Team 17 Finally Made A Game That Isn't About Worms...

This one is about sheep. Sheep that solve puzzles and get brutalised in various ridiculously violent ways. I think I'm down with this.

It's called Flockers and it looks remarkably similar to Lemmings, except it has sheep instead of... lemmings. I'm also down with this — surely the statute of limitations on that bad boy ran out some time ago.

Regardless, I'm keen to check this one out. I was a big fan of Worms back in the day. A big fan of Lemmings too now that I think of it. I like the idea of this type of game making a resurgence. Lemmings was great. Worms was great. I'm also guessing that Team 17 has about a decade of fresh ideas built up after making nothing but Worms games for so long. Looking forward to seeing that team stretch their legs with this new game.


    I knew someone like ewe would do this....

      I might be lambasted for this, but I hope they can knit some new gameplay ideas into the whole lemmings sub-genre, otherwise the developers might feel a bit sheepish if no-one likes their game. They need to innovate, mutton else matters!

    If it's any consolation, the sheep probably have worms. So they can never really escape it.

    I know it wasn't Team 17, but I really loved Hogs of War back in the day

    Ok - Some details that probably should have been included in this 'article'.
    From the description on Steam

    For over twenty years sheep have been an integral part of the worms’ fearsome arsenal. Held for years within the evil thrall of their diabolical masters the sheep are finally making a dash for freedom! Escaping the tyrannical worms, the flock must dodge its way past all manner of lethal machinery and traps as the sheep negotiate their path through the confinement of the Worms’ weapons factory out into the testing grounds and ever onwards towards pastures green.

    $14.99 USD

    Currently early access on Steam
    Full release September 19th for download.

    So, Team 17 made a game that stars sheep escaping from the Worms. - Purchased and currently downloading!

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      This is exactly the information needed in the article. cheers.

      To add to that IGN have reported that it's also coming to the Xbox One and PS4.

    Finally? Team17 have certainly made a lot of Worms, but they also made Alien Breed back in the 90s as well as the remake a few years back.

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