Tell Us Dammit: Which Game Do You Disagree With Everyone On?

Along the course of our life-long gaming careers, there’s a good chance we’ve had a game that we just plain don’t agree with the rest of our friends on. Possibly even the rest of the internet. For me, that game is Watch Dogs.

When I first heard about Watch Dogs, I was excited. I’m a nut for the surveillance scandals, you see. Pre-Snowden, people would have called me a conspiracy theorist, even though it was already known that governments were collecting calls and metadata en masse. Hell, I was working at Telstra when they installed the boxes.

So the concept of Watch Dogs is right up my alley. What isn’t is the gameplay. The first time I saw the game, at E3, I instantly wasn’t impressed. I walked out of that demo a curmudgeon, whereas everyone else was smiling ear-to-ear with excitement.

In the demo, there were two kinds of gameplay. There was a scene in which you hacked a camera and could see into the room of the person you were talking to on the phone, and you had to guide this person, a la Morpheus guiding Neo in the Matrix, so they wouldn’t get caught by pursuers. That was actual gameplay, and I was encouraged by that.

Then, there was the “Press X to hack” gameplay, which is interacting with the city in the most shallow way possible. No puzzle solving, no dexterity, no timing… Just Press X To Hack, in a city where the solution to every problem is to hack.

It also strikes me that, similar to the first Assassin's Creed trailer, the hype for this game makes it seem like anything is possible. When, in reality, it's likely that there are a handful of things possible. A handful of city hacks to use in interesting ways, just as there are a handful of ways to evade guards in Desmond's DNA memory.

But in every conversation I’ve had, on podcasts, on the street, online, everyone disagrees with me. I’m not saying “You shouldn’t be having fun with this game” or anything — go nuts. I just don’t get it. Not my cup o’ tea. I was even over a friend's place the other night and saw multiplayer being played. Everyone was riveted by it. To me it seemed dull.

Do you have any games everyone disagrees with you on? Are you a part of any circles in which you can’t join in the reindeer games, because their poison of choice just irks you? What game would you love to love, but just can't bring yourself to do it?


    Dark Souls. *folds arms stubbornly*

      The Last of Us *folds arms*

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        And yet we're the best of pals and the worst of enemies!

          I haven't played either of them, but I won't say no to some stubborn arm folding. *Joins in with the stubborn arm folding*.

            I'm up for the arm folding, just not the stubborn part
            *folds arms kinda casually*

              Is it okay if I just wave my arms like this?

              **waves arms above head like a lilly in the breeze**



                *Rubs nose.*

                  I'm SOOOO sorry! Does your pain pain need a kiss kiss?

                  (I got kids, they love this)

                  @rowan: No.... But you might.

                  *Turns out Rowan's waving knocked over the frappachino belonging to a professional wrester next to him.*

                  Wrester: "GRRRRRRRRRR!"

        Agree with both of you. Don't get them at all *joins the stubborn arm folding*

        Agreed on The Last of Us. It's not a bad game, but is sure as hell isn't the mature, ground breaking story experience everyone makes it out to be. It's a zombie apocalypse story and it hits all the expected story points of a zombie story.

        Also I tend to react badly to obvious emotional hooks, and The Last of Us' emotional hooks couldn't be more obvious if they had a giant pink buzzing neon sign strapped to them.

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      I'm with D.C. Dark Souls, I get lots of people love it but I can't seem to acquire a taste for it.

    Mine is Minecraft. I just don't "get it".

      Me too.
      Same with all the other "make your own fun" games like Terraria.

        I've actually got that, bought it cheap when it was on sale on XBLA in my quest to own every XBLA and PSN game available. Had no idea what it was about.

        I like Minecraft but not Terraria. The interface for Terraria just doesn't make a lot of sense and while I've seen some cool stuff done in playthroughs I just don't see the point of playing a game that's basically Minecraft in 2D. And since starbound is just Terraria+, I don't see the point of that either.

    The whole Metroid series can suck my balls. Oh and Final Fantasy as well.


    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is the best PoP game ever created despite its flaws!

      I thought I was the only one! They may have made some strange presentation decisions, but on the design front... man is it a brilliantly designed game. Especially, the way the paths through the world loop and cross, and through different points in time, is just spectacular. I love it!

        It's still the best, most deep fighting system I have ever seen in a game and I'm annoyed nobody has tried to replicate it.

      Yes Warrior Within. Damn, what a game! Just when you thought it was over, you realise there's still half a game left. The tone of the story was really awesome. The music was a bit of a misstep though.

      The Two Thrones felt like some sort of cruel joke when it was released. Such an amazingly huge step down.

        The Two Thrones was fine, but it seems like because of Warrior Within (or rather the reception) that they were afraid to take the risks that they wanted to. So they kinda went half way.

        Then they made a reboot to tell a new story. But because of all the complaints that were usually simplified to, "It's not Sands of Time", they decided to go back and make a midquel in the form of the Forgotten Sands. Which was such a huge repeat of Sands of Time that not only did it feel like a waste of time, but I actually had to look up the title because the game was so forgetable.

    I could never get into the Assassins Creed games. Whilst I loved the idea, I just found the gameplay so stale with vary little variation. As someone who finds every iteration of Dynasty Warriors as being endlessly fun, I somehow got bored of the repetitiveness of Assassins Creed :S

    Also; I saw Watch Dogs, decided though it looked kinda fun, it wasn't/isn't a game I'll be picking up. Well...Maybe when it's like $2 on steam some time in the future on a it can sit in my catalogue and collect dust like all my other AAA titles... >.>

    Mirror's Edge. *Don's crash helmet.*

      I actually rate Mirror's Edge in my top 10, if not top 5, games of all time. I just enjoyed the experience of it so much, and must have replayed it 5 or 6 times from front to back. No game has really matched the tone or play of Mirror's Edge.

    Funnily enough, both Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Could not get into them at all. Which is a shame because I really enjoyed the RPGs they've done before.

      Oooh, I thought you and Dragon Age would've been the best of pals! I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANY MORE!

        I got spoiled by the Witcher series. Bioware's faux morality system is kinda immature in comparison and the story just struck me as average.

          I think the morality thing was exciting when they first did it. ME series just continued it because it was still popular when they did the first one and were sort of obligated to continue it. I'll be surprised if they don't do a massive overhaul in future games though.

      Which instalment of Mass Effect? For me, ME3 was a joke as any choice I made in the first two games were only respected if it aligned with what the writers of the final game had decided. Everything else was either not considered or deemed obsolete if there was a conflict with the books or comics.

        I tried getting in right at the start and I just found it bland. I know that the ME2 improved on everything but it feels bad to jump ahead to the direct sequel without playing the original.

          Yes and no. The choice system remained and the removal of the Mako was welcome (considering using it was the same as trying to drive a semi after 12 pints of Guinness).

          But the mission based approach made the levels feel very small and the mining for minerals felt a huge step down to the space exploration the first game had.

          But that's just me.

          I played 2 first, because I'm a cheapskate and saw it had better reviews, and I'm glad I did because I wouldn't have played after 1. 1 has qualities but the gameplay's just average, which you can forgive when you've been spoilt with the story in 2/3.

          ME2 is one of the best games I've played. Loved it.

          I'm just curious, how far did you get? The interesting thing about the first Mass Effect is that, and I'm not even sure if this was intentional, the first visit to the Citadel is acts as a semi-optional tutorial for the lore. It teaches you everything you'd know if you lived in that universe. That way when you get out of the Citadel and into the main game most players already speak the Mass Effect language so they rarely need to slow down the action with exposition.
          It sets a player up with the knowledge to just say 'Go chase that suspicious looking Krogan!' instead of 'Go chase that suspicious looking Krogan... and just in case you forgot even though you grew up in a universe full of them, the Krogans are the big lizardy thug looking guys'. The smart thing is that they know a lot of that info is important to guys like me, but other people are perfectly happy not knowing what a VI is or are fine to learn it later when it's relevant. So a lot of the information comes in the form of additional questioning. I'll ask every option because that's how I play these sorts of games, but others will be happy to stick to just the core line of conversation.

          It's really nice when it works but I feel like they made it too slow. Coupled with the slow navigation of the Citadel in general (those damn elevators) it causes people to form an opinion of the game before they leave the Citadel and dig into full game. That's totally understandable but it's a shame because I really think they're missing out. At the very least it's an interesting attempt to tackle the age old sci-fi problem of how do you teach a viewer/player/reader all the important rules and references they'll need to know in order to follow/enjoy the story without just having someone look directly down the camera and dump an overwhelming amount of minor details on them.
          That's probably the biggest reason to power through Mass Effect before moving on to Mass Effect 2, although you can just pick up and play Mass Effect 2. Also on a personal level knowing the group Cerberus from small interactions and bits of information gathered in Mass Effect made the opening half hour of Mass Effect 2 mind blowing. It was one of those moments where my reaction and my characters reaction were completely in sync.

      I agree on Dragon Age

        What about Dragon Age 2?

        God knows that's the one where I seem to be in the minority by thinking it had a better story than DA:O (albeit delivered poorly) .

    Final Fantasies.

      Agreed, and thanks to the free demos this gen (as well as video store rentals back in the time of FFVII) I have tried them.

      But their turn-based combat is impenetrable to me.

      Minecraft to me was a clever novelty - to my kids it is a religion! As a fellow father once remarked to me "it's not even a real game!"

      At least I'm grateful that my son & daughter can as a result competently use KBM and Twin Stick controls

    Metal Gear Solid. All of them. I've tried them multiple times and I just don't get why people can stand it.

    Also Prince of Persia 2008, the reboot with Nolan North and no-fail ledges. I really really liked it and it seems like just about everyone hated it for no reason other than that it wasn't Sands of Time. Meanwhile Sands of Time I thought was incredibly average. Platforming and stuff was great but having a limit on how much you could rewind was annoying and the combat was insanely repetitive and time-consuming.

      Prince of Persia 2008 is a thing of beauty! :D

      everyone hated it no reason other than that it wasn't Sands of Time

      You can say "everyone hated it no reason other than that it wasn't [blank]" to describe the majority of sequel hate.

      Yeah. I never really got the hate for that one. I guess if I had of wanted another Sands of Time I'd be annoyed I didn't get one, but I felt like the game played really, really smoothly.

    Dishonoured - I hated that game for giving you a bunch of cool powers/toys to play with, yet punishing you if you decided to use any of them. There was basically no way to play the game without your character becoming corrupted (in the spiritual sense) along the way.

    I always though it looked just ok. Ubisoft games in general don't really do it for me.

    Braid. What a load of crap. It got 10s across the board. Whyyyy?

      Braid makes people feel clever for figuring out puzzles - like Portal. People love feeling clever.

      I'm with you on this one.

      I honestly don't get the fuss over Braid at all.

        It's a nice enough puzzle platformer but I think that people got a little bit to pleased with themselves for "getting" the story. It doesn't live up to the hype.

    For me it's Skyrim. After Morrowind, Oblivion and the Fallout games, It just felt like I was doing the same thing all over again with different packaging. I did enjoy it for a while, just lost interest really quick.

    I am in the air about Watch Dogs though. I shook the hype for the game early when I thought back on Ubisoft's history with new "exciting" IP's and decided to go in to the game with a grain of salt. Kind of enjoying it.

      All the Elder Scrolls games for me. That said I love Fallout, so who knows what's up?

      I like the dungeon crawling in Skyrim, I hated the long winded NPCs - I fell asleep playing it so many times that I eventually gave up and traded the thing to get GTA V cheaper

      Also the levelling up wasn't the slightest bit clear (contrasted with Borderlands or Dark Souls which have easy to comprehend skill systems

    Halo, I did know some massive fanboys who carried on like it was the biggest revolution in the history of games so that probably didn't help.

      The issue for me with Halo was that for some of us, we had been playing quality FPS for years on PCs eg Quake, Unreal etc and then Halo launches on a console and everyone goes "Wow - this is incredible!" For me it was meh, I've been shooting things in this perspective for years. It was ok but nothing incredible or particularly groundbreaking.

    Final Fantasy 13
    Sure it had its problems but overall it wasn't (at least to me) nearly as terrible as people made it out to be.
    Donkey Kong 64, people complained about the turned up to 11 collectathon that it was, but that was my favourite part, I also have mild OCD though so...

    I just found it... meh

      Not a reply I was expecting to see here. Can you explain "meh" ?

        Meh... ok, average, below expectations

        Everyone seems to have loved Bastion, everything about it
        I found it.... Meh

          I agree with you. It was good, and got a couple of smirks out of me, but not mind-blowing like I was led to believe.

          My favourite part was the ending, if you played it right it was the most beautiful thing

      Sums it up well actually, i played a few hours after all the hype from mates, and it was just meh.

      Also Kingdom Hearts cannot stand that game, and i love everything Square- Enix and Disney separately, but together, was the worst thing ever like syphilitic cancer.

      Ditto this. I got maybe halfway through then I just felt like "ok, I get it, I've seen what that game has to offer - next!".

      I guess if I had nothing else going on I could be enthralled by it, but it doesn't really stand out for me as a game that deserves more of my attention.

      Agreed I didn't get past about 10 minutes of demo - even my son who was eight at the time, put the controller down and went outside - which is all you need to know.

      That game was sold purely on its narration

    Dragon Age II

    Most hate it. I love it. It's no Origins, but it's highly enjoyable. Plus I actually enjoyed the more personal story as opposed to another "save the entire world" type deal.

      Yeah I'm with you on the personal story point. The whole mage vs templars thing was cool also. The themes and characters kept me playing to the end when I'd all but given up on the gameplay and level design.

    Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3/NV

    Never understood the appeal, I've tried playing them, they're just boring.

    I also don't appreciate having to spend a solid hour installing mods to fix and improve the game (particularly fix, why should I give money to devs that sell broken games expecting the community to pick up the pieces... I'd rather give money to the community)

    AC:IV. What people see in the sea-warfare is apparently something I do not. I like the exploration, I like the story, but the Edward Kenway is a twat. In fact, most of the pirate cast are. And pirate games, with the sole exception of Monkey Island, have never really appealed to me. At least Connor had a clear goal with an understandable rationale.

    I would also say Watch Dogs, but I feel like I'm not the only person in the world thinking it would have been better if the gunplay were completely optional, or removed entirely, and expanded the hacking to social engineering and identity theft as gameplay mechanics.

      Edward Kenway is a twat

      I actually liked that because he starts realising that he's wasting his life risking death for him and his friends, deciding to quit and move on to more important things.

        When? I stopped after the mission where you (rot13) nffnffvangr Ubeavtbyq, and I still remember him being a moody unlikeable arse, if a slightly more earnest one. And if the main character is unlikeable for the first ~80% of the game, I'm not going to hold high hopes that they'll change.

          His dreams were rather simple, then you see him degrade himself to something worse in order to meet them. After being imprisoned and seeing his friends either die or go insane, he starts to wake up and realise there are more important things to life. He stops the Templars from total control and retires to look after his daughter, especially after finding out his wife died waiting for him.

            Ah. It's so easy to forget his initial goal was to get money to make a life for his family, and turned to piracy when a privateer's wage didn't hold up. But he seemed to forget that very quickly - he spends the larger part of the game acting as if that were the last thing on his mind, the only exceptions being a couple of conversations with Read.
            And Hornigold's the only one that really seems to have changed in any meaningful way - Read and Thatch were fairly consistent throughout, and you can't tell me that Jack or Vane were particularly stable individuals when you met them. I can't see their actions as particularly surprising, either - Vane drowns himself in drink at the slightest hint of trouble, and Jack's a power-hungry psychopath, so the end result with those two was inevitable. You knew exactly what would happen when Thatch came back from retirement, too - it's pure cliché.
            I suppose I just couldn't muster the same enthusiasm Edward did as the story unfolded, because nearly every character that met their end did so exactly as one would expect, as a direct result of their own actions (with the possible exception of Read, of whose end I don't recall much beyond a dying plea for Edward to better himself). Characters this transparent simply don't make for good stories.

              Well, it's only revealed in bits and pieces in the very rare wife cutscenes, some of the Abstergo notes, and some vague references which he mostly dodges when talking to other pirates, but at some point early in his piracy career, his motivation kinda got swept out from under him. And he made the wrong call about dropping his goal or seeing it through. So he went from having a somewhat noble reason, then when it was taken away seemingly without any room for argument on his part, he sort of stayed the course out of some vain hope that he might yet still 'make it' and prove himself, even knowing how pointless it now was. That... really spoke to me due to some RL parallels and definitely lent an edge to all of his discussions and reflections. It could hollow a man, that.

      Totally agree about ACIV. Not every person has a pirate fantasy, and it seemed to only cater for people who do. it is the first AC game i gave up on.

    Half Life 2. I just don't think it's a good game at all, even for its time.

      I don't believe you. You either didn't truly play it at the time it was released or you're just plain trolling. It was miles ahead of anything else available at the time. Fact.

        I played it a few years after it came out. Thought it was really flawed. I tried to be forgiving because it was an older game, but I just could not enjoy it. Health system was poor, lack of visable feet and hands for Gordon combined with a silent protag and press E to make things float/telekinesis gun meant I felt like I was playing as a ghost, enemy design was terrible (who likes shooting at tiny things?), level layout was poor (driving through miles of nothing), story was boring and Gordon wasn't even a character.

        Also, it was not miles ahead of anything else available at that time. There were a lot of great games out back then. Half Life 2 was not one of them. If it's any consolation (and you clearly need consolation as you seem to have trouble accepting that not everyone loves your overhyped game) then you should know that I think Half Life 1 is pretty good.

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    Skyward Sword. There's a handful of people that love it and I'm one of them.

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    Minecraft, terarria and all MMORGS. I don't get them despite trying them.

    Journey. Way too repetitive and just pretentious.

    Half Life Series. one of the most over rated games series ever. Bland, boring empty and lazy

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