Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is More Exciting Than The Real Thing

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is More Exciting Than The Real Thing

Pokémon Insurgence might not be an official Pokémon game, but that doesn't make Insurgence any less exciting. The reason? Features. Glorious, glorious features.

Actual Pokémon games certainly have their share of exciting features — the problem is that some features will only appear in a certain generation, only to then disappear in subsequent games. The upcoming Pokémon games, for example, won't have customisation despite the fact that X & Y did. Game Freak justifies this by saying that they do this to "give unique traits of personalities to the different regions," but it's hard not to feel cynical about it, too — like they're not interested in making the best possible Pokémon game, but rather sell you a whole bunch of different versions just so you can experience that one cool thing. It's smart from a business perspective, but it's kind of annoying for players to have to deal with, too.

All of that goes out the window in Pokémon Insurgence. Insurgence mashes together many of the cool features we've come to love over the years, like customisation, mega evolutions, Pokémon following you in the overworld map, and secret bases — things you'd need to buy three seperate Pokemon games to experience under normal circumstances. Insurgence also adds a few quirks of its own.

The story, for example, seems darker than your average Pokémon game. It's about cultists. More excitingly, the game features built-in challenges that make your playthrough more interesting. Always wanted to do a Nuzlocke run, those playthroughs where you must release any Pokémon that faints? The game has that feature built-in, along with a few other ones:

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is More Exciting Than The Real Thing

The game also adds some megas of its own:

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is More Exciting Than The Real Thing

It also has Delta Pokémon, which you might remember from the Trading Card Game :

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is More Exciting Than The Real Thing

And you can even add armour to your Pokémon:

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is More Exciting Than The Real Thing

Neat, right? Plus, all of these neat additions to the classic formula come in the form of nice as it is to see Pokémon in their full 3D glory, I kind of miss sprites. Maybe that's just me.

While the game isn't out yet — the developer is aiming to release a demo before the end of the month — you can check out a breakdown of many of the different features Insurgence has here: And you can check out Insurgence's Wiki here. We'll keep you updated on the game, too.


    Geezuz. Sounds insane. So rad.
    I hate to say it, but Nintendo/Game Freak/Creatures Inc. will be all over this.

      Yup, this will get nuked like so many zeldas before it.

        and then they will include these options in a game later down the track because once we overlook some of the missteps over the past few years, they have been, of late, really in tune with their fans and quite open to suggestion.

      Not really. People have been modding Pokemon ROM files for years, Nintendo can't really do anything to stop it. Modded roms is it's own huge subculture these days.

        It's not a modded rom though, it's a .exe made in rpg maker.

          Still, once it's out, there's no stopping it.

      Same guy:

      Some of you may know me as that "Zeta/Omicron" guy, based off a different fangame I've created. Truth be told, there's a lot of things I wanted to fix, change or add in that game, but given the game is already basically finished, I wanted to create a new one!

    This genuinely looks like more fun then the new R/S releases and I'm stocked for them to come out.
    - As much as I like the concept of copyright I hate that it takes down so many awesome projects and hinders creativity like this.

    Mutated "Delta" Pokémon is super interesting.

    The devs aren't very happy about this article, but then again, I doubt Patricia cares, she just takes whatevers from Reddits front page.

    I love it when they try to give a Pokemon game a dark story. Fan games or official.

    You realize the main character is 10 and all the villains had to do is just punch you in the face to win? Because I can't stop thinking about that and it takes me out of the story. :P

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