Waste Time With This Browser-Based Maths Puzzler

One of the best games from the Cyberpunk Jam last month is online as a browser game, and you can play it now.

NeuroIDE demands (demands!) that you connect A sockets to C sockets, using the appropriate B. That involves combining numbers in different ways to achieve the correct results, using different mathematical signs. Once you've got that down, it'll show you how you're wrong, because your solution needs to apply to multiple dimensions, not just the one.

It's good for a small session, and won't tax your brain a crazy amount. Just the right level for the end of the day. You can play it here.

In fact, a lot of the games are playable, so why not check them out too?


    This looks a lot like SpaceChem, but the complexity hits a wall sooner.

      Thanks for a compilment! Yeah, game lacks big amount of good challenging levels, mostly because of jam's deadline. That's why after only few levels after tutorial it stomps player to the ground with some hardcore math stuff. :D

        Good job in the deadline! Was the gameplay inspired by SpaceChem at all?

          Thank you! I'm a big fan of SpaceChem, so, yeah, NeuroIDE was designed with SpaceChem in mind. I didn't have plans to clone it (and it wasn't cloned), it just gives me confidence that games, that require some hardcore brainwork can be interesting to people and how simple (yet challenging) game mechanics can be. :)

        I thought the challenge was decent though, really hope you add more levels though :D

          Thank you. I'll see, maybe I'll try to make something big out of this prototype. :)

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