two "I thought you were dead!?" things in one season :P

        Thanks to my inattention it looked like you were responding to Strange talking about the show. Shitty mobile browser to the rescue! I only saw the first two words then the browser crashed.

      I admitted to taking the photo, because pshhhhhhh, whatevs. I sat with Kenny, because he really seemed to be a much better person, and after not seeing him for ages I felt we needed more time together. I ran out to get Kenny & Luke (HOO BOY, HAD A DISCUSSION ABOUT THIS WITH CATURDAY, AND BOY HOWDY DID I MESS UP A CHOICE FURTHER ALONG THE LINE). Otherwise I was the same.

      Oh man, I loved this. Reminded me all over again why these guys won all those awards for the first season.

      Did anyone not save Nick in episode one? Does he just get replaced by Pete for the entire thing, and all the fuckups that go with it? It seems like the story would branch ridiculously, even though logic is telling me that isn't the case.

      My choices:
      - Starting with the hardest choice in the entire episode. I sat with Kenny rather than Luke. If I ever have to choose between the two of them (and goddamn it, I know I'll have to), it's going to be so incredibly tough. Honest-to-God-lineball, that'll be.
      - I blamed someone else for the photo. I think that decision was when I called Carlos out and said, "You TOLD me to distract her!"
      - I put the angel on the tree, because Sarah liked them.
      - Poor Walter. Such a sad story. I was upfront with him the entire time (Also, did anyone else appreciate the "I've already figured it out" dialogue option? I loved being able to brag to the game - small recompense for the sinking feeling I'd had ever since I realised), but defended Nick as a good guy, and he got saved at the end.
      - I stayed with Rebecca and made her turn herself in. Then I charged at Carver to protect Alvin. In the end, the only one who died was Walter. I think this is probably optimal outcome, sadly.
      - Bonnie! Bonnnnnie! How could you do this?

      I am so excited by this episode. Really quite strong storytelling, with impressively little hey-Clem's-a-kid-now-cry-for-her emotional manipulation. I never considered that the camp first mentioned in 400 Days might actually be a bad place. Never even considered it. Ha! Amazing.

      Last edited 05/03/14 11:16 pm

        Coming (hopefully) tomorrow: Mrs Shane vs A House Divided.

        Pete dies shortly after you save him, I'm afraid. He ends up dying a... very shitty death- So it's the usual Telltale cop-out. I loved the charging at Carver option; I saw it and I'm like "CLEMENTINE MANLIEST GIRL." It's gonna be interesting to see if most of the entire cast of 400 days are gonna be bad guys (pretty much only 1/2 people stayed behind on my 400 days walkthrough).

        Last edited 06/03/14 8:27 am

        Great, great episode.

        Made all the same decisions as you, Shane!

          I wondered if TWD2-2 was going to bring you back to TAY, and considered sending you an email to invite you to share your decisions privately if you wanted :P

          I'm now glad I didn't get around to it.

      I accidently blamed someone else for the picture (Or at least I didn't said that I did it myself.) Sat with Kenny because OG. Told Nick to man up and tell the truth and told Walt the truth. Stayed behind to help Carlos. I called it on why Carver was being so terminator-like in his pursuit of them, thought it was Kenny but still pleased. Bonnie, though, I also thought that was outta left field. Also, Clementine this episode had some good damn options. [CLOSE DOOR] [GRAB KNIFE] [PROTECT ALVIN] were ballin.

    :/ according to a mate at Dan Murphy's where I work all the casuals but me have been getting shifts (like one a week kinda shit) since we moved to this small new temp store. When I was told there were no hours for any of the casuals but only a few (there's about 6 or 7 casuals there by the way)

    I was one of 3 hired for the Christmas period, I was the first to start and the boss said he'll give me hours when he can at the moment. But learning this I feel like I don't really feel wanted there. I mean I was getting AMAZING hours from November til end of January, I only had to call in sick once due to some stomach virus thing. But otherwise I accepted any shifts they offered me and was there within about 15 mins (i'm only a 10min walk from the store) always did what was expected of me, I was even commended on my excellent customer service. So i'm really stumped.

      Maybe that's why - they're sharing them around after you got a bunch over Christmas?

      Edit: also, are you older than the other casuals? You may be on a higher hourly rate so less attractive to put on

      Last edited 05/03/14 10:21 pm

        We all got similar sort of hours over Christmas but one of the new guys. Pretty much everyone got heaps of hours over Christmas lol.

        Nah, most of the casuals are all around my age, apart from one I think she's around 19. So we're all on the same rate according to the hourly rate sheet I was given.

        Yeah it's a bit

      Bring it up directly with your manager. Be assertive, but not pushy. Ask if there is any possibility of more hours, or just mention that your availabilities are wide open, and that you'd be happy to work more often if required. Maybe even see if there are any part / full time positions available.

      Alternatively, mention it in passing, something like you're always available, or that you love working (even if it's a lie). That's how I went from 0 to 38 hours in one week! :D
      Good opportunities are if you cover someone's shift for some reason. Mention that if they need any more shifts covered just give you a call, and that you're happy to help.

      Post Christmas lulls are to be expected though, especially in liquor stores.

        Yeah I had a word to him about it when I last worked he said he'd try his best with what he had to work with, and I said that was cool and I was available whenever. But y'know this was end of January lol.

          "I had a word to him about it when I last worked... this was end of January"
          Umm, maybe you should make sure he still knows that you work / want to work there...
          Or, and I hate to say it, but maybe you should start looking for another job...

            I've been looking for another job since then lol. Not many to apply for, and the hearing back part is non existant. It would also be great if 90% of these retail job ads around here weren't placed by employment agencies who never mention the name of the damn company, they'll vaguely hint at who it is but nothing more.

            I would've preferred if EB had hours for me but they're so dead it's impossible and the fact the manager of the other store in town is a moron and went and hired some new girl instead of listening to my boss & 2 of the guys who work there by giving me some hours.

    Got my SSD yesterday, so today has been spent reformatting/setting up my computer. Fun! The Windows installation itself though was ridiculously quick. Left the room for a few minutes, came back and it was done.

    It still didn't fix my problem of really slow internet on this computer (through multiple wifi dongles). Seeing "Sorry, it looks like you're on a slow connection" whilst downloading Office on 100mbps fibre really sucks :/ I can reach around 60mbps on my Macbook in my room, around 30 on my ipod, and like 1-5mbps on this and I have no idea why. I might invest in one of those powerpoint ethernet kit things.

      What's the signal strength like and is the router you're using N capable same with the wifi card in said computer? I know the MacBook & iPod will since they've had N (well Draft N) Wireless since 2007..

    Looking into building a new PC and i'm looking at going for the Silverstone FT03B Mini case, now the problem is, it takes SFX form factor power supplies and from my research no one makes anything larger than a 450w SFX PSU.. Now I want to stick a GTX 760 in it, which is the biggest card the case would fit (and all I really want), but it says it needs 500watts with 30 amps on the 12v rail, now the 450w psu by silver stone cranks out 37 amps on the 12v rail.. Essentially would that PSU be adequate for the card or would I really need a 500w psu?

      @beavwa @blaghman @negativezero @welbot

      You guys seem to know a bit about the technical innards of the computers. Any help or advice, please?

        Best to get confirmation from someone who actually builds the damn things (I mostly theorycraft and look at the tech side), but generally the PSU requirements given are highballing it. So long as you have the correct power pinny things and stuff, you should be right in that range. (GPU's typically the hungriest part of a system, and you're looking at a 170W max draw so far as I can tell from a 760, so you still have a >250 Watt buffer, which the rest of the machine should easily fit in)

          Yeah that's what I am thinking.. Especially since my mate runs his 670 off a 500w PSU..

      I would recommend a more powerful PSU. I currently run a GTX 570 off a Corsair 650W PSU but I should have grabbed the 750W or greater. But I'm like Blaghs, I just put builds together for fun.

      Last edited 05/03/14 10:59 pm

        Well EVGA recommend minimum 500w. But I won't be running anything power hungry other than the GPU and considering an i5 Haswell only requires 84w to run which is relatively efficient and i'd be coupling that with a low power WD drive & an SSD.

      I've heard of people running them with less than the recommended power without problem for years as long as the PSU is good quality.

      What's the most power hungry game you're looking to play on it?

      Were you looking at going AMD or Intel for the CPU? As I recall, the AMD's are notably more power hungry than the intel equivalents when under moderate to heavy load.

      Ahh answered while I was typing, I'd say it probably would be okay but I'd recommend looking up if having 37amps would cause a problem. Probably be fine but it's a fair bit more than recommended

      Last edited 05/03/14 11:20 pm

        I was going looking at an i5 4670 (non k model, since I have no plans on overclocking and that's jst added power consumption heh)

        Of late i've just been playing The Walking Dead, Octodad & The Wolf Among Us, so nothing power greedy really.

        Yeah well the PSU Silverstone produce for this case has 37 amps on the 12v rail, and EVGA state their 560 requires 30 amps on the 12v rail. It's just been so long since i've needed to look at this kind of stuff it's all a bit of a mystery to me now lol.

        But yeah, I threw the parts I am looking at in an online PSU calculator and it reckons 350w is recommended (minimum 300w) for that kind of build, so I do have confidence in a 450w being ample, i'm just trying to make sure my research is solid first before committing the $$

          It sounds pretty solid, as long as you have no plans to overclock and then try to run super high spec games on 3 2560x1440 monitors you'd probably do okay

            Yeah, I think I have this worked out lol. Haha, nah. I just run a single 1920x1080 monitor.

      Pfft, you don't need 500W for a 760. Assuming you don't get a shithouse brand, they hit about 160-170W at maximum. Assuming you pair it with a decent motherboard and a modern Intel CPU your whole build is likely to be about 350W. Assuming a good quality PSU and a single HDD, 450W sould be fine.

      However are you absolutely set on that case? IMO it looks like a rubbish bin. If I were building a SFF gaming PC (have come close to building one several times) I wouldn't use that case. I'd do a build with a Silverstone Sugo SG08 which has an extra 3" of room for a GPU (can fit a 770OC or 780) and takes a bog-standard ATX PSU that's up to 16cm long. Silverstone, Seasonic and Corsair (I swear by Seasonic) all make pretty good high-efficiency PSUs which will fit inside that easily. In fact, Silverstone make models that have short cables specifically for SFF builds inside their Sugo range.

        Yeah that's what I was thinking, yeah i'm looking at a EVGA model. Yeah Silverstone make the PSU's for that case as well actually.

        Well personally I much prefer the orientation of the motherboard in that series, and I like the look of it, it's sleek and takes up a smallish foot print which is also nice.

        But thanks for the feedback & help, much appreciated. But yeah one mechanical HDD (WD Green) & one SSD is all i'm aiming for.

          yup.. what negzero said! the recommendation is not really just for the card alone, rather how much you should have overall to power your system. the card itself is unlikely to draw anywhere near that much power alone. You'll know pretty soon if it's not enough though, cos the vid card will either beep like crazy when you turn it on, or just show nothing and not allow your comp to start up.

            @virus__ Yeah, the 500W recommendation is assuming you're running a full-size standard desktop. Small Form Factor PC on a Mini-ITX is going to be less power-hungry in general.

            Generally you want your PSU to deliver enough power to drive your machine at 80% of its max rate, i.e. have 20% headroom. This is because as the capacitors and coils in the PSU age, they become less efficient. Also if you have to run the thing flat out at its max rate it will fail pretty quickly, be very hot and very noisy. A 450W PSU will deliver a smidgen over 350W at 80% load so that's just right.

            I really do think you'd be better off with the Sugo case though. In terms of footprint it's really small but you've got so much more room for components and so many less restrictions, eg you can fit a decent CPU cooler in and stuff. In the end though it's your call so if you like the FT03 Mini then go with it.

            Btw, make sure the model you're getting is the ST45SF-G, which is 80Plus Gold rated and modular. Silverstone had an earlier SFX PSU at the same wattage but it wasn't 100% modular and wasn't 80Plus Gold.

              yup. a lot of the cheaper modular ones, are only partially modular. Kind of annoying, but still better than nothing if you can't afford anymore!

      That's a very ... interesting case. What made you decide on it?
      Seen any pictures of one fully set up including external cables? It looks like a lot of the case size (about 25%) is lost with the lower air filter and upper (external) cable management.
      I'm not up with the technical details on PSUs, do any other companies make them in that size?
      (Disclaimer: I'm generally a full tower build kinda person, so these form factors aren't really my thing. Our most recent build was a mini ITX though - it had a horizontal mount for the motherboard and the PSU was only subjected to a length restriction, so we were still free to choose brands)

      Edit: To add some perspective, here's what Pip's recent build was in:
      I asked a lot of the same questions, and she was sure about this one. Interesting to hear about case choice as that can be one of the most personal things about a build.

      Last edited 06/03/14 7:06 am

        Sure have, it's not overly free for space. But it's not cramped to the point there's not enough room for airflow. A few people have modded it to fit a GTX Titan some even fitted it with an ATX PSU lol.

        Personally I love the Silverstone range that has the motherboard vertical instead of horizontal, makes for easier access to the rear I/O ports and naturally having the GPU mounted that should in theory let heat escape with more ease since heat rises.

          I can't say I'm a fan of the heat management. While the one included fan on the bottom should be reasonable for cool air intake, there's nothing for extracting the hot air (like traditional top/rear fans), and although 78mm has been left for the CPU cooler, the nice warm PSU is mounted straight on top, which may impact the effectiveness there.
          Eh, components are efficient enough these days that cooling isn't that big an issue, as long as you're not overclocking the shit out of it. With a small footprint like that, are you looking at having it on a desk, under it, or somewhere else?

            May be it was the mATX version that has the fan at the top from memory then lol.. I thought that one did too haha.

            Yeah on my desk, my current case is taking up too much room and it's a pain in the arse to shift when I have to access the rear I/O panel, since i'm in a kind of corner situation lol.

              I assume it will be quite viable to leave the top cover off for direct access to all that cabley goodness?

                Yep, it just clips in. I love their Raven series which have a similar concept, just they weigh half a metric ton.

    Did not care for 400 Days. Felt like a pointless waste of time and nothing like the rest of the series.

      Without wanting to spoil things, it's a bridge between the seasons. The choices are meant to impact upon what happens in Season Two.

      What choices did you make? The one I struggled with most (and probably the only tough one) was sitting in the RV with the gun. In the end, I split.

        Shot the fraud's foot off.
        Stayed in the car with the Dude
        Left Nate
        Lied about hitting that guys wife
        And I picked up the gun. Seemed to be what you'd actually do in a survival situation. The sister seemed all for it as well.

        It just didn't seem to work really. Season 1 gave you time to get to know the characters and made the decisions feel important. In this I just didn't give a toss and picked whatever.

        Last edited 05/03/14 11:39 pm

          I do agree with you. My reaction wasn't quite as strong as yours, and I still kind of enjoyed it (and appreciated that they were thinking outside the box a little, and gave us something to tide us over until season 2), but I didn't feel particularly connected to 400 Days either.

            I disagree with both of you :P @freezespreston

            I think that this sort of fiction is one of the few where one-off short stories fit really well. Loved that they can just focus on a single snapshot of a character's life and run from there.

            But I'm a fan of that sort of writing in the first place, so that may be the reason I liked it so much.

    Ugh, google have made it more annoying to differentiate sponsored videos on YouTube. Previously, sponsored videos had a light yellow highlight, making it easy to tell. They got rid of that, and replaced it with a small yellow tag. It's such a minor thing, but it is part of a long list of google screw-ups.

      It's a very smart business decision, even if it does annoy users.

        But YouTube's users are getting more and more annoyed. After the ContentID fiasco, I boycotted YouTube in favour of Dailymotion. My boycott lasted about one or two days. If google keep doing this, they'll keep pushing people towards dailymotion or blip.

          Two points:
          1) Sadly, most people won't even notice the change. I never would've noticed.
          2) A two day boycott isn't even a blip on a blip on a blip on a radar.

            Sadly, I think you're right. Google has way too much power.

    What the hell. I received an email recommending the Lesser Evil to me. I decided to buy the Lesser Evil, but I decided to download the sample first, just to see if my kindle could properly support a graphic novel. I took out my kindle, and I realised my copy of Dead Space Martyr - the least book I read with the Kindle - was gone. When I go to the store page for Dead Space Martyr, it tells me to buy it. I don't know what's happened.

    @shane so he can make a joke about how his book will fill the void that losing Dead Space caused.

      Haha, really? That's awesome! Who the hell sent you that email? :P

      Edit: Sorry to hear about your book, though. That stinks.

      Last edited 05/03/14 11:42 pm

        I'm looking at my amazon purchase history as I speak. (well, type) It says I bought it on December 31st 2013. It also said that I reviewed it on January 26th 2014. I suppose it might be a region thing? I had to switch over to a US account in order to redeem amazon gift cards.

        Problem fixed!... kinda. I guess the book is saved to the cloud, meaning I have to download it anytime I want to read it. It automatically deletes itself. If I turn the kindle off while reading, it remains, but will delete if I go to the homepage. Over the month that I spent reading Dead Space, (It took me a while, okay?) I would shut it off whilst reading, meaning it was there whenever I would turn it on.
        Dammit my explanations are always unnecessarily long. I could have just typed:
        "Saved to cloud. Stuck on cloud."

        On another topic, I guess I'll try the Lesser Evil sample, just to see if the Kindle can handle it. I don't think I have time to read a book at the moment, but I may as well grab it whilst it is on sale.

          (Psst. Protip: $7.99 is the usual price. The "sale" price is just compared to buying the print version.)

    So instead of paying attention to anything around me this evening, I've tried to create a twitter bot of sorts.
    Iunno, it's just playing around with stuff, but it should be working by tomorrow evening!
    Thanks @powalen for the help :D

      You're creating spambots, eh? The world needs more Viagra ads.

        What have I done!?

          You can always use your powers for good and spam The Lesser Evil ads instead :P

            Apparently it's super easy to just create accounts that retweet specific keywords.
            I can imagine a Lesser Army, diligently retweeting every mention of #lesser #evils.

    I just preordered Titanfall. First time peorderinga game. I usually have a policy on not preordering, but having played the beta, I am very confident in my purchase. It would suck if the beta turned out to be a ruse, and the actual game is broken.

    Finished Walking Dead S2E1

    Saved Christa
    Killed the dog
    Gave water to the dying guy
    Accepted Nick's apology
    Saved Nick

    Just once, for a change, why
    can't anyone you save actually appreciate it? It's meant to be about survival but no one seems to be happy to survive.

      Well to be fair you kind of are condemning them to another day in a zombie infested crapsack world. Technically survival is the better of the 2 options but neither sounds very nice.

    I watched Tangled last night for the first time (yes that is two Disney movies in a row, shut up). I enjoyed it but I think I should have watched it before I watched Frozen. I kept comparing it to Frozen and enjoyed Frozen so much more.

      Hmm. I actually preferred Tangled. It was more fun.

        It was fun, but I thought Frozen was more memorable especially song wise, I enjoyed the songs much more in frozen.

          I agree, frozen had better songs but Tangled had more comedy

            Max annoyed me, not sure why, but he just annoyed me.

              I liked Max. He was a better guard then the guard.



    Not much today. This possible PC release date has gotten a lot of attention, but the image in question has a pretty dumb typo, so I wouldn't get hopes up for it being genuine.

    Here's a 20 minute video that includes gameplay from the start of DS2 (allegedly; I'm watching it now)

      888 days! D=


      I have no idea what the the announced release date is but last night in a release date email from EB it said Dark Souls 2 was Thursday 13th. Isn't that 7 days away?
      I need to know which day to go pick it up, I'd hate to go on Thursday if it's not until Friday, and I'd hate even more to go in on Friday when I could have had it on Thursday.
      What's the real date?!

        A good question. I should probably check what my local EB thinks they're doing as well.

        Well, then. For some reason, probably EB's fault, I thought it was the 14th (and we got a simultaneous release with Europe on their 13th).

        This countdown has been plagued with errors throughout. What's one more.

        Last edited 06/03/14 9:45 am

          That's what happens when you port content over to PC.

      Will you have a countdown to the proper release once this old-gen console bullshit is out of the way? :P

      Last edited 06/03/14 12:40 pm

        No. I'll be too busy playing the game to worry about the self-proclaimed masters who are no one's top priority :P

    I'm DC, AMA!

      I asked you a question on Page five, and you never responded, so my question to you, is why do you hat me?

        I have no problem with Hermitages of any kind!



              Alright, new question: Should I buy a replacement fan, get an aftermarket cooler, or just hold out for a complete upgrade (No context will be added)?

                All of the above!

                  Not a question, but I just wanted you to know that I look forward to reading your daily blog posts.

                  I was genuinely excited on Tuesday morning when I realised I hadn't read it for a few days, and could catch up.

                  @blaghman: Oh man, that's incredibly kind of you to say! Now I feel bad I didn't write any thing substantial this week. D: Thanks so much for reading, though. Means more than you know!

      Seeing as I watched both recently, which Disney movie do you prefer Tangled or Frozen?

        Frozen, despite the fact that Kristoph was very similar to Flynn. I enjoyed the songs more too, like you said earlier. (Though I've Got a Dream from Tangled was a thing of beauty, my friend!)

          I prefer mother knows best myself. Also, I feel that they are similar but at the same time very different. Kristoph wouldn't steal and is extremely good natured. Flynn doesn't realise that he is a good person and is just incredibly misguided.
          Also, Kristoph is charismatic without meaning to be. Flynn tries to be charismatic and fails to do so.


        Cause Rockets suggested we all do this every Thursday with someone new weeks ago and we all forgot.

      What's your favourite memory?

        Oh, that's a tough one.

        Uh, Christmas '94 was pretty great. Dark, overcast morning. Brand new SNES. Brand new Donkey Kong Country. Really was the best Christmas I had. Otherwise? This will sound so wanky, but meats. I never really had all that many friends before that.

        Last edited 06/03/14 9:36 am

          Do you still have your SNES? Played all DKC games? Favourite one?

            My dad gave away the SNES without asking us. :(

            I've played all the Donkey Kong Country's except for the 64 one. (Which I couldn't play for more than ten minutes. You know how I feel about the 64.) Diddy's Kong Quest is the sentimental favourite. I got that for my eleventh birthday. Realistically I think no Donkey Kong Country game plays better than the stuff Retro is making now though.

      Why am I so gat dang tired?

        Too much scary music. I suggest you replace it with acoustic stuff! You will, won't you? WON'T YOU?

      Folder or Scruncher?

        I remember reading somewhere that most Men are folders and most Women are scrunchers. I'm yet to verify these results first-hand.

      What is your preferred sleeping position?
      What is your preferred category of pornography?
      Have you ever been to Spain or spent a lot of time around Spanish people? What do you think of them?
      What would you consider to be an ideal first date?
      When was the last funeral you attended (if any)? Did you cry?

      Last edited 06/03/14 9:38 am

        I sleep on my stomach with a pillow over my head. True story.

        Amateur. I prefer real looking people.

        I have not been to Spain.

        An ideal first date would be like hanging out with a friend, but amplified. I'm tempted to say dinner and a movie, but that wouldn't be true because the entire movie I'd be too distracted wanting to talk to the person. I'm rather partial to long dates, though. Like spending the day together doing random stuff.

        Grandpa's funeral. I didn't cry, but I was sad.

      Which do you detest the most: the modern, Spanish or brutalist school of architecture? Also, domestic or commercial buildings?

      Round two (because I'm getting my money's worth for this AMA, dammit):

      What do you think is the best thing about yourself?

        I like to think I'm kind and have a strong sense of empathy. That might be deluded though.

        Not much else to like, alas.

      Was working on Big Brother your first choice?

        Was my only choice, really. Just fell into my lap right after university and apart from the local channels at Mt Coot-tha, there wasn't a whole lot of production stuff happening in Brisbane. I feel like getting that job in hindsight might have been too easy for me and I don't know what it means to pursue a job properly. It was a good time though and a time where I felt a strong sense of self-worth.

      What's your address?

        You've crossed a line, Strange.

        I will say no one knows my address because I live with my sister and feel like it's not my place to invite people over. Almost nothing at this place is mine, so I feel like a guest here mostly and don't want to impose. That's why I'll never have a meat here or invite any one over. *decisive nod*

          What if I bring freshly baked bread for you and your sister?

            Be ware of the mine field around the cave entrance! I'll provide a map, but the map is off by one step. Adjust everything to the right.

      I'm feeling brutally honest today, I'll answer any thing. (That's tasteful and within reason. :P)

        I just want to say that I appreciate it and I really like the idea of TAYbie AMA's.

        Just a really great chance to ask stuff that doesn't come up in TAY conversation or at Meats. It's cool.

        Last edited 06/03/14 10:18 am

          Me too, I feel our questions for @Rocketman weren't hard hitting enough. He should do it again.

          I can't believe (well, actually I can... I really gotta stop skipping pages :S) I missed this. What an awesome idea!

        If you could be any TAYbie for a day, who would you choose and why?

          Honestly, no one. I might be screwed up. I might be broken. I might be poor. I might be unemployed. But I'm still me and am the product of all the decisions I've made. Also body swapping shenanigans have always creeped me out. :P

            Wow, that's a way more mature answer than I would've given.

      When you TAYbreak, do you still read it?

        At first, no. The last few days I've been reading from time-to-time, though. Might've noticed the occasional upvote. :D

      If Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber were both downing and you could only save one, what would you have in the sandwich you made?

        Chicken and gravy sandwich, I think.

      I can't think of anything to ask so I'll just say hello and put a question mark at the end of it?

      I've got a messed up back tooth in my top jaw that I think is going to have to come out, why the hell does it send little spikes of pain up into my ear and down into my lower jaw?

      Just to clarify, the D in DC does stand for Dentist, doesn't it?

        Aw man, not good. I can empathize. I know that pain all too well. (Wisdom tooth impacted back tooth exposing nerve. Wasn't fun.) Well worth a trip to the dentist's, my friend.

          23 hours away from one. The worst part was that I went in a few weeks ago because I was getting that thing where it hurt when you got cold or hot on a tooth, got a filling and now the entire side of my face hurts

      Argh! Ages late, but still getting in here with a hard hitting question.

      If you could nominate one old adventure game (I know you love 'em) to be remade into a new game, what would it be and which studio would you like handling it?

        Gabriel Knight and Quantic Dream!