Watch Dogs Is Finally Coming To Wii U In November

Watch Dogs Is Finally Coming To Wii U In November

Rejoice, Wii U owners — you, too, will get a third-party game later this year. Ubisoft just announced that its open-world hacking game Watch Dogs comes to Wii U on November 18.

Watch Dogs was first released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC in May. It's not great. But maybe the Wii U version — which Ubisoft promises will offer Off-TV Play and put an interactive map on your GamePad — will be better.


    wow, this is a turn around, maybe a sign of things to come for the Wii U? I can't imagine it being a big seller however, but good to see more big name games on the system.

      Except Ubisoft said that this was the last of its type coming to Wii U :(

    "It's not great". Why say this? Couldn't you just let the wii u owners have a game, probably the best 3rd party game they will get, without pulling out the hate

      probably the best 3rd party game they will getHahaha good one.

      There are other third party games available which crap on watch dogs from a great height, even within the same genre!

      That being said, I'm still interested in how they use the gamepad, even if what they've announced seems significantly downgraded from their initial promises (taking time to utilise the gamepad fully, delayed seven months, we get a map and off tv play?).

      Bayonetta 2. Best third party game the Wii U will ever get.

        Technically it's first-party considering Ninty are funding and publishing it.

      It's all good the WiiU has the best version of Rayman Legends (better than PC or ps4 as it was originally designed for WiiU hardware) and also the best port of deus ex and the best version of mass effect three (it has the updated alternate ending that was downloadable for other systems already in game).
      I dont really care for watch dogs could have got it for ps3 but doesn't look that great to me.

      The game isn't great, I played it for about and hour before I stopped playing.

        This game is great, I played it for a while and didnt stop playing until I finished it.


    I could download this game for $45 on the Xbone last night (it’s on sale this week).

    It’ll be a bit sh*t for Nintendo owners when it’s $80 at Christmas this year (with so few decent releases it’ll probably stay that way for a long time) while the new-gen versions should be getting cheap most places.

    Still, I’d imagine that very few people own only at WiiU so it shouldn’t be an issue for most.

    wow so lets make the game for another console but still no effort to fix the countless issues making it impossible to run on a PC with sli without completely turning it off and the constant stuttering on a gtx680 on ultra settings...... cant wait to get my refund thru steam. ive put in maybe 1 hour of game time cos I cant get past the starting bit due to it running like a dog.

    Last edited 11/09/14 12:11 pm

    I'm a PC/ WiiU owner, I wouldn't even buy this sh*t on PC.

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