Special Xbox 360 Controller Knows How You're Feeling

Special Xbox 360 Controller Knows How You're Feeling

We never did get that Nintendo Vitality Sensor (though the company is now working on something grander). A researcher at Stanford, however, has gone and done something similar, only for an Xbox 360 controller.

Gregory Kovacs, professor of electrical engineering at Stanford, worked with Texas Instruments (and his students) to develop the pad, which takes an existing 360 controller and through the addition of some plating lets it detect everything from the user's blood flow to their rate of breathing to their heart rate.

"If a player wants maximum engagement and excitement, we can measure when they are getting bored and, for example, introduce more zombies into the level," says Corey McCall, one of Kovacs' students. "We can also control the game for children. If parents are concerned that their children are getting too wrapped up in the game, we can tone it down or remind them that it's time for a healthy break."

Stanford engineers design video game controller that can sense players' emotions [Stanford]


    What does it do when people rage? There is no end to them online

    Why is this needed. I give it another 10 years and the Video Game Industry will be full of Gimmicky devices and Tech that will add unessesary cost to our allready expensive gaming habbit.

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