Finally A Trials Fusion Competition I Have A Chance Of Winning...

I've ran a fair few Trials competitions on Kotaku, so I'm well aware of the moral quandary. Some people are simply way too good at Trials, meaning that people instantly get discouraged and don't want to enter. Trials expert Professor FatShady thinks he has a solution. He is running a Trials competition even noobs like myself have a chance of winning.

Starting from on August 14 he's running a monthly competition, run on a single track. Everyone has a week to post their best time. FatShady will then pull 10 entries from a hat. The fastest time from those ten people wins each month.

If you find that explanation confusing, watch the video above. FatShady himself does a far better job of explaining. The video is also really cool and well made.

To help out, Professor FatShady is going to be making a video guide for each track he chooses, going into all the shortcuts and the best ways to navigate the obstacles. I'm going to need all the help I can get.


    I'm gonna run a Halo competition that has my own rules!

      Custom rule games are the main reason I have fond memories of Halo 2.

      I remember when the zombies game was first growing in popularity, and that relied on people manually changing teams mid match and restricted weapons in the general game play. I don't think I could ever really get into it in 3 where it was actually a supported game type...

      I think it's because those custom games remind me of all those cops and robbers style games we used to make on the playground as kids.

      tl;dr I'd play in your tournament!

    A noob like you, Mark? Bite me.

    I've read articles about some of the stuff you've done in that game. I'm a noob. You have to have crossed the line from noob to competent.

    For anyone interested, the competition will launch on August 14. I'll be announcing the track and the details of the comp on the UniversityOfTrials channel on YouTube on Thursday. Hope to see some of you get involved.

    I am also considering, based on feedback having user generated tracks that are cross platform as the competition tracks so it's not the same tracks as the base game or the DLC that some people may or may not have. Let's get the first month or two out of the way and I'll determine what more people want.

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    Finally, a Trials competition that Shady won't win!

      Unless he enters and draws his own name out of the hat...

    I'm gonna run my own Trials competition, with black jack and hookers

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