This Is The YouTube Book Of Halo Glitches

One of the most unique things about Halo is the multiple different communities it has spawned: there are the pro gamers, the people knee deep in the lore, the folks who love leaping around like Mexican jumping beans, and then there are the people who 'stunt': AKA the players who make Warthogs explode into the air.

It's called 'stunting' or, at least, it's one facet of stunting, a super broad area of expertise which basically involves exploiting glitches to spectacular effect.

This series of videos is the end result of seven years of work on Halo: Combat Evolved. It is literally a visual, YouTube book on all the possible 'stunts' you can achieve in Halo, focused in the Blood Gulch map. It teaches you how to exploit those glitches and pull off all those spectacular clips you've seen over the years.

Don't get me wrong, some of this series is bloody boring — there's no other way to describe it. So much of it focuses on stuff like balancing Tanks on precarious ledges and what not — the kind of stuff that no lay person has any real interest in — but if you want to learn how to blow stuff up real good in Halo? This is a solid resource!

You can find out more about the project here.


    Went through story mode with my friend and kept taking warthogs inside where they weren't supposed to be. Some 'nades and pushing usually solved it.

    Man these would have been awesome back in the day for Red Vs Blue.

      You mean when it was good? :P

      (I don't know anymore, I stopped watching RVB when they transitioned into Halo 4 and lost the ability to nod their heads with their guns down)

        I've been watching it the whole time through, been getting the DVDs every Christmas, and let me tell you, right now, in Season 12, it's still pretty good.
        There was a while there where they were* focusing more on drama and action than comedy, and while enjoyable, drama is NOT Roosterteeth's strongpoint.
        I think it was Season 10 that had the most drama, and then it got better.

        Ah, but you already know this! They started Halo 4 in Season 11, which was a pretty fun season. Season 12 got better, and threw in a plot I didn't initially think was going to be good, but then it got better too.

        I would certainly recommend these last two seasons, my fellow enthusiast. They at least better than the preceding season.

        yeah i havent watched RVB since like season 5-6 so quite a while ago. Still love RT just not so much RVB lol.

    this is a REAL Halo PC stunt video / Glitches

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