Off Topic: What Did You Do Over The Easter Weekend?

Welcome back to reality. This is the place where you toil. This is where your back and spirit will be broken. But for four days you were free, you ate chocolate crafted in the shape of bunnies, you sat on your arse and played video games. Or did you? YOU TELL ME?

My easter weekend was fun, but chaotic. Spent it with my in-laws in one house. Collectively we have six children all under the age of 4. Believe it. It is insanity. I can still hear the screams. I don't think there was a single waking (or possibly sleeping) second when there wasn't a child crying. It was crazy. Absolutely crazy.

I sort of had fun.

But I was also fighting a massive fever, which sucks. I also didn't get to play any video games, which is a shame because I really wanted to either finish off Dark Souls II or continue with Trials Evolution.

I did, however, get the chance to steam through some Attack on Titan. I had written this off after a couple of episodes, but now I'm about 13 episodes deep and absolutely loving it. Complete turnaround.

What did you get up to over the Easter Weekend?


    We spent the weekend at the in-laws. I ended up playing Luftrausers & everyone else played through Monument Valley at least one time each. My son had his first turn of the Wii, playing golf and bowling! Great for him to finally get to play more than Peppa Pig on the tablet. I also made a few Vine animations and ate one Easter egg.

      My daughter jumped right on her Easter iTunes money to get that monument valley! She's been talking about it for weeks!

        It's a great little game! Took my father-in-law a good few hours to get through. He usually just wants to use the Vita to play Strangers Wrath

    In-Laws, Cleaning, taking the kids places, in Sunday night though I moved my 360 to the other lounge with the smaller, newer TV (mostly to get noisy kids who now Skype their friends while playing online and maintain a volume equivalent to central train station out of the main lounge)

    The side effect of going to the LED TV though was suddenly every game looking a lot better!!

    That night (Sunday) I beat the Capra Demon without setting foot through the fog gate, got summoned to help fight the Gargoyles on the roof of the undead church (my first summon!) then used that success to pray at the altar of sunlight and finally get the lightning spear I've been slowly building up my faith to get!

    Currently my souls are at the bottom of Havel's tower awaiting their retrieval after a reckless attempt to take him out with the spear!

    Fishing, chocolate, screaming kids, digging waste water trenches, Diablo....then repeat the Diablo bit until you get black bags under your eyes.

    Because phat lootz, that's why.

    Bit of chocolate, bit of Lost Odyssey (might actually finish it this time around), bit of lunch with relatives.

    But mostly a lot of "fun" backing up a ZFS system where I keep VM images.

    Spent the weekend on the Murray river, hottubbing, quadbiking and a quick spot of hunting. Ate a couple of popping candy, jelly and chocolate button Easter eggs mmmm I love them. Hey serrels are you watching jones v teixeira on Sunday? I'm bloody excited

    After the housework was done and the garden had a quick clean up, it was Infamous time. First time in ages I've been able to sit and play for a good few hours.

    Finished the first play through 100%, now playing through again on expert as evil. 75% trophies so far, going for my first ever platinum.

    I ate chocolate too.

    I have a 5 week old, so needless to say he didn't put much screen time in :) I did however get a chance to make a bit more of a dent in my replay of ME1

    Spent Friday at a picnic chasing nieces and nephews around. Friday night caught up on Game of Thrones.

    Saturday went to karate training then had a hair cut then went shopping for a GPS then went and watched Grand Budapest Hotel (quality movie).

    Sunday had easter lunch with family then went home and watched the footy (Crows! Yeah!). Then squeezed in some Battlefield 4. The servers were actually working OK for a change so I played that until about 2am - gotta make the most of it when that game is actually in a playable state.

    Monday I went to the cinema again to watch Noah. Unfortunately once we got in there we realized they were showing it in a janitor's closet with about 5 rows of seats and a screen not much bigger than my TV at home. Not really the "big screen" experience I wanted to see that movie, so we left and got a refund and went home. Tried BF4 again but the servers were back to their usual shitful state, so back to Skyrim!

    And now I'm back at work. *sigh*

    Had my brother over from NZ and we jammed a fair bit of Titanfall. It was pretty good fun, but reminded me how much I miss MW2. I can't let go of that game. Also, rented a piece of crap car and did some exploring around Sydney, including a trip to Flip Out which never fails to impress me.

    Housework, family visits and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. Also on a whim decided to buy 2x Wii U pro controllers in preparation for Mario Kart 8 even though it's not due out for another month or so, but I figure I can get use to them on some other games until then.

    ESO pretty much every minute the Starladder IX finals weren't being cast. It was a good weekend indeed.

    Went camping with the folks up near Evan's Head. Had a great time, basically relaxed and did very little. Some of the walking tracks are pretty good, although we did manage to get lost on Ten Mile Beach for a good hour. Also found out that my phone tries to combine panoramas- I took one in the morning, with some kids playing on the beach, and another from the same place while on a walk with my folks, with the beach empty save for us. The result was one panorama with my parents in the foreground, looking over the beach where kids were playing... despite the three hour time difference.
    Got caught up on my reading, and lamented the fact that it would mark my second weekend in a row away from ESO. Everyone I started with is so far ahead now... :(

    Brother's birthday dinner Thursday night after spending the week in Whyalla. Friday was.......I'm not sure. I finished Darksiders 2 yesterday. Tried to get an LFR group in WoW that didn't suck for long enough to kill Garrosh, and failed. Prepped my list of pokemon that I still need to catch from past generations so that I can complete the Dex in X. Marvel movie-a-thon with a mate yesterday was great fun. Family over on Sunday for lunch. My 16 month old got his first lot of Easter chocolate too; hasn't had any yet though.

    Oh, and the Crows beat GWS.

    Was a good weekend.

    I had no family obligations over the holiday (for the first time ever) so I mainly stayed at home. There was an aborted attempt to go out on Saturday night that fell apart when one of the people my wife and I were meeting up with had an accident on the way to the venue.

    Other than that, we finished marathonning seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones and rewatched the latest episodes. I made a concerted effort to play through some of the games I've picked up on Steam either super cheap or part of bundles and post mini-reviews of them on twitter.

    I was incredibly impressed with Mark of the Ninja which I plan to keep on deck as my go-to replayable title. Stealth has never been quite this much fun!

    While we're on platformers, I LOVED Guacamelee... up until the first boss battle. It just stopped being fun, and while I get the point of boss battles and I could have beaten this one with a few more tries, all I could think was "if I get through this I'm just going to have to do at least two or three more" and decided to set it aside.

    Savant Ascent is like the divekick of platforming games, and while I got sick of playing it very quickly but it has an awesome soundtrack that kept me hooked in long after the gameplay appeal wore off.

    Syder arcade was an ok sidescrolling space shooter but not really worth sticking with.

    Type:Rider was a sidescrolling puzzle platformer that is basically Osmos with two balls instead of one. Started off dull and got duller. Dull dull dull. Pleasant atmosphere. Teaches you about typefaces, which I am sure someone somewhere finds interesting. Dull.

    I was conflicted on State of Decay. I think it's a great idea, with real-time mission structure like Dead Rising but with a heavier focus on resource gathering and survival. But there's a number of issues that make it difficult to play. Not in the "grr this game is too hard" way, but wrestling with the controls, stuff plain not working or not making sense. Excellent ideas, a flop in execution. Would be fantastic as a co-op multiplayer game, which I understand it was intended to be before they ran out of money and released as a single-player only. I might go back to it in the future with more patience if I run out of other things to do or I really need a survival/zombie fix.

    Blood Bowl was a huge miss for me. I get the appeal, and I'm sure I could invest hours in a football game with Humans vs. Orcs played like a turn-based RPG, but I just can't be bothered. Honestly it's just kind of too complicated and I don't see the point in learning how to play it effectively.

    Retro City Rampage was on sale for 99 cents and after playing it for about 20 minutes I think I'll call it even. I guess it's fun but just not my type of game, which is weird since it's like a cross between the old GTA games and Hotline Miami both of which I liked a fair bit.

    So that was my entire weekend.

    Sat on my arse and played FFV all day yesterday. Feasted and ate chocolate the other three days.

    I put together all the Journeyman Warcasters from the Kickstarter rewards (Elara was a nightmare).

    I powered on through State of Decay. Normally I dislike zombie games, but this one is great beacuse the focus isn't on how many zombies you can kill but all about survival (like they should be). We rarely get these games and we need more of them that are harder. I finished the game with my storage full and less then half the world explored with no characters dying.

    Also got back into Halo: Reach.

    I finished off Dark Souls 2, started watching Justified and Green Lantern the Animated Series, dismantled and moved a pool table, talked with a builder about walling off a room in the house to act as a study/media room and converting the garage into a granny flat, played some lego marvel super heroes, washed my bike and followed my housemate while he was out getting comfortable driving with his girlfriend

    Family stuff on the Friday and Sunday. Cleaning the house was also something that happened across the weekend also.

    Gaming only had a hour or so of Infamous (finished Good playthrough, but plenty of side missions to go) and Trails Fusion, nothing major this past weekend.

    This week will look to make a dent in the above games, but also Octodad!!! Need to charge the Move!

    Just before the Easter weekend, my girlfriend and I drove down to Canberra and visited her friends/relatives. Then we played board games with @blaghman.

    For the actual Easter weekend, I played Dota and Hearthstone.

    Started playing counter strike.

    Despite being a long term FPS player, I never played counter strike. Damn it is fun!

    Went to a friend’s place. We played Sopio, Sequence and Trivial Pursuit. First time I’ve played any of these games (I might have played Trivial Pursuit when I was a kid) and won all of them. I am so awesome.

    Yardwork. Trials Fusion. Yardwork. Infamous Second Son. Yardwork. Fret dressing. Yardwork.

    Went to South Korea. Saw the DMZ and some cool Samsung products including the curved UHD tvs and the dual view. Seoul is great, worth a visit if you get the chance.

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