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    I think I need to go find a shower or something.

      Good. You stink! :p

        It was a long walk ;_;

          long walk from where? Why are you so far from a shower?

            From the car to the station to work!

            Ok it wasn't all that long. Although the first part was uphill.

              My mornings; shower, get dressed for work, walk to station, catch train across Brisbane, walk ten mins to work, sweating profusely, vould really do with another shower once I get to my desk

                I don't like morning showers. Too much effort.

                  When I walk to work I shower here. That involves effort though. A gym's moving in downstairs in a couple of.weeks though so I can use that as the excuse to shower here. It'll involve more effort than walking though



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      Tell us about #gamergate!

        Gamer Gate is a thing where insecure people on the internet are complaining about the fact a woman did a thing! ITS LEGIT SHIT

    Dr. Who last night! SOOOOOOO GOOD!

    but ...

    What the hell was with that chick at the end? "I have chosen well" I think she said? Is Clara gonna turn out to be evil and break my heart?! ARRRRRRR!!! NOT MY CLARA!!!!

      We watched half of it but.hangovers meant not enough attention being applied. It.was good though what I saw, definitely one of the better eps this season. It was the same guy who wrote the last ep as well wasn't it as that was decent.too

      apologies for fullstops instead of spaces, the spacebar on the Z3 is stupidly small and I'm hitting . more often.than not

      Remember in Mummy on the Orient Express when...

      Clara was about to stop traveling with the Doctor and suddenly changed her mind? Seemed way out of character for her. Maybe she's being brainwashed?

        I'm so glad she's kind of over the whole leaving thing now.. as far as we can tell anyway. But that woman at the end of this weeks.. where she said "I think I have chosen well" or something to that effect.. scary stuff!! What's happening with my lovely Clara!?!?! ARRRR

    Howdy Buckaroos! How were your weekends?

    Pretty crap for me, worked 12 hour days, but I was able to squeeze in a little bit of time with DriveClub and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

    Day off today, should be cleaning and organizing the spare room, but to hell with it, vidya gamez \o/

      Weekend? 5 oversized tequila shots and 8 ciders later, my mate's birthday turned into a blur for me leading to the first Sunday Maccas run this year and watching Buffy and The Simpsons from the comfort of my bed

    @beavwa @tech_knight @pixel_the_ferret_viking @coldcamv
    As it's getting closer to Christmas, the lost dogs home is going to be inundated with dogs and cats. I suggest that we collect a bunch of old towels and blankets that we don't need anymore, plus any dogs toys that our dogs don't play with, or any dog food or treats and donate them to the lost dogs home. It's the main shelter, but they'll share it with regional shelters as well.

    People from other states, I suggest if you have the time or goods, that you do the same.

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      For QLD I'd recommend donating to the Animal Welfare League. They run all the pounds in Brisbane now as well as Ipswich and the Gold Coast and seem to be doing a good job of it

      You'd also be surprised at how much the dog shelters appreciate things like office supplies, or things for their tearooms. Any money not being spent on these things can then go towards the animals.

      Im pretty sure I've got some old stuff laying around ill see what I have

    Anyone else been sick lately, I've been down with a sore throat/flu like thing for over a week.
    Thought it was getting better yesterday, but woke up worse again today, it just won't die!
    Did make it to the movies yesterday to see 'Gone Girl'. Holy crap that was a tense film.
    Poor Doogie Howser!

      I get it this time of year every year, it's a hayfever thing. Do you get that?

      I haven't seen Gone Girl yet, but I saw Argo at last, and that's a holy-crap-tense film too. Ben Affleck has directing chops for sure.

        I think GG is directed by the guy who did Benjamin Button.
        At one point everyone in the cinema had their hands up in front of their faces, cringing and barely able to look.

          Pretty sure he did Seven & Fight Club as well, so he's got a decent resume. Gone Girl was great, the only thing i want to say about it is the less you know about it going in the better.

            Absolutely. The only thing I knew was the title, so the whole thing was like "Holy SHIT!"

      I had that for like a week. Yesterday was probably the first day I felt ok but even today my throat still feels pretty goopy.

    I wonder how focused I should be on pins for PAX.

      Don't let it take over your PAX experience. I ended up trading for the rare staff pins but now I don't even know where the pin is. So don't waste your time.

        I remember last year that I waited until Saturday afternoon when the crowds had died a bit to go look at pins and other merch. They were long sold out.
        I figured it wasn't something I'd compete with others and line up for hours just for the privilege of buying. Too much effort.

          Think we grabbed our stuff late day 1 and they still had a good range of everything.

    @piat you're never going to guess what @jocon and myself got from our alt VoG run this week! Go on! You'll never guess! =P

    @dire_wolf and @os42 thanks for making it guys! =]

      If you got Hawkmoon you're dead to me

        You know how we were discussing it's impossible for 2 exotics to drop in one run? Yeah... Not the case =P

        Yes 2 Hawkmoons =P How's that heart of praxic fire looking now?!!

          Well that's a load of crap. Pretty good still, it's a nice vault decoration :P


        Didn't that get changed to OOS a few years ago?

        Either way, I mostly see it as Roberts Space Industries from Star Citizen now.

          It's also the 2nd item returned if you Google it. ;)

      Aw don't gloat man, I kinda feel genuinely bad about it.

        I'm sorry Jo... but all those times he got Heart of Praxic Fire... This is the universe balancing it out =P

          The shards were terribly useful, anyway hawkmoon is looking less appealing with having all these secondary and heavy exotics to switch between :)

            Yeah I'm torn. Hawkmoon is great but I love Ice Breaker and I want Plan C and Thunderlord...

            Don't worry it'll look more appealing when you see me one-shotting everything with my 3 rounds of bonus damage and ridiculous range! =P

            P.S. are you getting an alt?

              The bonus dmg is pretty negligible tbh, it's the same bonus dmg as the last shot of Thorn, which was only like 5% or something, pretty disappointing on all weapons tbh.

              Unsure if I'll finish levelling my warlock, doing the story all over again is so damn boring.

      You should probably get checked by a doctor if you got what I am guessing.

      Little Jealous myself, still looking for a decent hand cannon myself to use for Atheon, Auto Rifles work just fine... however Hand Cannon is just more reliable for supplicants.

        Devil You Know is really good, especially for crowds of ads.

          Optimally the best choice would be hard mode Hand Cannon, high clip, explosive rounds, precision reload, precision explosions.

          The gun itself makes killing supplicants fun.

          We need to do Hard Mode :(

            Have not seen that, will have to look it up.
            Explosive rounds suck tho, just makes you do less damage, especially precision.

              Fatebringer Jo, you know the other hand cannon we all want =P it causes explosions on precision damage kills and also comes with explosive rounds.

    Fucking roundabouts man, it's a risk every time I use one.


      People indicate at your roundabout? Wow, you're lucky. I've nearly been killed multiple times on the one at the end of my street.

        To be fair it's a pretty messed up roundabout with several hundred exits.

          Yup, the worst thing is there are multiple of those roundabouts in my suburb, The local council just now is realising "Oh shit, these things are causing deaths" and are slowly getting rid of them.

      Some people are real dickheads in roundabouts, especially ones with two lanes because they think it's an opportunity to overtake you because you had the audacity to do 60 in a 60 zone and they've REALLY got to get to the pub.

        Steveo's shouting but, and a girl from high school I totally had a crush on but She didn't know my name was Tagged there on daveo's ex missus' facebook 4 hours ago she could still be there

      I think you're supposed to, in NSW at least (with the idea being that you indicate left to turn off from the roundabout).

      It's retarded and pretty much nobody actually does it. At least not on the more common tiny little things that we call roundabouts which are apparently such a huge novelty to interstaters.

      Last edited 20/10/14 9:40 am

        You are meant to indicate on and off roundabouts, the problem is people dont understand how properly when going straight .

          It's a silly rule that mostly confuses other drivers imo

            Agreed, when i did my driving test, It was the only thing i did wrong. I asked the policeman and he said he was glad nobody teaches it because it serves to confuse people most of the time and that if you are unsure just dont do it because its more likely to confuse people and cause accidents.

          I don't understand the point of indicating on though. I mean if *everyone* is indicating right when they go onto a roundabout, then there's absolutely no point to it. It doesn't mean anything other than "I am using the roundabout" which you already know because you can see that they're doing just that.

          I just go by standard intersection indications. Left for left, right for right, nothing for straight.

            The straight man gets nothing again, AS USUAL :P

        This is true - or was still true 4-5 years ago.
        Interestingly, failure to indicate on or off a roundabout correctly is/was classed as a "2nd tier" infringement of Disobeying Traffic Signals, which can attract up to $175 fine and 2 demerit points. People complain that speed traps/cameras are just for money making, but if NSW Police were really interested in revenue raising, they'd just sit a car at every roundabout and rake in the big bucks.

      Trivia Question Time!

      When approaching a round-about, who should you give way to?

        Nobody. Rush to get on there first so they have to give way to you!

          Geez, that's the response I get to my 5,000th comment on Kotaku? :P

        The person on the round about everyone else doesn't have right of way, iirc.


          But who does everybody usually give way to?

            Santa, I don't fucking know. Everyone stops no matter what.

            The right?

              Yep. Because it's easier. So now everybody on my right have a habit of flooring it through.

          Which is too fucking complicated for most people.

            So is giving way to your right, I see too many people every week come close to or initiate an accident near where I work, and people wonder why I don't want to drive heh.

      Motherfucking roundabouts, man. I feel your pain. And it's worse when over half the roundabouts are poorly designed and actually increase the odds of death.

      One Christmas we had a screaming fight in my family over the correct way to use a roundabout.

      Family hey.

      When driving, I never had a trouble with roundabouts. It's a pretty simple rule, but a lot of people mess up. At least less people mess up than when they are merging! Perth drivers are really bad at that for some reason.

    Watched Maleficent and American Psycho last night.

    Maleficent: very good overall, entertaining to watch, ending felt a bit forced and didn't really resonate with the rest of the movie, even though it was a blast to watch. 8/10.

    American Psycho: I'd already seen all the best bits of this movie via various internet memes and satires. I guess I liked the general point of the movie, I felt like it could have done with less of the gratuitous violence etc. Like cut out about 20 minutes or so of the violence and you've got a bit of a cerebral thriller happening. Glad I finally watched it but I was a bit disappointed. Glad the blu-ray was only ten bucks. 6/10.

    Other than that my weekend was mainly devoted to playing Destiny and feeling a bit rubbish.


      Not sure, I'm still waiting for the test results.

      No. And if I see everyone being only positive on the internet I'll know we've all been replaced by robots, Stepford Wives style.

        be positive please. for me. Shigeru Curtainmoto.

          If my memory permits, I will now only address you as Mr Curtainmoto.


          I'm not positive for the simple reason that you told me to be. I've never been good at doing what I'm told. :P

            I AM LEGIT WORRIED THOUGH. I thought something was up!


    I played a bunch of pokemon on the weekend. My friend came over and we did something fun. Given a half hour time limit we caught the best pokemon we could and then battled. It was a hoot. I opted to get a shedninja with wonder guard and stall him out with toxic. He opted for a Zooraak with illusion that ended up fucking me up. But it was really really fun. We also did a wondertrade battle. Trading 6 pokemon and using those six in a battle. It was really fun.

    I should stop playing pokemon soon. :P

      Oh man that sounds really awesome! I should do that with my sister, since right now my Pokemon are way better than hers (she only started about a month ago).

    ANYONE WATCH THE LoL world Championsip.

    Samsung white fucking demolished royal club. The Jungler for Samsung White "Dandy" is a monster. Funny because royal club has Insec and Uzi thought to be the best two players in their positions. Cray cray.

    Anyway now i wanna play LoL again. :p

      But I gave away my LoL account!

        i wont start again. It takes too much of my time and it just serves as a tool for getting frustrated. Watching people be good at it though is cool.

          Playing with strangers is poo. Playing with friends is slightly less frustrating. I've started playing again with @techknight and @zaps (?) a bit - you could always join us.

          But yeah, don't play solo queue - it leads to the dark side, and not the good one with cookies.

            when you're working together closely with at least one person you know it does get more enjoyable to play

      Dandy's Rengar play would be giving SHR nightmares after that, his counterganking was always so well timed to demolish almost every chance SHR had to get ahead from good ganks of their own. But my favourite player has to be Mata the MVP in Samsung White. He had some absolutely amazing clutch moves to make turning a possible disaster completely around look so simple. Was a really amazing watch, and they were apparently second seed from Korea over Samsung Blue and completely demolished them 3-0 in the Semi finals. They realy stepped up and they really deserved the win.

      I completely forgot about the entire tournament. I'll probably watch the VoDs at some point. I'm trying to avoid being spoiled on which teams actually competed in the finals. Are Lemondogs still a thing? I'll cheer them on if they are.

    So I'm heading back to Japan next year. Where do I buy the used underwear?

      Vending machine!

        (Un?)fortunately the vending machine thing is an urban legend. You can only buy pure, unused girls' panties from them now.


    on a secondary note i love that shiggy is back. Im no longer the most hyperactive child here WOOO

      well, that's debatable ...

      I'll fucking leave. I swear.


          Come on mate. I'll let you. Don't even tempt me.

            Mr Curtainmoto likes long walks to the beach and drop punting cats from 50 yards out for a touchdown

    "So, another monday," You think to yourself, computer turning on. You are consuming your mediocre beverage of choice, looking out the window at I-don't-give-a-fuck. "Maybe Saturday'll post a 'what's going on in Canada' post with the same punchline." Then with a cold, lifeless purpose your eyes turn towards your computer screen, hoping your limpid gaze will finally reach the depths of my depraved, black heart, shielded from the world by puns and horrible jokes.

    And I will stare back, and I will say "no."

    I mean, don't get me wrong, nothing is happening in Canada still, but that's beside the point.

      Man the cold does things to a man :/

        Turns a man impervious to the wonders of the world. Drains all life, all purpose from one's being. It makes the happiest of men become withered husks.

        On the other hand apparently @bish has become slightly more pleasant, so there's that.

    Last night I got my third Diablo 3 character to level 70. Now have Witch Doctor (Hardcore), Demon Hunter and Wizard.

    Started the Crusader and my god is he boring. Also slow. This run is going to be a long one...

    Got a raft of new games here and I keep playing Diablo. I may have a problem.

      Is the problem that you built a raft from your new games? That seems like a silly thing to do.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Busy weekend. Went to Kapunda on Thursday to see the parents, out on Friday night with friends from school (went to a wine bar in the barossa), mum finished my Raz cap on Saturday so my pax costume is complete! Then went to a 30th on Saturday night. On Sunday delivered 70 pairs of shoes to a place, cleaned up a bunch of stuff pre house inspection, then pub for tea.

    A Monday morning question: given enough time and budget, dream cosplay?

      Levi from Attack on Titian
      Fuck that guy is badass

      Lulu from FFX.

        Or my bandit from Dark Souls 2 actually, now that I think about it some more.

      Cosplay: a really, really good FemShep. Like, with super detailed armour and weaponry.

      Dream Cosplay: The King of All Cosmos. I even started planning it / putting it together at one time, started shaping my sideburns, etc. But then I fell out of the con' scene and all progress stopped.

      Fully-armoured Samus would be pretty cool. Also one of those badass actually-transforming Transformer ones you see videos of. Future goal is to get a full proper Captain Falcon going, that one's been kind of waiting on me developing sewing skills I guess. At the moment the [redacted] that I'm working on now is probably up there too :P

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      Thanatos from Persona 3.

      Or Londo Bell Amuro Ray with 1:1 scale Hi-Nu Gundam. *shrugs*