Get Games' Get Loaded Sale Offering 10 Sega Games For $US30

Steam might be stealing all the super-sale fanfare with its Star Wars-themed bonanza, however, there are other worthwhile discounts hiding out on the internet, if you're willing to go look for them. Take Get Games' Sega-filled "Get Loaded" sale, which features a bunch of solid titles from the publisher with prices based on the number you buy.

The way the sale works is that the more games you buy, the cheaper they get, though you have to purchase in lots of two, four or ten, with each game costing $US6, $US4.5 and $US3 respectively.

Considering most of the games worth having (anything prefixed with "Total War", Condemned and the Alien vs Predator collection, to name a few) easily fit into the "selection of ten" category, you shouldn't have any problems picking up what you want.

Get Loaded is up for another 59 hours — at the time of writing — so you have plenty of time to contemplate just how much you won't be making Aliens: Colonial Marines one of your choices.

Get Loaded [Get Games, via GG3]


    Also guys don't forget Green Man Gaming has a Rockstar Sale on as well...

    Same as only one game. but it only lets you check out with either 2, 4 or 10

    It is a shame you cant pick the same game twice. I only want 2 copies sonic racing transformed

    Would be good if I didn't own all these >.< The wallet vacuum has been in effect for too long.

    Hell Yeah! is an awesome platformer with tongue-in-cheek stuffs.

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