There's Something Special About Atlanta Cosplay

There's Something Special About Atlanta Cosplay

Atlanta cosplayers are just the best, and they proved it at last weekend's MomoCon. Man Tifa? Done. Kingdom Hearts Batman? No problem. Solid Snake sneaking behind Mega Man? How many would you like?

I might be a little bit biased, having lived in Atlanta for the past 30 years, but I prefer to think of it as pride. These folks swam to downtown Atlanta through a soupy combination of heat and humidity in order to prove their dedication to their entertainment property of choice. That's dedication!

Speaking of dedication, I was scheduled to appear at a Gaming Press panel at the show, but the entire family had strep throat, so I passed. That's not dedication at all. At least I have BeatDownBoogie's cosplay compilation to see me through this dark time.


    is that man tifa the same guy as man faye? looks like it, he's gold

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