Square Enix Announces Hitman: Sniper

The people that turned Hitman into a mobile turn-based strategy game this year are already back at it again. Square Enix just announced Hitman: Sniper, a new mobile game from the team that made April's Hitman: Go. It describes the game as "a massively competitive sniping game that will focus on the subtlety of execution". Read more about it here.

Here's a short teaser:


    Cool idea. Finally starting to see some unique uses for mobile games

    Grunt. See, to my mind, all the score-comparing bullshit was the worst part of Absolution and its pre-launch hype spin-off minigame. Not really stoked about going down that direction unless it means they grabbed every team-member from Absolution who thought that stuff was a good idea, and chucked them off on their own little side-project so they can't fuck up the next Hitman game.

    Sniper challenge(pre order bonus), Absolution, Go and now this... deep breath ... I know the next real Hitman game is supposed to redeem the franchise after the horrible Absolution. But this doesn`t help my fears about the direction of the franchise. Why does every franchise need to be run into the ground these days. I just don`t get it...

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