Here's What's 'Exclusive' In Destiny On PlayStation

Gamers have known that some stuff in Destiny would be exclusive to the PS3 and PS4 for a while now. But as it so often is, "exclusive" has been a vague term here. A new video Sony released today gives a clearer picture of everything that PlayStation owners will get their hands on before anyone else.

You can watch the video up top. Here's the information broken down in list form:


  • The Dust Palace Strike, which is "an exclusive three-player cooperative Strike that can be played with friends or match made."
  • Exodus Blue, a competitive multiplayer map. Sony recommends pairing it with the Control or Skirmish gameplay modes.


  • The Monte Carlo, "an exotic assault rifle."
  • The Hawkmoon, an "exotic hand cannon," and "a true gunslinger's weapon."


  • The Warlock class gets a special set called the Manifold Seeker, "built to help Warlocks survive the secret realms of the Vex." How thoughtful!
  • Titan class players will get one called Vanir. It sounds a lot like the Manifold Seeker, except Vanir was made specially to protect Titans instead of Warlocks. Makes sense.
  • Hunters get something called Argus, a light armour type to go along with all their frontier-scouting activities. Convenient!


Sony previously noted that PlayStation owners will get three special ships. They didn't give much information besides the names and the fact that they look cool:

  • "Aurora Wake"
  • "Crypt Hammer"
  • "Outrageous Fortune"

Snazzy, right? I mean, at least for PlayStation owners. But remember: as with the recent kerfuffle over Rise of the Tomb Raider's Xbox One exclusivity, it's important to make sure we understand as best we can what "exclusive" actually means in this case.

Here's how Sony defines it in the video's description:

Check out this extended look at the amazing Destiny® content coming exclusively to PlayStation® systems when the game launches on 9/9/2014*.

Note the asterisk. Always with the asterisk! Go a few lines further down and...

*Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2015

Ok, now we're getting somewhere. So it sounds like Sony just has a timed window of exclusivity of "at least" a year. After that, who knows what'll happen? My money is on some new DLC.

The timed exclusivity might be a tad disappointing for diehard PlayStation fans who were looking forward to lording their console-specific Destiny privileges over all their poor friends playing the game on Xbox One or 360. But by the same token, it also means that Xbox gamers don't have to worry about getting a subpar version of a game that looks incredibly promising — at least for long, if they're really fiending for "a true gunslinger's weapon" or one of the other special items here.


    Got a ps4 cheap just for this game, i hope it's as epic as people say it is.

    Last edited 28/08/14 12:34 pm

      I hope so too, considering the beta bored me to tears.

        Yeah I failed to see how it was anything more than generic when I was logging through the beta.

        It was the exact opposite for me, I had no interest at all for this game until I gave the beta a go once it was free for the last weekend. Quite looking forward to this now.

      It's pretty much the only time Sony can get away with the world exclusive... also watch how quickly the PSn user base move over when a new AAA title comes out.. I mean god they have only been waiting for one since launch right?

    Take the word exclusive with a pinch of salt. After a year or so though, unless Bungie really keep it alive, most people will have moved onto the next big game by then so these 'timed exclusives' might as well be exclusives. I'd hope for more than one map though.

    As it is, Sony players probably loved the fact that they could play the Alpha (exclusively) and Beta for an extra week over Xbox players. I know I did

    Also, finally, someone makes a bullet point list from a video. Nice one Yannick

      Think I'd take actual games over an alpha ;)

      Last edited 28/08/14 12:58 pm

        True, but really only first party games these days will be proper exclusives so we'll see a lot more of the betas, possibly alphas being offered as an 'incentive' to go with one platform or the other

    It has an exclusively sh*t controller for playing shooters and a slightly worse online environment.

    With all else being equal it would take a lot of exclusive items before I’d pick up a PS version first.

    I’m glad that this DLC isn’t great (and the resolutions are the same) because I really didn’t want to have to choose between a better game and a better controller.

      Third party controller, problem solved. Next?

        Are there any yet?

          I had a USB adapter to use Xbox 360 controllers on my PS3, no such love for next gen yet though. It also worked the other way, but why would you want to do that :p

          Last edited 28/08/14 1:51 pm

        Well yeah. You could do that….. but I think having to buy a separate controller kinda negates the exclusive content doesn’t it?

        I mean if you already had a controller that you liked as much or more than the Xbox one then it wouldn’t be an issue at all, but it doesn’t change the idea that these kinds of exclusives don’t make any meaningful difference to the enjoyment you’re going to get out of the game.

        The missions are nice, but if you’re going to make a song and dance about exclusive content then you should at least make sure it’s meaningful enough that gamers will choose your machine rather than making their decision based on the controller.

        With that said I hate exclusive content and I’d much rather they just made all versions as content rich as possible.

          Sure, I'm not supporting the exclusive DLC. I'm wondering if you had a third party controller, then would you take the PS version over the others? For this game and for hypothetical other PS DLC exclusive releases? Because it really boils down to marketing with DLC exclusives. Nothing I've seen does anything to affect the actual game much at all. Its a tiny incentive to put your money into one company over another company.

            If I had the same controller on both systems, the graphics were identical, the online systems were even and I had the same amount of mates to play with on both consoles…. Then this kind of exclusive DLC would probably sway my purchase one way or the other.

            It’s not like the “exclusive” DLC that GTA IV got on the 360 where the two expansions were extremely significant and were exclusively timed for a reasonable period.

            Again though, I’d rather see none at all. It just seems a bit silly to market exclusive content and not even make it hearty enough to make it a top 3 consideration.

      Really? I love the PS4 controller. What is it you don't like about it?

        I hate the new options button, I always press the touchpad instead, apart from that its pretty good, so much better than DS3.

          The options button shits me to tears and I place imaginary 'voodoo' curses on any developer who forces me to use it.

          I personally got used to it really quick and I'm one of those people who started with PSX onwards to PS4. I see it's merits and apart from accidentally pressing it a couple of times, I now see it as a welcome addition.

          I had more problem with the Share button thinking it was Select :P

            Same here - been using the controllers since the PSX, I still swap between the PS4 and the PS2 / PS3, and really haven't been confused by it. Comes naturally if anything...
            The PS4 controller is way more comfy than the PS3's, my only gripe with the thing is the light bar being bright (even on 'dim') and obnoxious, and to a certain degree the much lower battery life it has.

          Ok, I will definitely give you that. The "Options" button is just too small since its next to the touchpad. Also, its position is not easily in reach whilst you're holding the controller normally.
          But yeah, I still love it. Much more ergonomic than the previous. :)

        I personally don’t like the positioning of the sticks on all PS controllers.
        I think there’s a general consensus that they’re not the best for playing FPS games.

        The PS4 controller is MUCH better than the PS3 controller though.
        I freaking hate the PS3 controller for everything. The sticks are too high, they move too far and are too far sideways (in comparison to the rest of your hand) for any kind of precise control.

        The PS4 controller is a genuinely good one. If they’d finally bite the bullet and put the primary movement device (the left stick) in the best natural position (where they put the d-pad nearly 20 years ago) then I think it would be a better controller than the Xbone’s.

          I must hold my controller weird - never had a problem with shooters, and I can cover all buttons and analog sticks at the same time. That said, my hands are bloody massive. :P

          My hands are symmetrical. Are yours not?

            Sure, I just think that the spot where your thumb is going to be 99% of the time should be the most comfortable spot possible.

            Your right thumb needs to move between the sticks and the buttons in equal measure and there’s only one ‘optimum’ spot so they put the buttons above the stick.
            On the left your thumb is going to be on the stick the vast majority of the time so that position should be a very comfortable one.

            There’s a reason they didn’t put the d-pad down and to the left when they designed the PS1 controller and there’s a reason that no company before or since has put their primary input so low or to the right- it’s because it’s a shit spot for it.

            The left side PS stick is where it is for historical reasons not ergonomic ones- it’s there because Sony didn’t want to upset original users of the PS1 when the added a stick to the existing controller so they just stuck it the best spot that worked. If asymmetry is so important then BOTH sticks should be at the top and the buttons should move.

            The PS4 controller is an optimum design within the historical limitations that Sony have put upon themselves. If they’d redesigned the thing post 1995 there’s no way in hell they would have come up with the same design. Sure lots of people like it, lots of people are used to it. It’s still not an optimal design.

          Well that's odd as this is the reason I LIKE the PS4 controller.
          My favourite thing about the PS controllers as opposed to the XBox controllers is that the analogue sticks are level with each other, so when both your thumbs are on the sticks they are mirroring each other.
          It is also for this reason that when I had to get a controller for my PC, I got a Logitech controller instead of an XBox controller because the stick & D-pad were switched.

      Fanboy much. Glad your view is XB1 controller is better, cause my opinion is the PS4 controller is better. Dont feel bad you picked the worse system, you can always trade later on

    No-one should be celebrating exclusive content. I feel bad for the non-PS players that are buying the game and won't have access to that extra mission purely because Sony wanted points with their "fans". It just encourages the other side to be as immature, if not more so, when the tables are turned next time, not to mention it encourages Microsoft to attempt to get more third-party exclusives to dick over PS players in the future. It's silly.
    We're all gamers, we all want to enjoy games on out platform of choice. Can we stop dancing to the strings of the corporations and their marketing teams, and unite in our beloved hobby? Can't we all just get along?

      Exclusive content annoys me, whether it's a pre order bonus, console exclusive, whatever. For one, it means you're ripping some of your players off without extra parts of the game, showing you prefer boardroom bank cheques to giving two craps about your fans, and for two, the items are either godlike and ruin the game, or pointless and you stop using them by lvl5.

      Agreed, imagine if Sony had put that money into funding some indie games instead. Sigh...

    Is this stuff paid DLC or freebie?

      Freebie as a reward for having the good, common sense to play your copy on the inherently superior platform.

    Platform-specific exclusive content for a multi-platform game is a divisive, anti-consumer move more trouble than it's worth, and I - for one - am thoroughly against it.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be over there, chest-bumping my PS4 brahs.

    We're gonna see more of this "exclusive" mumbo jumbo whether we,as gamers, like it or not.
    And it's here to stay.
    It's a marketing ploy by platform holders to,one-upmanship the other.
    I reckon exclusives suck as far as I'm concerned as it only serves to ignite console flame wars and the like from gamers.

    The timed exclusivity might be a tad disappointing for diehard PlayStation fans who were looking forward to lording their console-specific Destiny privileges over all their poor friends playing the game on Xbox One or 360.

    Anyone who does this is a dick.

    Last edited 28/08/14 2:53 pm

    The shitty thing about this kind of stuff is not the feeling that Sony paid Activision money to make them extra content, but rather Sony paid Activision money to deprive Xbox owners, like myself, from content. Even if it's only for a year, it feels very anti-consumer.

    And yeah, I think the Tomb Raider situation is equally shitty.

    I don't see this as a problem. It's all pretty crap that would never sway me to purchase a console. It's only real function as I see it is to sway the vote of someone who owns both consoles.

    I'm getting it on Xbox to get two digital copies for the price of one, but still wished I had access to the "cool" ships

    I'll be getting this on Xbone cuz that's where my friends play (seriously I don't know anyone in real life with a PS4)

    As for all this "extra" content - when you have a job/kids etc finding the time to play all this stuff is hard enough without tacking on extraneous missions or activities!

    So I'm one of those guys who probably misses out on content by circumstance anyway if the PS people get a few extras it's no big deal

    For those dissing the PS4 controller. Look at your thumbs when you eat a burger, it's quite the same. Having your left thumb up higher isn't any more comfortable. it's simply for the nostalgic folks that got so used to the xbox controller , which I am almost 100% certain was designed that way just to seperate it from the PS4 design.

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