The Internet Reacts To The Steam Summer Sale

The Internet Reacts To The Steam Summer Sale

One of the most anticipated days of the summer is here: the Steam summer sale. PC gamers everywhere are examining their bank accounts and backlogs, wondering if they should drop some dollars on a enticing, cheap game.

This means lots of people are talking about the Steam summer sale. What they're saying depends; there are a few major lines of thought. There are folks who know they're about to spend way too much. There are folks who don't really care about the event. There are folks who have found the ways in which Steam hiccups and falters thanks to the heavy load of traffic. There are those who get super excited about the whole thing, only to find there's not really much they want to buy. And there are folks who are taking this opportunity to express their love for Gabe Newell.

Let's take a look at what people around the internet are saying about Steam sales, yes?

The Internet Reacts To The Steam Summer Sale

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The Internet Reacts To The Steam Summer Sale

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Elitist PC gamers take this opportunity to do "GabeN's work"

The Internet Reacts To The Steam Summer Sale
The Internet Reacts To The Steam Summer Sale

And video folks have all sorts of amazing reactions to the Steam sale, too:

What about you, what do you think about the summer sale? Have you bought anything? So far I've bought Kentucky Route Zero, The Novelist, Brothers, and Sir, You Are Being Hunted — despite being discounted a tad, none of these are on a daily sale. But since they're indie, I don't mind spending as much as I have. I'm going to wait on both Dark Souls II and CS:GO to see if they drop more in price, though. Otherwise... the sale doesn't seem as exciting as it used to, even if I've spent some money.


    "Don't buy, it's 30fps" comments make me weep. get over it already!

      In a way, I perhaps. It still looks like a great game but 30fps is just atrocious once someone gets used to 60fps as a standard.

      And it's more so how ridiculous it is that it's even an issue that the developers couldn't fix.

      Ikr? DR3 was the first thing that caught my eye. I know it's got problems but I still wanna play it

        I'd say don't get DR3 mainly due to it being quite a boring game. Granted I purchased it on XBone, though the game gets boring less than a third through the game and the plot is a bit zany. Though may be your cup of tea but is not mine.

      I know right - it's so irritating when people would like to see companies actually have potential rather then cater to the lowest common denominator.

      It's like if the PS4 still had to play the PS3 version of game with zero improvements to graphics or handling regardless what you had spent buying your PS4.
      Except you know dial it up a few notches because even a cheap PC works better than the potatoes out there.

    The LOTR video is the best one I've seen so far!

      I wish it was extended to when Gandalf appears with the riders represented as payday.

    Steam sales are almost like a game itself. There's a certain strategy and a reward and loss. That feeling you get when you see the price of the game you really want has dropped to half.
    On the other hand, when you've already purchased the game at 25% off the day before it goes to 75% off....
    The only big hitter I have on my list is Dark souls 2.....patience....

      Yeah, I will definitely be waiting for the dailies. I'm sure at least half the games on my wishlist will be further discountes.

      Well .. they've already gamified it. The Steam points system, the bonuses for participation and spending money, etc.
      It's fun, and you do get rewards, but it's also very well formulated to encourage you to keep spending money.

      I don't really have a problem with it, but I do think it's very much already a game :)

    witcher 1 and 2 six bucks!! first purchase of the day.
    hold.........hold...........hold........80%!!!!!!!!!buy buy buy

    X-com EW for $17ish is good enough for today. Already have all the other x-commy goodness. Im sure the missus will have a look when she gets home.

    Who would have thought that Steam sales would generate so much hype for people to completely annihilate their bank balances when the world is gripped - GRIPPED I TELL YOU - by the fever for stealing digital content!

    Reeeeaaally wish someone could point TV/movie content producers/the Attorney General to Steam Sales hype and say, "See this? Digital medium that used to experience rampant piracy and to a certain extent still does. And people are still excited about going bankrupt on buying content. CONNECT THE MOTHERFUCKING DOTS YOU MORONS."

    We often get simultaneous releases too. More dots to connect and say, "DUH."

    Damn already picked up To the moon, Tower of guns and The last remnant. Im weak lol

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