Watching Halo 2 Multiplayer Again Makes My Eyes Rain

Watching Halo 2 Multiplayer Again Makes My Eyes Rain

On a personal note, Halo 2 is quite important to me — particularly when it comes to multiplayer. I’m hard-pressed to think of a single game I spent more time with. It was an obsession. I watched the pro scene particularly, through its early stages through to its demise with Halo 4. So watching this great video, with some of the old top pros playing the new remastered Halo 2 maps? Man, it brings a tear to these old man eyes…

This Halo event took place at PAX Prime and the above video shows some of the best plays from the event.

In particular its great to watch Lockout, probably my favourite Halo map of all time. It might not have been the most balanced of the MLG maps, but it was certainly the most interesting in terms of route finding.

And the sword. The plasma sword. Oh man. Watching it in action. I can’t help it. My objectivity is ruined. It’s dissipated into the ether. I’m ruined for life. I cannot be objective about the Halo Master Chief Collection. I just need to play it. ASAP.


  • Eh, not for me. I found Halo 2 lacking compared to 1 and I dislike it for the fact it sent the series down a path I believe was against the idea of Halo and put the audience in a form of complacency that very few managed to recover from.

      • First problem was making the switch to regenerative health, meaning you didn’t have to pay attention to your health at all since it recovered once you won.

        • Wow… You do realize that Halo is set in 2552…. Plus these are super-human soldiers health shouldn’t even exist. Plus that was one of the best decisions they made. Halo 2 is a probably the biggest multiplayer game of our time.

  • Halo 2. That game was possibly one of the most hyped of all time. I think IGN even reviewed it again a bit later down the line once the hype had warn off. I’ve never seen that happen before or since.

  • Still mad that Halo 2 isn’t on the 360, making the only game in the series not on the 360. Could’ve been perfect, but I guess Microsoft just wanted the money more.

        • No, Halo 4 is a “good” Halo. Because it was made by 343i, the developer that was created by Microsoft to control the franchise instead of those filthy betrayers known as Bungie.

          • Halo 4 campaign was good.. let’s not talk about the multi…

            I’m assuming you like Reach? considering they bought the beloved health system back? 🙂
            Reach is by far my favourite still

  • As far as multiplayer goes, in my opinion Halo 2 was the pinnacle of the series (and console shooters in general). Sure, Halo CE was a great game. I spent many hours playing it online using gamespy and XBC, but H2 was just awsome. It really required teamwork and strategy to win. H3 was good also, but less so than 1 & 2. I didn’t care much for 4.
    Looking forward to picking up the MCC (and an XB1 to play it on).

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