After Delays, Watch Dogs Is Finally Out This May

After a delay from November, the open-world sci-fi game Watch Dogs will release on 27 May 2014, publisher Ubisoft announced today.

Here's a new story trailer for the game. It will be out for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The Wii U version will come "at a later date," Ubisoft says. (Will it, though? This is oddly reminiscent of Aliens: Colonial Marines — Sega first delayed the Wii U version, then quietly cancelled it.)


    Dammit! One week after my birthday! Maybe I'll take that week off instead.

      The day of my birthday, winning :)

        It's my birthday too. I'm so glad I pre ordered this when it was first announced. Looks killer.

    Watch dogs? What is watch dogs? Man, this had a such a long delay.

      I reckon they were adding multiplayer...

        They had multiplayer as a small part already. Maybe they were adding more of it. Could be possible.

    Not really interested in it now. I was before because it was the only decent looking PS4 title available at launch but unless there's a dead period in May I will probably only pick this up in a Steam sale later on.

      Yeah same. :( Its looking a lot more linear in the latest trailer.
      And I dunno.. The graphics aren't grabbing me as much as they did..

    Yeah! Time to book time off work! Cant wait!

    "(Will it, though? This is oddly reminiscent of Aliens: Colonial Marines –Sega first delayed the Wii U version, then quietly cancelled it."

    2 completely different companys. -__-

    Last edited 07/03/14 10:06 am

      Doesnt matter, theyre using an example. Still ironic it was cancelled given it was the version they were constantly showcasing... still at least the WiiU-sers were spared.

        If my memory is correct i think alien colonial marines got release first on other consoles and failed. There for they cancled the wiiu one. I may be wrong.
        it just seems weired that they would promote game pad use with the game so much and then can it.

          Exactly, that was the one version I was highly interested in. We even kicked around the idea of a WiiU just for that game lol.

    Yeah, yeah. I'll believe it's coming out when I see it on a shelf.

    Looks great. A bit of a shame it relies on the 'they killed mah girl!' Trope, but other than that looks absolutely fantastic.

    "They killed.. her"
    "You took something of value from me"
    Dead woman as plot advancement, and a strong suggestion she is an object. It's not just degrading to women... it's not even original.

      If you take a closer look at the headstone he's standing in front of,
      that is the character's daughter that was killed (at the age of 6).
      Just sayin'...

      Last edited 07/03/14 11:26 am

    Oh, I see the story will primary be one of retribution. I was expecting something more original, but I suppose the gameplay was going to be the biggest drawcard anyway.

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