Destiny's Hardest Boss, Killed In Under 20 Seconds

Sure, you can glitch Atheon off the cliff by yourself with a few grenades, but apparently even that isn't as fast as four players wailing on him with exotic rocket launchers. Also, clips from World of Warcraft, Alien: Isolation, Halo 2 and more!

On Wednesday in Destiny, Bludrunk and his clan Legendary Crew decided to take on Atheon in the way only the most dedicated players can: 6 players, 4 using exotic rocket launchers, take down the game's hardest boss in under 20 seconds. If you've seen the exploit that allows a single player using grenades to trick Atheon into falling off the edge, even that takes around 25 seconds.

Also, in World of Warcraft, a group of players ran the Scarlet Monastery dungeon in Challenge Mode and grabbed a record time just before the latest patch made their strategies impossible. Pretty good way to hold on to your record! (Thanks Exploboom for sending it in!)

  1. Titanfall — Rotimix
  2. VOG Hard Mode Atheon World Record — Bludrunk
  3. Alien: Isolation — Egores
  4. Destiny Thralls — quantity-question
  5. Scarlet Monastery 3:14 — Velinart (via Exploboom)
  6. Halo 2 PC Throwback — DiamondRyce

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    They didn't beat Atheon in the fastest way because they had 'Times Vengeance' which means they had to still have some go through portals. Yet the people who push him off the edge have done it before being teleported. This is still an amazing feat, considering no exploit. But its not the fastest

    Do want Timebreaker, that secondary booster is hilarious.

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