Off Topic: What Adorns Your Gaming Space?

Some of us can be quite ritualistic when it comes to gaming. There's no right or wrong way to do things, and certainly some are lucky just to fit in some dual-stick time in between dealing with screaming kids and other chores, but others take the time to make their gaming space sacred. I want to hear what you've got near you when you play, and what means most to you.

For starters, I have a limited edition print of a Sister of Battle, made for the release of Dawn of War: SoulStorm. It's pretty cool, though a bit tainted by the fact that I view SoulStorm as the expansion that kind of ruined the game.

Next to that is a print of Super Meat Boy envisioned as a comic book hero, by artist Dave Rapoza. The badass nature of which is self-explanatory:

I don't play Super Meat Boy anymore, but it ranks among one of my best gaming experiences, and having the print around constantly reminds me of it. Rapoza also did a really cool stream showing its creation.

Other than that, it's a few Nintendo plushies like Mario, Toad, and Yoshi, as well as Sackboy. And if we're including not-so-gaming-related things, a few bits of Bruce Lee paraphernalia. I wish I had more, and it's one of life's greatest tragedies that Dark Souls merchandise isn't a thing. Or maybe it's a good thing. I'd have no money.

What about you? What do you keep near you, and what's the story behind it?

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    A whole bunch of pointless figurines and collectables. Including the limited edition Halo: Reach Noble Team figurine. I even have that Master Chief large figurine collectable that I once found a Huntsman inside. I also managed to snag the limited edition Mortal Kombat 9 bookcase figurines during a time it was illegal.

    I also have a collection of artbooks.

    Nothing really however i have this stupid thing where i have to be close to the tv whenever i am playing (think it goes back to when i was a kid and the tv was less than a metre away from my bed.). Sadly our lounge is not placed in a position where a chair is close so i have to stand or sit on our coffee table. Although if i could have my dream gaming room it would have to have a giant NBA 2k poster and a lot of MGS stuff.

      I'm the same. Got a 55" LCD and I pull a chair right up in front of it. I think it goes back to playing a commodore 64 on a tiny black and white in my bedroom.

        Or bad eyesight. :P

          well yes i do have bad eyesight even with my glasses i struggle to see at a distant.......Although thinking about it i only really struggle with sports titles i can play racing games and other things without being close....

    Action figures, plushies, headphones and controllers along with some promo stuff stuck on the wall . and a pillow to stop my head getting caved in from my windowsil behind my gaming throne (bed).
    Also bonus Playstation Camera stuck on the wall as it's not a happy bunny with my 120" projector screen. (projector is sitting on literally every non-game gaming related box I have)

    it's cosy and ridiculous.

    Just my game collection on the shelf and the poster maps of GTA 4, Skyrim, Oblivion and GTA: SA. Bit disappointed that I'll miss out the on the Watch Dogs map because 'I didn't get the right version'

    I don't really have a proper gaming space right now, but when I did it was mainly shelves of games, consoles and some figures.

    I have a lot of clutter but I don't really go for decorating my gaming space (PC and consoles are next to each other) so the things I do keep near me are practical items such as: Remotes, tablet (for quick help searches), controllers, wireless keyboard (hooked up to the PS3) and a bunch of charging cables. About the only "fun" thing I have is a robot clock so I can keep track of the time without needing to look down at my watch. Oh wait, I do have a couple of Ninjago models as well now.

    I have all my games on display in a bookcase. On the different shelves I have those little collectible statues and crap from Assassin's Creed and Gran Turismo. As well as some sports stuff like the 2014 Brazil World Cup ball, F1 car model, and two football club scarves hanging from the top of the case.

    Hoping to get add a free standing shelf at some point so the sporting memorabilia and gaming collectibles can be more on display.

    I have all my older consoles on a shelf, with some other various things from games (like my ocarina from ocarina of time on the 3ds)

    I am quickly running out of space though

    My gaming room is my lounge room but it looks like a regular lounge room with consoles set up and controllers on the coffee table. I like to game while sitting in a recliner.

    I do have some framed gaming posters up around the house but I try to pick stuff that looks like regular artwork or something scenic so that other gamers would recongise it but non-gamers would just think it's strange art or scenery.

    The exception is my home office which I have geeked out, I have my retro consoles and games out on shelves, a couple of framed zelda posters and a street fighter poster, figurines etc. I guess I like to make my work area more fun.

      you have to do something to make work more fun

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    Dark Souls 2 statue, and a custom-made Dark Souls bonfire figure. That's it.

      Pic of the bonfire please. Did you make it yourself?

        By this guy.

        Sorry for your wallet.

        Edit: I asked if he would consider making just the bonfire (like the one in the Elite Knight statue), and he sent it to me for somewhere around $60, I think (that number might be wrong), but included some flames with it. It's so awesome.

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    1 week of dirty dishes, receipts, envelopes with unpaid bills, an assortment of odd cables, a chip packet or 2, a half dozen empty beer bottles and a small army of coke cans...
    and a cat

      and a cat
      called Modigliana, shes fluffy but shes tough.

        called Modigliana, shes fluffy but shes tough.

        Was that a Ferals reference?

        Better, he is called Lex, and if I am in a position to acquire another, it will be called Zod. I will breed an army of Superman villains, I may even steal 40 cakes

          That's as many as four tens!

            And that's terrible.

              He is like the richest guy in metropolis, you would think he could just buy 40 cakes

    Nothing. I'm not in a position yet to have a gaming 'space', so it's either the loungeroom or my room with PC.

    Everything, unfortunately my gaming room is also my bedroom. I have a few gaming statues, Max Payne is a bit warpped from some hot weather we had earlier in the year, I have a Aliens: Colonial Marines Powerloader statue (the game sucked but that statue is awesome) and most recently (as in this morning) my Aiden Pierce statue from the Ded_Sec edition of Watch Dogs.

    Don't Forget my Duke Nukem bust from the Balls of Steel edition of DNF.

    LEGO!!! whole bunch of star wars LEGO.... And all my collectors editions... And a portal gun because awesome... Also have a small 14' crt tv for the Atari that gets fired up when i feel nostalgic

      I have the LEGO Death Star on top of my filing cabinet next to the TV :-)

    I've got statue of the Death's mask from the Darksiders 2 limited edition and that's really about it. Rest of my desk is used for my PC and sound system =]

    My PC, some gaming related figures, a display cupboard full of Warhammer and WRC models, my WRC volunteers T-shirt signed by Seb Loeb and Ken Block and a poster of Colin McRae.
    Unfortunately there's also a fold out bed for when we have family visit, meaning my late night/early morning gaming session's sometimes can't happen.

    Empty wine bottles, a wine glass or two, tools, screws and bits of computers.

    My "gaming space" is my loungeroom, because my wife loves gaming and nerdy stuff as much as I do and lets me get away with it. Atop our DVD/game shelves are a number of figurines, the most prominent of which are my Bioshock Big Daddy, FFX Rikku, Fallout 3 Bobblehead and Lunchbox, South Park: Stick of Truth Cartman/Wizard, Halo: Reach Noble Team and a Macfarlane toys "The Crow" based on Brandon Lee's version of the character which has never been capable of standing independently in the 14 years I've owned the bloody thing, the only nerdy collectible my wife truly hates.

    On the walls are a variety of Rooster Teeth posters: one of each of the main characters from the Red vs. Blue series, as well as the Achievement Hunter "boy band" poster and "surgeon simulator" poster. I'll soon be adding their special poster from Operation Supply Drop as well as the one for Achievement Hunter's GTAV-inspired "Fake AH Crew".

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    I had a huge Metroid Prime Hunters poster that I snagged from EB when they were cleaning out the display way back when. Also one of those large cardboard box things for it too. Just because I thought they looked cool (think I could have got some Corruption stuff at some point, but they didn't look as good). That's kind of lost its place on the wall and now the only poster I still have up is for House of the Dead: Overkill. But now I've got all my games stacked up in a shelving unit, and one of them has a cabinet full of figurines and other assorted crap.

    my Gaming space is also my Bedroom :) haha so appart from the bed and wardrobe i have the following.

    2 Cubed shelving systems

    first shelving system

    - Collectors edition WoW: Cataclysm
    - Collectors edition WoW: MoP
    - Collectors edition Starcraft 2: HoTs
    - Collectors edition Diablo 3: RoS
    - A song of Ice and Fire, Complete set of books (factory sealed box set)
    - Boxed Original Gameboy pocket Star Wars edition
    - Pocket Monsters Mirdori (Green) Japanese Factory sealed
    - Pokemon Anime Boxset (Kanto special edition)
    -Xbox One Console
    - Assassins Creed 4: Collectors edition Edward Kenway statue.
    - Blizzard art book (Large 200+ Page)

    Second Shelf
    - About 100 Black Label PS1 Games all in The original large cases

    Third Shelf
    - about 150 Black Label PS1 games in original Slim cases

    Last Shelf
    - 50 SNES games (no boxes cart only)
    - 25 Super Famicom Games (No boxes cart only)
    - Original Japanese Famicom Console (No Games for the system)
    - 6 different Gameboy color / Advance variants
    - 2 Complete Pokemon card sets in folders (Plasma Freeze complete & X-Y Complete)
    - Mylar bagged Comics (cant remember them all right now)
    - boxed copies on assorted PC Games (wow, Wow:BC, WoW: WotLK, Half Life 2, Warcraft 3)
    - all issues of WoW magazine
    - assorted Sonic Comics (80's Archies comics)

    Between the 2 shelves is 4 DVD racks with about 300 assorted xbox360, ps3, XBone, PC Games. with a boxed copy of the Pokemon series 1 Manga on top

    Second Shelving system

    Top Shelf
    - 60 Inch Plasma
    - Nintendo WiiU console

    Second Shelf
    - Boxed collectors eddition Final Fantasy 14 online (PC and PS3)
    - Boxed Bandai Wondersan Colour Final Fantasy Eddition
    - Unboxed Bandai Wonderswan crystal
    - PS2
    - PS3
    - Sega Saturn

    Third Shelf
    - WoW Collectible Figures
    - Sega Dreamcast
    - 50+ Assorted PS2 Games
    - 50+ Assorted Original Xbox Games
    -10-15 assorted BluRay Movies
    - Complete seasons 1-5 Pokemon Anime DVD sets
    - Complete season 1-2 DragonBall DVD box sets

    Bottom Shelf
    - SNES
    - Super Famicom
    - Japanese PC-Engine with Cd unit
    - Sega MegaDrive
    - Apple Mac Mini (media Center)
    -Assorted Gaming books etc

    Side Table
    - Assorted Wow figures
    - WiiU controller Dock

    Back Wall
    - Legend of Zelda - Stained Glass window wall decals x3
    - wall mounted Legend of Zelda Master Sword

    wardrobe stuffed full of gaming related crap and games for most of my systems except for the original Famicom. got a few boxed systems like Japanese Hello Kitty Dreamcast and Sega CD etc.

    got more around the place but cant remember it all around the house right now.

    Ohh and a Time Crisis Machine set up in the entertainment area of the back yard.

    This be my gaming space:

    1) All my PS2, PS3, and PS4 games. Also included is the Zelda 3DS game case that came with Link Between Worlds, the Mario 3DS holder, Mario hat-shaped 3DS case, and a bunch of game art books with Portal bookends. Assassin's Creed Black Flag mug, and coin box that makes the coin sound from Mario Bros. whenever you drop money in it.

    2) Computer corner with a bunch of Left 4 Dead posters, framed Bioshock Dr. Steinman lithograph and some of my smaller limited editions. Sick-ass Lego Unimog, boxed PC games hidden behind my chair, and my Samus figurine given to me for my birthday.

    3) My bigger fancy editions and rad Cave Johnson picture that talks when you either walk past or push it. Computer corner is to the left.

    4) My Nintendo shelf. SNES games up top, followed by N64, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, DS and 3DS, Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U down the bottom.

    5) TV and consoles. Pictured are my NES, SNES, Gamecube, N64, Wii, Wii U, PS2, PS3, and PS4. All of them link into the Sony KDL-55W900A TV via the receiver - recently replaced a 7-year old TV. Sound comes through the B&W speaker set. Everything internettable is connected to my HP Procurve gigabit switch. Assorted things in the Besser block speaker stands. Painted cherry red to make them faster. Yoshi's Island and Super Metroid posters on door.

    6) Possibly my favourite thing in my room. My friend did this rad line art picture of Majora's Mask for me using fine liner, since I love that game so much. Got it framed and hung it up behind the TV so I can see it from everywhere.

    My gaming desk is adorned with... paper, covered with seemingly random scrawlings of things I felt I needed to remember. Sad thing is, every time I need to write something down, I've got so much paper on my desk that you'd think there'd be a blank spot on one sheet to quickly jot something down, right? Wrong. So I get a new sheet... and the pile grows...
    All my collectors edition statues and game boxes are on shelves by the TV, on the other side of the room. Except for Songbird and Molag Bal, who guard my uni degree. Read into that whatever you wish...

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