The Return Of JB Hi-Fi Reviews

JB Hi-Fi reviews. Short, too the point. Often brutal, often hilarious. Say what you like a brick and mortar retail, I'm glad JB Hi-Fi exists, if only for its top notch video game reviews. And its great prices on TVs!

These come from Andrew. I won't say his last name in case he gets fired, especially since he admitted to me in his email that he totally had a slow day at work and just did reviews all day!

Thanks Andrew. Keep them coming!


    If anyone is going for a job at JB, please make a booklet of you best game reviews rather than attaching a CV. I think it would work! (It should)

    PvZ was perfect.

      I have tried several times to get into JB. Hell even one of my Telstra regional managers hooked me up with an interview, but apparently I wear the wrong shoes. Lol

    Their bricks and mortar stores are fine, it's JB's website that is terrible (when Harvey Norman do a better job, you're in trouble :p)

      It may be an eyesore but the online store is not without it's treasures, if you look hard enough.

        Treasure, you'll be able to find that for $70 on release for sure :p. You shouldn't have to hunt, their website is like an online letterbox catalogue they've managed to turn into an awful store.

          I hope we're both on the same page. The treasure is the gif in the text area ;)

      I understand the need to make the site look cheap ... as if someone's 12 year old cousin developed it, but it should at least WORK. It's barely hanging together with blu-tack and masking tape. You can actually make a site look cheap and have it functional.

    We are dealing with someone who has absolutely no life.
    How do you kill that which has no life?
    Made my day!

    Reminds me of one I saw for Final Fantasy XIII part 2 at a Melb cbd JB; Said along the lines of "We apologise for the previous FF XIII, this one's a lot better!"

    I didn't mind Metro Station's one hit. I'd prefer if Miley Cyrus went away rather than her half-brother.

    "too the point"?

    I'm sure it's 'to' in that instance, right? I'm pretty sure it is :P

    I saw one review for keeping up with the kadashians " This is why we are not evolving to a higher intelligence"
    It made my day

    I'm just trying to work out how they've returned when they never left.

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