The Big Question: To Wait, Or Not To Wait

Some games have been pretty good lately about bringing out all versions at the same time, and gone are the days when the PC version was a horrible port. PC is back in the driver's seat, commanding the respect it deserves. But occasionally, such as with Dark Souls 2, we're forced to make a tough choice — do we play the game a month early, or wait for the "real" version?

My fate was sealed when I agreed to help Bandai Namco make a guide for the game, but even if that hadn't been the case, I don't think I'd have been able to take the agony of watching everyone else play what'll very likely be my Game of the Year for a month, with me waiting on the sidelines. That early period when everyone is adding to the wiki, and figuring out the mysteries of the land, is so special.

On the other hand, if it weren't for this particular game, my consoles (both of them) would be in the closet. It truly has to be a game I care about to dust one of them off and go through the painful process of updating everything and staging a living room coup at the expense of my flatmate. Much easier to wait until the Steam version comes out. Call me a fanboy, and yes it's still DRM, but I trust that platform with my cloud data and my experience a heck of a lot more than either of the couch boxes. Not to mention, dat GPU.

A tough choice, for someone on the fence. Oftentimes, not waiting can mean spending money on your part, but oftentimes, it's worth it. What do you do when this situation pops up? Jump in, or wait for an experience you deem to be more pure?


    Not owning a next gen console (since frankly I don't see the point), when I toss up PS3 graphics vs PC graphics, I'll wait for the PC version every time. Hell, once I've installed DSFix, I still prefer the PC version of Dark Souls to the PS3 version

    If going by the sole reason of waiting for the "real" PC version, how can I play it when my PC has trouble running Dawn of War and my laptop has no graphics card?

    Also I've been put off PC gaming for a couple of years due to their elitist attitudes.

      Deserved elitist attitudes! MMMMMASSSTERRRRR RRAAAAAAAAAACE!
      Upgrade brother, and transcend the limitations of the console heathens.
      BLAME them for the artificial and unwieldy compromises to console hardware forced into the glorious master race's software, and the inexplicable delays in launches.

    Who cares, DS2 port is confirmed shitty (once again) by the devs themselves. :S

      Where'd you hear that? Last I heard the dev's only said that they had to make a compromise on the graphics and that they're still very proud of it. That's true of the console releases regardless of whether the PC version sports all the bells and whistles.

      I'm hoping that them saying that the PC is their lead platform ends up holding water.

        The devs said they had to make compromises on the console version to make it run, which is understandable. But then there was a second announcement, that the PC version needs some compromises. WTF.

          Noooo! Do you have a link? I know they removed the prettier screenshots off the Steam store page, but I was still hoping that the PC version would live up to the pre-release footage.

            Link is buried somewhere in the TAY pages. :( No one can make sense of it.

            @transientmind posted it

            Last edited 02/04/14 12:16 pm

            It was just the removal of the prettier screenshots, as far as I saw. So, just speculation.

            Pros: No changes to the press-release statements advising of up to 4k resolution. Higher file size indicates likelihood of higher-res textures.

            Cons: Selective removal of screenshots would indicate (but not prove) absence of the darker, dynamic lighting system on show in the tech/press demos leading up to release.

    I almost always wait. I'm actually waiting on PC GTA V, even though it hasn't been announced yet.

    I tried waiting on PC Red Dead Redemption, but gave up eventually and got it on 360, but I'd pick it up again if it ever hits PC.

      Well you may just have to go the route of RDR, since the area manager here for EB I was chatting with the other week is certain that GTA V isn't getting a PC or next gen release like everyone keeps speculating. I'll be honest, by now in the past we've always heard word on a PC version of GTA or it has been out by now.. So it kinda looks like Rockstar isn't bothering.

        That sucks if it's true, but I would bet my lucky brass button that GTA V will get a simultaneous Next Gen and PC release. Like a lot of games that came out at the end of last generation, it's money on the table if they just port it over to next gen with the DLC and a few extra graphical bumps. They might hold back the PC release until the next-gen one is polished up, or until all the DLC has dropped, but I have faith it will come out eventually.

    I buy very, very few games on release anyway. It's disappointing though that a game like Darksouls 2 would be delayed on one of the platforms, given that the community nutting things out together is so integral to the experience for many fans.

    I'm still waiting, but it seems like everyone else who wanted to get the PC version ended up getting it on consoles :P.

    I was going to do this but remembered I still had Lightning Returns to finish off and FFX/X-2 would be releasing shortly after. As much as I wanted to play the game I thought I could wait a bit longer rather than buying two versions of it. I don't have anything against the consoles but I just prefer to play games on PC.

    Trials Fusion is delayed on PC as well and even though it's only a week its original release would've been great timing. Now I've got Trials Fusion, Child of Light and Dark Souls II all coming out close to each other >_>

    I'm fine with waiting, because I take ages to get around to playing games I've bought. Still got Rayman Legends sitting there from when it came out, and Mario 3D World too :P But then I got into DKTF within a week of picking that up.

    Bit of a loaded question, since I myself prefer the comforts of the console/lounge room/couch environment anyways. Even if it was a simultaneous release I'd most likely go console.

    I have no self control. I bought Arkham City on 360 because I couldn't wait. I bought Dark Souls 2 on release despite having a paid off collector's edition for PC waiting for me down the line.

    I think the bonus you get from playing through with other people at the same time is worth far more than any platform's other advantages.

    I'm waiting for Xbone/PS4 versions for most things like e.g. Dark Souls II. Figure that by the time I get around to buying the console, the game I want will be available too! In the mean time - pile of shame!

    I always try to go for the PC version.

    I can control what hardware I use and with a bit of tinkering my modern PC can still run games from decades ago. Plus the games are cheaper (I've ordered Dark Souls II for $40)

    After having 1 PS3 and 2 360's die on me last gen I'll still buy console games but only exclusives. At least if a PC part breaks I can replace and upgrade at the same time.

    I wouldn't wait but it's too expensive to buy games at retail price. And if you import it, you have to wait two weeks and at that point it can't hurt to wait two more.

    Dark Souls 2 is the closest I'm coming to caving in and buying the console version.

    I'll wait. I feel fortunate in that I moved to PC gaming around the time simultaneous releases started becoming more commonplace. Only exception I've had so far is AC4 (which I caved cos I didn't want to wait for the PS4 version) and Dark Souls 2 (which I'm getting increasingly worried about, considering they've removed the high-quality screenshots from the Steam page, and can't seem to give a straight answer about why). That said, D3:RoS, ESO and Rocksmith are keeping me busy enough that waiting for DS2 isn't really that big of a deal.

    I was going to wait, but I caved when they gimped the PC collectors edition by removing the figure. I'll just pick up the PC version in a few months when its $10 on Steam.

    Why wait.
    Games are to be enjoyed and letting platform bias rule your decision only limits you.

      But I get more enjoyment from more Ps. 2160p or nothing!

        That's cool.
        I will enjoy that and a number of other choices too. I like gaming, not platforming

    I'm waiting till I finish Dark Souls 1 (might take a while) but two things:

    I've been watching a few LP vids of DS2, the game is a vast graphical leap over the first one on my 360.

    Also it's made for a controller - so there's that reason to get it on console

    Still I figure by the time I finish the first one they might have ported the game over to Next Gen in time for me to decide on a shiny new console!

      Most PC games automatically work with a 360 controller now.

    I'm double dipping, the souls games are worth it.
    Anything else... meh wait for PC

    I'm waiting for the PC version, but only because I promised my friend I'll be getting it on the PC with him. Otherwise I'd have bought the PS3 version day one :p

    It''s probably a good thing, since during this time I got the chance to finish Guacamelee and Dust from the Humble Bundle

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