Teens Agree: The Internet Was Pretty Stupid In The ’90s

To be fair to the teens in The Fine Bros. latest video, the internet was pretty stupid in the ’90s — slow, stunted and subject to one of the worst instructional videos ever made.

I am speaking of the infamous “The Kids’ Guide to the Internet”, a horrid video from 1997 meant to inform children about the many wonderful uses for the World Wide Web. It’s pretty damn embarrassing.

“Now that I’ve gotten on the internet, I’d rather be on my computer than doing just about anything,” says Peter Jamison, as his mother smiles approvingly. Oh, Mrs Jamison. If only you’d known.


  • In the 90s? It’s pretty stupid today!

    and if we’re going by Australia speeds it really hasn’t improved.

          • Yeah, that sucks. I keep forgetting that shaping still exists.

            I’ve been on TPG’s Unlimited plan for the last few years, but I got it before the prices went up. It’s less affordable now.

          • Im with you, on the cheap old skool unlimited plan from TPG, by far the worst customer service, but the nets always there and always unlimited.

          • Can agree on the worst customer service, was getting drop outs for months on end, sometimes every 5 minutes, got lines checked and everything, was all fine, as soon as contract was up, switched to Internode, didn’t get one drop out, don’t care if TPG has unlimited, I’ll never go with them again, prefer quality over quantity, plus free steam downloads ftw.

      • Back at my parents place we were on 22kbps dial-up until the very end of 2008 and every time it rained heavily it’d drop out completely. Now they’re on 3G which is better when it works but tower congestion means it doesn’t for a few hours in peak time every night.

        My ADSL2 is a dream in comparison and FTTP NBN construction is close to being finished in my street.

    • i saw the title and thought…. compared to how stupid it is today???
      I miss the good old internet, sure it was slow, but you needed more than half a brain cell to use it, unlike todays.

      WOW that video was horrible, i forgot just how bad instructional vids were from back then.

  • I remember when throwing all the bells and whistles at a site was the way to go. Image links instead of plain test that changed to a different image (which required some time on 56K) were the rage. Making sites with gaudy flash interfaces. Ugh. I’m glad sanity prevailed on that.

  • I don’t know what was worse – the 90’s video on the internet, or the teenagers reactions to it. The only two intelligent things they had to say were: “we take the things we have for granted nowadays”, and (in reference to what people will think about our technology 15-20 years from now) “if someone sees this video? They are going to be, like, ‘man, I want to punch that kid right in the face'”. I also liked the part where the kids didn’t even know what a modem is … so much for the whole ‘this is stupid and I know everything’ attitude from moments earlier. This video reminds me of one of those ecard things I saw recently: ‘I’m 30 but i still feel like I’m 20 … until I hang out with 20 year olds … then I’m like, nope, never mind, I’m 30’.

    • Thank you, you saved me from typing my comment with almost exactly everything that I was going to say, I also loved that the kid in the horrible t-shirt thought they’d be able to teleport into the video to punch him in the face!. Are you me?

  • That second video…..

    …..you just know that the boy had just seen his first picture of boobs (downloaded over 20 minutes or so)

    • Damn, that anticipation and excitement of waiting 2 mins for the line of pixels with a nipple on it to appear… Sigh, so innocent.

  • I tried the internet in 1995. I thought it was a pointlessly stupid fad and did not touch it again until about 2003………..so I guess i may have been a little quick to judge.

  • I remember using the internet for the first time. My primary school just got the internet and at first we were limited to the schools Web portal. After a while me and my friends worked out we could go to different website by typing in the url and the first site was pokemon.com it was so amazing!

  • I hate these smug, hipper-than-thou teenyboppers with a vengeance. Someone needs to show them the Goddess Bunny on YouTube. Now that’s a reaction video I’d like to see!

  • I first tried the internet the same year as that second video. The internet circa 1997 was HORRIBLE. Netscape, Altavista and Geocities, anyone?

    Fastforward to late 2002 when we finally got connected to Telstra Bigpond on 56k dial-up, w00t!

  • I’m 31 years old and after watching that I feel so old . I remember dial up internet very well playing the original Grand theft auto online where you had to dial your friends actual landline number to connect to them….

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