Remember This?

Hey! A new face! I love it when a name I don't recognise manages to guess Remember This. So congrats to tikanderoga for guessing yesterday's game. It was Finders Keepers. That was a tough one, so congrats!

Today's is a real humdinger I reckon. Good luck.


    Not sure why but it reminds me of Total Eclipse. I'm 99.9999999% sure it's not though.

    It makes me think of Raid Over Moscow, but I don't recall any screens exactly like that.

    Looks familiar, thinking the C64 or Amiga but can't place it.

      colours definitely look like the Amiga palette....

    Quest for Quintana Roo?
    I know it isn't, but does anyone else remember this game? I used to love it.

    Reminds me of the old EA logo

    Wonderboy 3?

    Double Dragon 2

    Aztec challenge? Reminds me of the game where you're running to/up the pyramid

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