An Entirely New Way To Play Pokémon

An Entirely New Way To Play Pokémon

Pokémon, in first person, played with an Oculus Rift plus a 'virtual reality treadmill' called the Virtuix Omni — which allows you to walk around naturally in a game. This is the future, folks.

This is probably the most 'realistic' way to play Pokémon, too — imagine running through tall grass when your entire party is almost wiped out, or walking through a dark, Zubat-filled cave? I'd play that.

And in case you're curious... the game being played in the footage looks to be Pokémon 3D, a fan-made game that recreates Gold & Silver:

We've also seen the Omni used in other games, like Skyrim and Team Fortress 2.


    A new way for Twitch to play Pokemon.

      Imagine all the power that would be generated by all those people running around their own treadmills constantly.

        This plus fixing obesity. Holy crap pokemon just solved the issued for our next generation. Renewable energy and Obesity!

    As an overweight Pokemon nut, I would play the shit out of this game.

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