One Of The PlayStation's Greatest Heroes, Reborn (Again) In Skyrim

One Of The PlayStation's Greatest Heroes, Reborn (Again) In Skyrim

The ever-rising Sir Daniel Fortesque shall live once more, thanks to a mod aimed at recreating the first four levels of the classic MediEvil in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The mod, crafted lovingly by KorinOo of Nexus Mods (via Reddit), aims to breathee new life (sorry, it's too easy) into a PlayStation mascot that's never been incredibly popular but refuses to fade completely into obscurity. We just can't quit you, Sir Dan.

I will say, KorinOo certainly captures the spirit of MediEvil, even if Dan the Man is looking more realistic than he ever has before. Combined with the music of Adam Oakman and the voicework of Cole Johnson, I could almost imagine this was a trailer for a new game.

[WIP] MediEvil in Skyrim [Nexus Mods]


    Great trailer alone, would be good to see what he does with it!

    The original Medievil was awesome on Playstation. Sad, what happened to the team that made it.

      What happened to them? AFAIK SCE Cambridge is still around, they're just considered a branch of Guerrilla games

    As soon as I saw the article headline I thought of Sir Daniel Fortesque. I have been wanting them to make a third game for forever and a day.
    Ranks up there with Crash as far as PSX heroes that have been forgotten or fallen from grace.

    This trailer just makes you stop and think - Why has Sony not re-claimed Sir Dan and done something like this with him to bring him to the new generation. - As a SE title this could have a huge potential.

    Also this just simply looks so darn great :)


    Couldn't get past it. Looks great otherwise!

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