Grim Fandango Is Getting Remastered For PS4, Vita

Grim Fandango Is Getting Remastered For PS4, Vita

Holy shit. Holy shit. Grim Fandango is getting remastered. And it's coming to the PS4 and Vita. Holy shit.


    Not PC?

    My mind, she is blown. My eyes, they are twin waterfalls of joy.

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      Very random/ good news.

      I don’t think anyone saw that one coming!

      Mind is boggling over what a remastered version would look like. I'm hoping its at least same camera angles and whatnot with upgraded character and environment models rather a straight port with better controls. The latter would be a bit of a disappointment.

        Yeah, I think widescreen and character models would be a given. Double Fine doing it makes me think it'll be something special instead of straight port.

          Ah I honed too much in on the "our third party team" bit and missed that Doublefine were actually involved. Cool cool, very cool

          IMAGINE IF IT WAS ALL IN 2D JUST LIKE THE CONCERT ART THOUGH! (continues to dream an impossible dream)

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            Hahaha! That thought crossed my mind, Sughly. :D

            I'd be content with just re-rendered backdrop, new character models and fixed controls.

            Who am I kidding? I'll be content with just playing Grim on my couch with a controller. :D

        Or both!

          A straight port with better controls and updated models sounds a like a somewhat conflicting sentence though green

          colon pee!

            I was thinking more along the lines of being able to toggle back to the original! (ala Monkey Island, Halo Anniversary)

              Ohhhhh yeah, yeah that would be cool! Which would obviously work perfectly if it maintained the camera angles just with better models. Hmmm. HMMM!

    Ok, I think this has clinched my decision to get a PS4..

      Me too! I was already most of the way there for TLOU remastered but I think this has pushed me the rest of the way. Now actively waiting for a price drop.

        Yeh same here. I wonder how long it will be before the price drops, but not to worry, most of the big games are all comin out next year anyway.

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          Totally, and if you shop around carefully you can get a good deal. I'm not in a rush though, but it's going to happen.

          Maybe earlier if my fat PS3 gives up the ghost. I love blu-rays too much to be without something that can play them.

    This has pretty much made me decide on getting a PS4.

    Just saw a tweet from Tim saying they will be talking about other platforms "soon". XB1 fingers crossed!


      With the Point-and-Click controls from the very awesome fan mod.

    Nice! I guess that Double Fine have resolved copyright issues with Disney. I know that Double Fine really wanted to redo Grim Fandango, but at the time couldn't convince Disney to sell the rights back to them.

    Best news of E3! Did not see that coming... dammmit, now I have to buy a PS4!

    cool :) i wish there was a PS3 or PC release because i wont be buying a PS4 for 1 game :(

    I probably won't be buying a PS4 or Vita anytime soon or ever but this is still excellent news for a whole generation of gamers who never got to play it originally so you know, still good.

    Oh man. My Vita is ready.

    I still have this on PC, but it's a pain to get running these days.

      It's actually now easier than it has ben for the past decade. ResidualVM does a great job of running Grim, and there's even a fork that adds mouse controls (

    Just put the original on gog dammit.

      Tim was talking on Twitter about it coming to PC (not XB1, this is a Sony console exclusive) afterward, so it'd probably end up there.

    Grim Fandango was one of the very first games my parents bought for me, at least on the pc, among the first games i ever played, and will always have a special place in my memories. This news is fantastic and i couldnt give a shit about the rest of the E3 conference, because this, for me is the biggest highlight of the whole show.

    Man I loved this game when it came out on PC all those years ago. Total goose bumps when I heard about this.

    I've always known I was going to get a PS4 eventually. This announcement totally seals the deal for me.

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