New Battlefield Game's Footage Leaks. It Has POLICE BIKES.

New Battlefield Game's Footage Leaks. It Has POLICE BIKES.

YouTube user Freddy Dance has posted what he claims to be footage from a beta for the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline. You know. The Battlefield game with cops in it.

This is the second clip to have leaked from the game, the first being an early trailer that was six months old. This is obviously much more recent.

He doesn't really do's an empty server, so he just runs around shooting weapons and driving vehicles, including a chopper. But that giant police bike....YES.

New Battlefield Game's Footage Leaks. It Has POLICE BIKES.

We're contacting EA for comment, and will update if we hear back. The clip itself has been pulled.


    Awesome! I can drive around and give tickets to people being jerks in the game. Encourage people to work together. Or arrest people spawncamping.

      I like it!

      Here's hoping there's a handcuff option to replace the knife. You'd sneak up behind those camping sniper bitches like a police ninja and handcuff the shit out of them.

        Hmmm how about handcuffing them to your bike then dragging them around the map?

      Play Altis life on ARMA3. you can play a cop, do all that!! 60 ppl per server! FUN!

        I remember when it was called Serani life. Nothin like being arrested for doing Kung fu on the side of the road.

    The most hilarious thing in the video is that the cops have two helicopters and the map is tiny. It's like a 5 second flight from the police station to the objective.

    Police bike in battlefield - just needs liquid metal

    MEH! It's the same bloody game again and again. How many battlefields do we need?

      Until humans stop deriving pleasure through the pain of others, soldiers are no longer glorified like they are, taking a life becomes more meaningful (see the first 20 minutes of the Tomb Raider prequel) and guns are treated with the weight they are these games will come in droves.

        Ummmm ok. Or they will get sick of playing the same old battlefield games and move to something fresher. Where we can still do all that stuff.

          That statement really is a paradox, a fresh new game to do what we already do? :)

    Still looks to be on the same visual level as BF3.

    Is the gameplay video (not the trailer) still out there? I'd like to see it...

    Pretty keen to see what comes of this. If the nail the cinematic tone in the multiplayer and have a decent driving mechanic (hopefully the NFS dudes sort that) this will be a great game.

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