Great, Destiny’s Auto-Rifles Are About To Get Worse

Great, Destiny’s Auto-Rifles Are About To Get Worse

I mean, we all knew it was coming. Bungie had already mentioned that they felt that Destiny‘s auto-rifles were overpowered and too accurate, and that a “fix” was coming. I guess I just started telling myself that they’d forgotten or something. They did not forget.

Starting tomorrow, a Destiny hotfix will make a number of tweaks to how the weapons in the game work, along with a few other things. The complete list of changes, via the Destiny blog, is below.


  • Fixed a bug where the Valkyrie-O5X Ship was the same as the Aurora Lance


  • Titan
  • Unbreakable: Fixed an issue with the perk granting more agility than intended
  • Warlock
  • Brimstone: Perk can now activate if player is airborne


  • General
  • Fixed some issues related to quick weapon swapping
  • Auto Rifles
  • Base Damage decreased by 2%
  • Reduced Precision Damage multiplier from 1.50 -> 1.25 (head shot bonus)
  • Stability decreased by 4% – 17% (driven by stat value)
  • Hand Cannons
  • In-air accuracy now increased
  • Scout Rifles
  • Base damage increased by 6%
  • Damage vs. Combatants increased by 6% – 25% (based on tier)
  • Improved target acquisition, plus additional recoil tuning.
  • Shotguns
  • Decreased base damage at maximum range (falloff) by 20%
  • Shot Package Perk now has a slightly wider cone of fire
  • The Rangefinder and Shot Package perks are now mutually exclusive
  • Exotic Weapons
  • Vex Mythoclast
  • Base Damage decreased by 34%
  • Increased Precision Damage multiplier from 1.25 -> 1.50 (headshot bonus)
  • Pocket Infinity
  • Enhanced Battery Perk has now been replaced with the Speed Reload Perk
  • Perks
  • Metal Detector: Fixed a bug that prevents this perk from actually providing additional ammo
  • Lightweight: Fixed a bug that allowed additional agility to apply even when a weapon was stowed


  • Strikes
  • Engram rewards from strikes now appear in the post-game Activity Summary
  • Raid – Vault of Glass
  • Templar Encounter
  • Kill volume added to sniper platforms to prevent players from sitting on top of them
  • Relic is now removed and respawned if the holder leaves the playable area


  • The Fallen have also retreated from their hold over the Rocket Yard to discuss a new takeover plan

I’m super bummed that my humorously large stock of legendary and exotic auto-rifles will be less powerful than it was, and it also sounds like we won’t be able to rely on that “hide on the sniper pillar” method of beating the Templar in the Vault of Glass. Well, shit.

I’m also curious to know whether “The Fallen have also retreated from their hold over the Rocket Yard” is code for “we nerfed that second loot cave“. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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