JB Hi-Fi Is Taking 20% Off All Games Until Sunday

Just a little public service announcement: from today JB Hi-Fi is having a big sale, taking 20% off all games.

The deal doesn't include consoles or pre-owned games. Game cards and other types of hardware are excluded also. But still, that's still well worth investigating for anyone interested in some Thursday late night shopping.

Also worth investigating? The fact that Microsoft appears to be giving away a free download code for Forza Motorsport 5 to those who pre-order one of those new Kinect-free Xbox Ones. That's a pretty great deal also.

The big sale ends Sunday.


    anything new coming out worth mentioning today until Sunday that would be good to pick up?

      If you have not got it already. I recommend Titanfall. Its a few months old now. But it can be very addictive. Also South Park: Stick of Truth is good value at its current price, unfortunately its downfalls are that there is no multiplayer and once you finish the main story there isn't much to do at all in the game.

    Thanks Mark! Browsing their online games selection now so that I know what to grab tonight xD


    I can't even remember if there's anything I want at all that I don't already have.

    Aww nooooooo... I just closed down some tempting online buys after telling myself I needed to save and being all proud of myself. Why you gotta try and break me T_T

    Hey can we use this for pre-orders?

    EDIT: Nope, doesn't look like it. Prices 'as marked' online and Watch_Dogs is still $89.

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      Yeah I just checked. It specifically excludes pre-orders. I was thinking the same thing.

    Do people still pre-order such things as download the free game and then cancel the pre-order? Have JB figured out a way to discourage this?

    Might pick up a copy of Trials Fusion this evening. I've seen some fantastic creations of tracks on youtube and wouldn't mind trying it out :)

    #gamingcoverage #jernalizm

    Should apply to 2 for $40 pile too, making it two for $32. Awesome.

    Might pick up Mario 3D world.

      Same, and I don't even have a Wii U (yet).

        Still makes sense. It’s not like Nintendo ever drop their prices so a sale like this is likely the only way you’re getting a Mario game for any less than premium.

        No 3D worlds at The Strand JB Hi-Fi. They either sold out (I'll be surprised tbh) or they're hiding them.

          I got mine at North Sydney. Might be worth it to ask the staff. A few weeks ago I was after Zelda ALBW, there were none on the shelves, but they had two hidden in the drawers.

    Bravely Default for $43? Done!

      Good call. Also Zelda: A Link to the Past for $43.

    Please have SOME Vita games in stock... please!

    I've been thinking of buying one or two of those X-COM games on PS3...

      If you have PS+, XCOM is currently free this month. I downloaded it and have been thoroughly impressed so I'll probably buy it eventually.

        Why would you need to buy it, don't you get to keep it unless you stop subscribing to PS+?

          I usually buy things I enjoy to support whoever made it. I do the same with TV shows like GoT. Download it weekly but then purchase the blu-ray when it's released.

          Plus, I prefer physical copies of my games :P

            Fair enough, I'm the same way with many TV shows, I just figured if it's offered as a free bonus then Sony has probably already taken core of the "paying for it" part. I'm sure they won't begrudge you slinging them a few extra bucks though!

      Also the standalone Enemy Within Expansion is on sale on the PSN store at the moment for about $12, good times.

    Wha, just checked the NZ JBHIFI site, no deal :'(

    Minecraft PS3 for $19.98? I anticipate some father/son bonding time this weekend :-)

    Last edited 15/05/14 4:27 pm

      Also been wanting to grab this badly, but torn between waiting for the PS4 / VIta versions

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