You Have 24 Hours To Buy A PS4 For $469AU

Just 15 minutes ago Catch Of The Day chucked up a brand new deal on PlayStation 4 consoles, so if you feel like buying a brand new PS4 for $469 (including delivery) instead of paying the full $550 this is your chance.

It's also worth noting that it comes with a $20 voucher, but it's unclear from the site what that $20 voucher is, or where one can spend it. Still: cheap PS4s! Hurray!

A pretty good deal if you ask me.


    I dunno, $568 bundled with Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein at Dick Smith seems a better deal?
    But if you don't like those games then this is a good price.

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    This is pretty close to Dick Smith's usual sale price, but according to this:

    eBay will apparently have 15% off EVERYTHING soon, so there may be better deals on there if you're willing to wait.


      Wait... how does that work? Would ebay be compensating the sellers then? Pretty strange

        afaik, it's an opt-in thing with their larger sellers

        Doesn't ebay take about 15% of the sale prices from stuff these days? Like, they have fees and Paypal has fees or some such.

          They just started taking 10% of shipping fees (I think?) to stop people selling items for super cheap and making the profit on shipping.

      hich seller is trust worthy enough to nuy a console from?

        given that a lot of online retailers use Ebay, I'd actually say quite a few

      well it looks like the PS4's are supplied by Dick Smith, which would explain why

    This seems alright, but I was planning on getting the Destiny or MGSV bundle when it comes out. I also have a stack of 10+ PS3 games to trade that i've either finished or gotten sick of, which will probably knock about $3 off the price. Bargain.

    I Received An Email From EBay Yesterday With A Code For 25% Of Anything.

    SIIIGGGHHHHHH* i literally just bought one 2 days ago :(

      I bought mine a couple weeks ago...*queue post purchase rationilsation*...but I got 3 'free' games and it was $550, so I'm okay with that.

    It would be tempting if there were actually games on it that I wanted to play. I think I'll keep waiting.

      What do you mean you arent excited about the same games as me?


      Yeah with almost all games coming out on both consoles I will wait till there are better exclusives out there.

      I did this, I was determined to wait until there was something I actually wanted to play, and under my rock, I was still excited about watch dogs, but my PS3 died and I thought what the hey.

        I honestly haven't touched my PS3 since I finished Assassin's Creed 4. It's been sitting there gathering dust for months now.

      I foolishly got one at launch... $425ish including shipping from Amazon...
      Still don't have any games for it... hoping that some good exclusives drop for it *before* the price drops to below what I paid =\




      Seriously, you bought the console with the best games line-up right now.

        yup, between MK8 and new smash bros it really does have the best short term outlook. Destiny looks shiny but if you haven't been burned over and over again by FPS/3PS that claim to be the next game changing title you haven't been paying attention, at least with Nintendo games you know what you are getting.

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        Aint that the truth, but as usual, in the long run...

    I'm holding off. That's one hell of a good price, but I'm still not swayed. I'll get one eventually, that much is certain, but most likely it'll be in 2015.

      Yep same. While I'll probably get one eventually, I'll be looking at it again around this time next year. There aren't enough games on it to sway me at the moment.

    What sort of prices do people think we can get on these consoles in 6 months around Christmas, or half way through next year, or Christmas 2015? How quickly do prices tend to drop? Will be see them sub $400 sooner rather than later, or will it take a new SKU (slim etc) in a couple of years to signal a drop? (I'm really not in a hurry)

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      As someone said the other day, I doubt we'll see a substantial price drop anytime soon, and certainly not before the end of the year. The consoles are already comparatively cheap, compared to their predecessors, and they're selling very well. That being said, a bit of competition between PS4/One could bump the price down temporarily over the Christmas season :D *fingers crossed*. But again, this is still a really good deal haha

        I'm really temped, but every time I have a desire to buy a PS4 or XB1, I try to mentally list all of the must-play games in my pile of shame. It's like a bucket of cold water in the face - snaps me right out of it.... for a day or so.

    Hopefully some good deals for PS4 come out for New Zealand. EB Games had an Xbox One for the same price as the PS4 ($650), except it came with a Kinect and 3 free games (Forza 5, Titanfall, and Watch Dogs).

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      $650 for a PS4 in New Zealand, Geez you guys really got screwed!

        Yeah, $650 for PS4 and $750 for Xbox One... Xbox will probably dominate here since they cost similar amounts and Xbox One regularly has discounts and bundles. Sad but true.

    The previous voucher was for Catch of the Day and not for Dick Smith FYI

    I've been saving up Coke Rewards tokens for 88 weeks. I can get a free PS4 in 5 more weeks.

    I seriously considered this, then I remembered the STEAM SUMMER SALE IN LIKE TOMORROW...!

    That's dedication. I couldn't do that - I would be worried that somebody had been collecting for 89 weeks and was eyeing that same PS4.

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