Win! An Exclusive World Of Tanks Trunk

I think it's time to have a good old fashioned Microsoft Paint competition. At stake? A World of Tanks trunk for the winner and a a couple of World of Tanks goodie bags for two runners up.

Here are the rules: I want you to design and draw your dream tank. Use your imagination. Absolutely anything goes. The only catch is this: you have to design the tank using Microsoft paint.

You have until Tuesday at 10am to enter. We're looking for some imaginative entries for this one, so go bananas!

The runner up goodie bags contain...

- PAX 2014 T-Shirt - Car Decals - Wargaming 2015 Calendar - Stress Balls - Wargaming Duffle Bag - Assorted L shaped folder - Mouse Pads

Good luck, and remember you have until Tuesday morning to enter. Add a comment in the post below with the link to your image to enter.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


      How the hell can ANYONE compete with that, first comment = too perfect.

      well played good sir.

      I logged in just to up vote this... I was thinking about making a conventional fighting tank... but i'm not sure if i should even bother now... >_>

    The M1.C.R.A.B

      but what about that weak spot for massive damage?

        Dude you can't make an ultimate weapon without a weak spot, it's pretty much the rules.

    Am i able to get my 6 year old to draw one up on my behalf?

    scrap that after seeing Stevorooni's i give up.

    Last edited 30/10/14 4:52 pm

    I submit The Ivan

    Dubstep Tank

    Last edited 30/10/14 7:21 pm

      Dammit! You stole my idea! :p
      [and also drew it about 100x better! lol]

      Haha looks like Thomas just seen one of his mates naked.

    There is something fishy about my tank..

    Last edited 02/11/14 1:54 pm

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