Watch People Panic And Die In Alien: Isolation

Watch People Panic And Die In Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation isn't exactly a "fun" game to play. It's super stressful and really difficult. It's definitely fun to watch other people play it, however.

Once this game is out, I sense there will be a lot of good times to be had watching people hide, flee, and panic as they attempt to survive. In the meantime, a few notable folks on YouTube who got early copies have shot some enjoyable videos of themselves playing.

If you're curious how the game holds together, I reviewed it. (Short version: Very cool, extremely stressful, has some issues, not for everyone.) But if you'd like to see how the whole "Hide from an alien until it eventually kills you" thing plays out in action, these videos are a good start. Worth noting: these videos spoil some early parts of the game, so if you want it to be as scary and surprising as possible, you might want to skip them.

First up, Mr. Jim Sterling has a pretty enjoyable playthrough of the medical complex, which highlights just how many ways things can go wrong:

Meanwhile Jackfrags tackles the same section:

And last, a little-known underground YouTuber named PewDiePie takes on the game's survival mode and… doesn't survive:

Mr. DiePie has been sharing a complete playthrough of the game as well, though he hasn't gotten up to the really good stuff yet.

Isolation comes out at midnight tonight, and I'm sure that as the week progresses we'll see many more videos of freaked out people being mauled by Xenomorphs. To those about to be hunted: Good luck, and don't be afraid to share. In space, everyone can watch your stream.


    Isolation comes out at midnight tonight

    No? It broke street date in Australia and came out on Sunday.

    Pewdiepie playing this is possibly the worst thing I can imagine at the moment, and considering the day I have had, that is a feat.

      Just don't watch it man, don't harm yourself. I'm steering way clear of that crap.


        I will watch it, then complain about it.

        Like how I will watch the South Park episode on cis, then complain about it on tumblr...

          I guess it's good you at least watched it before....complaining about it. >_>

          Oh, I'm sorry Officer, I didn't see your Social Justice badge there... :p

          So how about that episode?
          I was laughing all the way through. I thought it was respectful enough for transfolk while still being funny to use the concept as a butt of jokes. I'm sure Tumblr will shit the bed over it though, but they can go fuck themselves.

          And I really like this continuity they've got going. I hope it keeps up over the course of the season.

            Continuity is something new, maybe make the season stand out.

            What I'm curious to know if anybody noticed the real transgendered character that they never pointed out.

              Well I might've missed it. Who are we talking about?

                It was during one of the bathroom scenes. I think the second scene with Cartman in the girls bathroom.

    I was originally disappointed at the news this game wouldn't ship with the Oculus Rift support they demoed. Now though I'm pretty darn glad they didn't. I'm not sure I could handle that right up in my face without having a massive heart attack and/or throwing up.

    I honestly don't get all the hate towards pewdiepie... I personally enjoy his videos. is it some kind of new band wagon all the kids are jumping on nowadays? christ, I'm not THAT old and out of touch, am I?

      to be honest, its not pewdiepie that people hate so much.

      its his obnoxious and cancerous community, known only as the "bro army" who will lynch you should you decide to say a single bad thing about their lord and saviour, pewdiejesus.

      I totally understand why some people love him, a few of my mates do but I've personally never been able to get past the inane chatter through every video he does however I'm always a big supporter of actual conversation for the viewer instead of bland party chat with lots of distorted yelling at each other which I've noticed a new spike in recently on the old youtube. But that is just me.

    I want to play this so badly, but I know me..and I know what I'm like in horror games and I know full well that it will result in me freezing up and crushing the controller in my truckasaurus sized hands. But I'm just so glad to see a game capture the feeling of the original film, which to this day still stands as one of my favourites. Maybe I can convince someone to play it in my vicinity and I can just tear a couch cushion in half during fits of fear instead.

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