Would You Pay $300 Extra For A Sexy Wooden PlayStation 4

When things are made of wood, they are more expensive. This is just science. Consoles do not represent the exception to this rule. German company Balolo will totally fix up a PlayStation 4 with actual real wood, be it cherry, bamboo, walnut or zebra. Sexy. But expensive.

You'll pay over $208 for the privilege, and if you want one in Australia, you may have to pay extra over and above that, as a result of the more expensive German pricing. We're talking over $800 for this bad boy.

But guys... it's made of wood. WOOD.

Via Dualshockers


    Looks nice but I'd be afraid it'd catch on fire.

      This. I'd reckon that wood would trap the heat better than plastic, so it might be pushing the heat gauge up there. Interesting to see what the fan exhaust temps were in comparison. Other than that, it is indeed a sexy beast.

        Probably, although I'd like to think that if they went to the effort of striping the thing of it's casing they maybe lapped out and re-pasted the cooler with something of a higher quality to improve the thermals.

    It looks alright but I would need a leather bound ps4 to go with my wallet.

    That actually looks really nice, the pattern suites it well too.

    For $300 extra I would expect a timber case, this is a normal PS4 case with some veneer glued on and a CNC'd logo. Nothing terribly fancy about this. It's barely a step above covering your PS4 in contact paper.

      I love the idea and the look of this, but I'm inclined to agree with you. $300.....yeah right.

      Did you actually read the article? 7mm thick laser cut panels, definitely too thick to be a veneer

        It's 0.7 mm thick according to the Balolo site. I'd still call that veneer but they call it cover.

        To be honest, I looked at the title and looked at the picture. The description of "wooden PS4" lead me to assumed it would be a timber case.

        Even if it's 7mm "panels" (don't see why they'd need to be laser cut, you can cut that precisely with a machine), it still looks like veneer (really it's just "fat" veneer). That material and manufacturing doesn't justify the cost.

    very nice - not just a decal or thin layer, but actual wood replacing the sides?

    I have many leather-bound books and my PS4 smells of rich mahogany.

    I'd be interested to know how much the wood would insulate and hold the heat and if that poses a problem since PS4's run pretty warm as it is.

    I like my technology in plastic/metal. I hate it, jus saying.

    Looks real purrty, but I'm worried about heating issues.

    I can't wait to see how many people on instructable or lifehacker post about how they made a case out of wood veneer or something.

    It will go nicely with my early 80s television.

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    Wheres the wooden controller? and the wooden t.v?

    Ripping off the Mahogany Station.

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