Monster Hunter Helps Bring Couples Together

Monster Hunter Helps Bring Couples Together

Dating isn’t easy — just ask Dr Nerdlove. It’s a lot easier if you’ve got common interests to break the ice with and get the conversation flowing. In Japan, there’s anime. There’s also one of Japan’s most popular games.

“Machicon” is a relatively recent phenomenon in Japan. In order to help stimulate awareness and jump-start local communities, massive group blind dating events are held. The groups can number anywhere from 100 to 3000 participants. They gather in specified areas and enjoy the local restaurants and bars together at a discount. Some are themed to allow people of similar tastes and hobbies to gather where they know others share the same interest.

Karikon is a dating event focused on Monster Hunter fans. The event is a collaboration between the dating site, Machicon, and Monster Hunter developer Capcom. In Japan, Monster Hunter is extremely popular among both male and female gamers, so there’s a relatively healthy gathering of both genders.

The first Karikon was held in January, and a second in May. A third is scheduled for August 18th, and will be held at the Monster Hunter 10th anniversary fair in Shibuya. Due to the size of the event location, only 150 people can enter for the third event. You can see a picture from the previous event below.

Monster Hunter Helps Bring Couples Together

Participants must be single (of course), over 20 years of age, are required to bring a Nintendo 3DS, an AC adaptor, and a copy of Monster Hunter 4 (of course).

モンハン×街コンの特別コラボ [街コン]


  • The picture doesn’t exactly give a positive image (pun not intended) for the event. It’s basically saying that everyone’s so busy looking at their screens they don’t even know what anyone else looks like. (It’s a joke… sort of) I’m curious to know if these kinds of things do actually work, or, like the picture suggests, it turns into a bunch of people sitting around playing games with no social interaction. Cynicism aside, it’d be fun to attend at least one of these.

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