4.6 Million People Played The Destiny Beta

4.6 Million People Played The Destiny Beta

That’s a lot of human beings.

The Destiny Beta took place between July 17 and July 27 and everyone and their dog somehow managed to get a key. Even if they didn’t, they got a chance to play regardless towards the end of the Beta when Bungie opened it up for everyone.

“This is the biggest beta of this console generation by a wide margin and the largest console beta ever for a new video game IP to date,” said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg. “Hosting a beta at this scale is an incredible feat, so we’re thrilled to see the phenomenal response.”

I think, in hindsight, we’ll look at the Destiny Beta as one of the greatest master strokes of marketing in video game history. Giving each person who pre-ordered the game an extra two beta codes to distribute was key. It really allowed friends to introduce others to the game. It gave core players a chance to spread the word outward to players who might not have bought the game otherwise. It truly was a genius move, allowing Bungie to test their technology and communicate the Destiny message to players who might not have heard it otherwise.

The game comes out September 9. Can’t come soon enough.

Destiny beta boasts 4.6 million players [GIBiz]


  • It’d be interesting to see what the breakdown is amongst the various consoles and whether they have one set of servers handling all consoles, or whether they have dedicated servers for each console. Given that Microsoft don’t do cross-platform, I’d say there’s at least an XBox/PS split, but they said your PS3 characters will transfer to PS4 if you wish so there may be no distinction there.
    It’s also interesting that they say there were 10-15 million pre-orders but only 4.6 million played regardless of the 3 key scheme and open beta at the end. More than likely a lot of those were made after the beta.

    • I didnt play the beta though I pre-ordered as I dont own any consoles. Im a PC player but have the PS4 and destiny combo pre-ordered for Sept action. First console game to actually make me want to buy a console.

    • I played on 360 and x1 and my characters and progress transferred between gens. Didnt think they would have that working for the beta, but they do/did. Unfortunatley not my ps4 characters though.

      Didn’t realise the were 10 – 15 million (huge disparity between those numbers!!!). That’s massive! Where did you see that stat?

        • But that linked article mention projected total sales based on pre-order numbers, not pre-orders being up around 10 – 15 million. I thought I was missing something.

  • Real glad it’s still on the Xbox dashboard. Thanks for the wasted 12gb download Microsoft! Just got back from an overseas trip and thought I hadn’t missed out…

    • 12gb? So you’re already halfway through your monthly cap thanks to Straya internet?

          • The guy who came around and tried to sign me up last week only offered me very low gb plans. And became worried when I asked how Telstra ADSL would be faster than who I’m with.

    • Even after all this time with xbox platforms you still trust MS Australia to keep their dashboards current? Yeah… nah.

      • Always amazed at how much better the dashboard is when I region switch to US or UK, make me really feel our higher prices are worthwhile…

          • Maybe it’s my fault though for not paying the higher prices, and buying XBL Gold and all my games internationally, haha.

          • I don’t think that’s your fault at all, they (the middle man, not necessarily MS) are greedy, all the power to you.

    • TBH, That’s why I chose to get the beta on PS3 instead of PS4. It was only 5gb, and played basically the same. Still 30fps, still relatively smooth. I can live with the lower resolution in cross gen games in a Beta if it means its 1/3 the size lol.

      TBH I wasn’t excited for Destiny until I tried the Beta, on PS3. I very well might pick it up on PS4 now.

      Although, after playing it on PS3… if you don’t have a PS4/ X1… there is no reason to upgrade and not just get the last gen versions. It still plays the same and looks decent. Just a little less flashy.

      • I am the same. no longer a big fan for FPS in general (my Counter Strike days are truly over), I am really excited about Destiny, especially after the beta.

  • Played it on x1, 360 and ps4. Enjoyed my time with the beta more than with the alpha (because I was able to play with friends when they finally released it on xbox platforms). Bungie/Activision already have my money so now its just waiting… 6 weeks feels like a long time.

  • It was good enough that it convinced me to get it in Sept and to get a new console to play it on also

  • Guest keys are pretty standard, glad to see the little consoles are finally trying to catch up.

    Tried it on X1 and will definitely pick it up on release day.

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