This Is The YouTube Book Of Halo Glitches

This Is The YouTube Book Of Halo Glitches

It’s called ‘stunting’ or, at least, it’s one facet of stunting, a super broad area of expertise which basically involves exploiting glitches to spectacular effect.

This series of videos


You can find out more about the project here.


  • Went through story mode with my friend and kept taking warthogs inside where they weren’t supposed to be. Some ‘nades and pushing usually solved it.

    • You mean when it was good? 😛

      (I don’t know anymore, I stopped watching RVB when they transitioned into Halo 4 and lost the ability to nod their heads with their guns down)

      • I’ve been watching it the whole time through, been getting the DVDs every Christmas, and let me tell you, right now, in Season 12, it’s still pretty good.
        There was a while there where they were* focusing more on drama and action than comedy, and while enjoyable, drama is NOT Roosterteeth’s strongpoint.
        I think it was Season 10 that had the most drama, and then it got better.

        Ah, but you already know this! They started Halo 4 in Season 11, which was a pretty fun season. Season 12 got better, and threw in a plot I didn’t initially think was going to be good, but then it got better too.

        I would certainly recommend these last two seasons, my fellow enthusiast. They at least better than the preceding season.

      • yeah i havent watched RVB since like season 5-6 so quite a while ago. Still love RT just not so much RVB lol.

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