While You Were Sleeping

Morning all! Welcome to Wednesday. The day of the week with, by far, the coolest name. We'll be talking about the news you might have missed.

I might be a little late to this party, but let's talk about Mega 64's amazing take on the Ken Kutaragi story... starring Ken Kutaragi. It's immense. It's out there. And I can't believe they convinced the father of the PlayStation to take part. Unreal.

Oh, and Lady Gaga loves Minecraft. Or at the very least the person directing her latest music video loves Minecraft. It wouldn't be beyond reason, however, for Gaga to like Minecraft though. Seriously — what's not to like? Everyone loves Minecraft.

What else? These are the Super Mario 64 secrets you may not have noticed, this is a video game you can't judge by its graphics and PS3/360 emulation is coming whether you like it or not!

In Short Tiny Super Mario 64 Secrets You May Not Have Noticed Lady Gaga Loves Minecraft Here's A Game You Can't Judge By Its Graphics PS3/360 Emulation Is Coming Whether You Like It Or Not The PlayStation's Secret Origin Story


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