Competition: WIN A Trials Fusion Season Pass Every Day!

Well a bit of controversy with yesterday's competition on Fusion Factory. Seems like SCP managed to get the fastest time, but he posted twice, meaning that his second time doesn't count. I know, that's kind of sucky. But I did make it clear in the rules posted below.

That means that today's victory belongs to BatGuy with his time of 54.488! Congratulations. Commiserations to SCP and a shout out to Valor who was painfully close with a time of 00:54.646.

Now time for day three of our Trials comp.

How To Enter

The rules are simple. Each day this week I will choose a track. It is upon this track you will do battle. To enter you must play, get the quickest time possible, and then post your time (alongside an uploaded pic/screenshot of your time) in the comments below.

You have until 3pm the following day to post the best time you can. You can only post one time per comp, so make sure your time is as good as it can possibly be when you post it!

We'll announce the 1x daily winner in the competition the next day at 6pm, when I will choose another track for you all to compete on, and so forth!

You need to be over 18 and Australian to enter. Full terms and conditions.

Each day the winner will receive season pass for Trials Fusion on either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. Already have a season pass? Why not spread the Trials love and give it to a friend. That'll give you one more person to compete with! Each player can only win one code, which will stop Kotaku legends like FatShady from dominating every day of the week.

For today's track? Let's go with an easy one — Balancing Act!

Have at it friends!


    My money's on @aliasalpha winning this one!

      I'm not entering these. I've already got the season pass and bought the game on PC.

      But yeah, 533m was my record in the beta, beat that suckers

        Enter for the bridging of cross-platform hiscores and sense of community, not for the prize!

          Okay I played it a bit more and got a slightly better score than the beta

          If anyone can beat that, I'll be properly impressed. I should have been more careful really, I was easily able to get further than that but got into the pace of it

            Wow nice man! I managed to get just past 300m but I'm not going to waste as much time on the other ones as this.

            I so want to catch that...... but it is going to be a looooong haul..... Those stupid ramps from 375 to 415 are just nasty. Just managed to climb the first one, looked at the second, and while I was trying to work out the how, fell off........ welcome to trials......

              Is the second the one that looks like a curved solar panel? Speed is your friend there, followed by a bit of brake in the air to correct your position

                Which bike are you using? I currently have my best distance with the baggie..... which probably says more about my lack of fine control than anything else....

                  The Baggie is fantastic for getting to about 400m but I'm convinced that's the furthest you'll ever get with it and you need the Roach for anything longer.

                  The long white stone ramp is the big problem with the Roach, there's a sweet spot with the throttle but it's a bitch to find, it feels kind of like 25% throttle and I suspect you have to have the front wheel just touching down on the ramp as you accelerate or you'll pull the wheel up again if it's already touching or not touching yet. I spend probably 50% of my track time on that one obstacle, just slowly arresting my backwards roll as I slip down the ramp for the 10th time in a row...

                "Brake in the air to correct your position"


                  You need to visit the university of trials.... (but I don't know if he covered this.... there is a physics video floating around though).
                  Try this for an experiment. Go to the first stage, take off, let go of the accelerator, and just fly. Halfway through flying, hit the brakes. The force required to stop the wheels will rotate the bike forward in the air (Fairly slowly... it is not about to make you do a triple front flip....). This also happens with accelerating in the air, but less dramatically. IT is a really useful trick for the unyielding achievements where you can't lean, and helps for balancing act a lot.

                  Err yeah, I was going to make a detailed reply but scp said pretty much everything

                  @scp I was about to protest how dumb it is, but I suppose it makes *some* sense. Very little, but some.

    Awrrr, I thought I could win the game.

    No money sucks

    Controversial winner... I love it! Little disappointing that I didn't get the clear best time after the stupid number of hours I spent on it last night. But I also wasn't able to chase it during the day today, so I'll take it :) Although scp did say he was in it for the competition, not the prize anyway?

    Nice work to the others, though - you really pushed me to improve my time twice when I thought I had already done the best I could. I didn't want to stop because I *knew* that it was going to be too easy to overtake. Plus I beat @fatshadylive (temporarily)!

    *comment deleted*

    Last edited 30/04/14 9:43 pm

    Spend a lot less time on this one compared to the others, don't like this skill challenge as much.

    For anyone chasing a lower score than @aliasalpha I managed to get 300.387m

    I gave up at the 300m part just like the 100's of people who were on the same score as me XD

    Last edited 30/04/14 8:33 pm

    Indeed you are correct oh batguy.... I am here to promote much time chasing rather than personal prize winning, and as such intend on breaking many rules to negate winning (not that I will probably pull off something that that again anyway). I am looking forward to many further battles with the kotaku brethren, and yes, we shall take down FatShady!!!!!

      I took down Shady once. He responded by redoing it and posting the 20th fastest time globally for the track.

      I just keep quiet about it nowadays.

        Yes, crowing about it is a sure-fire way to lose your position. Which is why I said that I had beaten him temporarily above :)

    He is a bit like that...... Since I need his help to work out those extreme ridiculous obstacles he will never have to worry about being unwanted

    Level : Balancing Act
    Platform : PS4
    PSN : V410R3DHD
    SCORE : 432.238 m
    Proof :
    Comment : I love skill games! but I know, out of nowhere, I'm gonna lose again. And I am going to drown in my tears.

    Last edited 01/05/14 8:39 am

    Made it to 409.650 on this one

    I love this comp!

    Last edited 30/04/14 10:59 pm

      Aha, so this is Alexander Owl! Was very annoyed when I crashed at 405 and saw you just ahead....

    My best is pretty crap, but it's late, I'm tired and I've got work in the morning so it'll have to do.


    I don't like this. I really want to post my score, because I'm proud and all, but I don't want people to see it and then have that as the benchmark. =P

      Why, what did you get?

        It's just behind you, but luckily you ruled yourself out =P

        Xbox One

        I was going to post my replay but it's taking forever to upload.

          Oh, that was with the Baggie as well

            With the baggie? Damn, that's impressive, how did you get up the really steep surface just after the curved solar panel jump? The one that leads up to the next bit of natural ground

              Luck. I can get up to the curved panel jump 9 out of 10 times now. I made the jump you're talking about twice.

    Gave it my best go.
    639.644 M

    Not good enough I know but it did push me to better this level, without this comp I wouldnt of acheived this at all.

    Track: Balancing Act
    Distance: 392.799

    Alas, my best is not that great.... 410.5 is the best I can do. Thanks to everyone for another great day of trials!

    Gave it my best shot.
    639.644 M

      This really displeases me.
      EDIT : Thats 360. You aren't eligible, meaning uber wins.

      Last edited 01/05/14 4:59 pm

        Correct about the, i am using a Xbox 360. But can you tell me anywhere in the Terms and Conditions or on the How to Enter page, about where it says, you are ineligible if you use a version other than the Xbox One and or Playstation 4. It says, your prize will be a Xbox one or Playstation 4 copy. Therefore leading to the fact, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the PC are all eligible. But, you can only receive a prize for the Xbox One or Playstation 4.

      what bike and method did you use?
      I saw FatShady recommends the rabbit and taking it slow, but others say to get far you just power through with the roach

        Bike i used was the Roach. Method i took was kind of mixed. Some parts i took really fast and would full throttle it over, On some other parts i would take it fairly slow. I have been playing Trials now since the original game and have become quite good at it. Best advice i can give, is watch a few of the top replays and have a look at how they take certain ramps. Give them a try and you are bound to jump up a decent amount of ranks.

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