There Will Be A World Pokemon Championship, With Australian Qualifiers

Wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? Will you travel across the land, searching far and wide? Each Pokemon to understand, the power that's inside? Well you might want to take part in the Pokemon world championships this August and to do that, you must take part in the Australian qualifiers.

The Pokemon world championships are a pretty big deal. First you must take part in one of the regional event, which take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland. If you make it through that gauntlet only then can you try out for the Australian National Championships.

Then of course, if you take out the National Championships it's on to Washington DC, on 16-17 of August to beat the world baby!

Winners of the regionals will receive a grant to play at the Nationals and, of course, the winner of the national tournie will get a paid trip to the US.

The specific dates for the Australian tournaments have yet to be announced yet, but you can follow the recently created Nintendo Australia Facebook and Twitter page for information.


    I might be interested in watching, but I've never been good at the battling aspect of the game.
    I've always amused myself more with setting out to catch all the legendaries with premier balls, and silly things like that.

      catch all the legendaries with premier balls I doubt Campbell Newman will be very effective at catching Pokemon.

    Hmm. i think i need to take my little bro to this he loves battling and has some awesome strategies. I might even throw my hat in the ring (and get thrown out immediately)

    Got any actual details about this event as i dont have a facedbook or a twerter account to view the links
    I'd be interested to watch the Syd Tourney cause im not entirely sure what it is

    I'm fairly certain this will be a bring 6 choose 4 2v2 battle, like their previous championship. It doesn't follow the Smogon ruleset of banned moves/Pokemon though, but the big hitting legendaries like Mewtwo and Xerneas will be banned. In fact I think any Pokemon you can't catch in X/Y will be banned.

      If it follows the generic rules I've seen for Gen 6 tournaments so far, it'll be Kalos dex (excluding legendaries), Kalos bred/caught (no transfers from earlier games). Only one of any 'mon and only one of any item. I think that's pretty much it.
      Also recommended not to use any trades since they do hack checks.

    I read the entire article in tune to the Pokemon anime theme.

    The NSW championships before PAX last year were held at Luna Park last year, and it wouldn't surprise me to hear that they're going to use the same venue.
    I worked it, and the Nintendo guys were awesome. Easiest crowd ever.

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