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    Hey guys, how were your weekends. Mine was a bit of a let down. I planned on playing tons of Far Cry 4, and maybe make a start on Dragon Age: Inquisition, but all I got in was a few hours of Far Cry,and a few hours of Smash Bros. on 3DS, Speaking of which I added a whole bunch of you to my 3DS Friends List yesterday.

    Also, has anyone got an tips for Smash? Particularly the Home-Run Contest, my best so far is 500.5 metres with Donkey Kong.

    Also also, I'm really sorry @cufcfan616, I gave away all my Far Cry 4 codes, and then I realized that I forgot to send one to you. I'll make it up to ya man, I promise. What's your Steam ID?

    Edit: Two Taygets in a row \o/

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      I was panning on playing DA:I all weekend but I ended up only playing around 3 hours which was a shame.

      *RRRRAAAAAAAAAGE* :P Steam ID is the same as everything else I think hahaha cufcfan616

      I know everyone everywhere is still talking about it but sweet baby Jesus Dragon Age is actually the tits. I bought it after work last Thursday, I work full time and had a packed out weekend and still managed 25 hours to date.

    Whoever warned me about Far Cry 4, you were right. Mechanically it's almost exactly the same as assassins creed in that you unlock places, climb towers to unfog a map, etc but the gameplay is superb and the graphics (at least on PS4) so pretty.

      I'm guessing you haven't played it, but Far Cry 3 is more of the same, but not as pretty obviously, being last-gen and all. Lots of fun.

        If FC4 is more of FC3 I'll be happy. Sorely tempted to play FC3 again but my pile of shame is so big...

      It's another iteration of the Ubisoft Ur-Game. CLIMB THE TOWER TO REVEAL ALL THE STUFF ON THE MAP etc.

    No! We missed page 20, where all the truths of the universe would be found

    Happy Monday!

    It got to almost 44 degrees at my place over the weekend. Blegh. I get the feeling this year's summer is going to be pretty intense if we're getting weather like this already.

    Also been digging the Mario Kart 8 DLC.

    Anyone been watching the SC2 Hot6 Cup? Some pretty insane matches been going on.

    Last edited 24/11/14 9:33 am

      I had to look it up for a minute as a self confessed sports fan, but no I haven't seen it. I've never watched an eSport before, I think it sounds like something I'd like to do but unfortunately I can't seem to be available whenever I learn one is on.

        Good thing about twitch is that most channels keep a history so you can watch the vods later if you miss the live stream.

          That's a great point, I didn't even think of that! Might have to check out SC2 at lunch!

    It's Monday. I'm sure there's something special about today. Can't think of anthing

    30 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS (eve) :D

    Morning all.

    Started playing Pokemon Alpha Saphire yesterday. Spent about an hour in that starting patch of grass killing level 2 Pokemon to get my Mudkip to 16 and envolved before I went to face my rival. Not exactly sure why I did that. A bit of a self impossed challange I guess. I think I might try and theme my Pokemon team this time around. I was thinking making a water team, with a focus on marine Pokemon since they're probably my least used Pokemon in all the years I've been playing the series.

    Also played some more DA:I. I'm really glad they included gamepad support for the PC version. I started playing on keyboard and mouse but decided to try playing with my dualshock 4 yesterday and the experience is just a lot better. It's so much easier to control my character and interact with the enviroment on a controller.

      I'm doing a Grass only run!

        What does that entail? You can't use roads and always run through the grass?

      The problem with that challenge will be your starter will be very overleveled (if not already after that grind!) as the next water pokemon you get (not counting Wingull), is magikarp just before the 2nd gym

      Last edited 24/11/14 1:05 pm

    Just started raining about 20 or 30 minutes ago, coming down pretty heavy. Perfect gaming day.

      So you booted up Heavy Rain on the PS3 right..?

    Hey @beavwa, pulled out the atari to see what was there

    Normal games
    Missle command
    Space invaders
    Raiders of the lost ark
    Marine wars
    Ms Pac-man
    Spider man
    Desert Falcon
    Fishing Derby
    Demon Attack
    Empire strikes back
    Exoset Missile

    Paddle games
    Demons to diamonds
    Night driver
    Street racer

    River raid,grand prix,fishing derby sky jinks, checkers
    Spike's peak, ghost manor

    Also have the console, 2 original joysticks, two larger size, 2 paddles

    Has been stored for the last dozen years so I have no idea what does or doesn't work. But if you want it, then it is yours

      Phwoar, that would be awesome.
      I bet your original joysticks aren't even covered in chew marks like mine are...

        Cool, we will just need to work out how to get it to you
        Could bring it in to trivia next time you guys will be there or if you are over our way you could stop in for a visit and take it when you go. You don't drive into work do you?

          Definitely not driving to work at the moment.
          Routine for all that just shifted as of this morning so still figuring out daily routine. Will get back to you on that.

            I have a box of 2600 games on the shelf at home too, anyone want them?
            I must get around to ebaying the Vectrex and the SNES and the Genesis and the Jag games and CD toilet thingo to get some Xmas cash.

    Bloody hell XCOM: Long War is amazing and hard! I had a supply barge land in Canada after one of my interceptors harassed it a bit, I assumed it was an abductor and was trying to drive it off but it landed in the middle of nowhere while I was enroute to an exalt data recovery (yet another where you're limited to 4 troops so it's a mad scramble rather than a stand up fight) so I took the opportunity to raid it.

    Hot damn was it a hard slog, I had to exhaust my best sniper but she got promoted to master sergeant so once she's out of medical she can finally use double tap & snip off the heads of 2 of the xeno bastards in a single turn. She'll be in good company in medical with my best assault, he was covering a corner when a mechtoid came around and it got off a better shot than he did, damn their bloody damage reduction, I might not be too impressed with the gauss assault rifles but when I finish researching advanced gauss weapons, I'm damned sure getting the alloy cannon for the rare times I deploy a shotgun. Everyone else took some knocks but only light injuries and in the end we took down 27 of the xeno scum, came home with half a dozen alien surgeries & stasis tanks which will come in handy for later research, got a decent haul of meld, computers, power sources & the alloys I was so desperately short of so all in all, it was a well spent 2 hours.

    Morning TAY, hope you're all well?
    My weekend was pretty uneventful so I really don't have much to say but I just wanted to be included :P...
    Played a shit ton of Guild Wars 2, really enjoying it again though our guild looks a bit deserted :P

    Last edited 24/11/14 9:42 am

      You should play SWTOR with @rize @cakesmith and I!

        I would but sadly I just don't think that style of game is for me... I enjoyed my initial time with it but then I started getting bored and ultimately just not having fun anymore... I'm pretty content with what I got out of it for the short time I subbed but don't have any motivation to go back to it, sorry :P

        Now you guys should totally play more borderlands with me... Handsome jack is an amazing character to play as :P

    Morning kittens!

    I bought new hair products this weekend, took our dogs swimming (amazing) and then played Far Cry 4 till one of my eyes was completely bloodshot and twitching, ahahah.

    Far Cry 4 notes: it's a much more beautiful, detailed, larger and tricky game than FC3, but still has all those elements that made that game so good. Also, I totally have the hots for Sambal. Five stars.

      I choose to believe that last bit was a food pun.

        Haha, it wasn't meant to be, but let's say it was ;)

        (But seriously, what a babe).

    Hi, TAY.
    Sm4sh week 2 is upon us... so..
    Who's your main?

    Mine's Link.

    Last edited 24/11/14 10:08 am

      Holy crap it's only 5 days, it has sneakily crept up on me. In years gone by I would main Ice Climbers *tear* and King DeDeDe. I'm looking forward to changing my main around this time to Megaman or Sonic (my two favourite video game characters), I'll have a play around in the practice arena and decide who'll be my go to then!

        I'll be torn between those two as well, Sonic is my childhood hero, but Megaman is an ass kicking machine of death

      Haven't really been able to play the 3DS version (didn't like the controls) but I did enjoy playing as Robin, Zelda, Toon Link.

      Never really played Melee, but with Brawl and 3DS I usually go with Kirby or Meta Knight, I just like their moves. I do change a bit though when I get bored of them.

        KIRBY 4 LYFE!!!

          Confession: I have never played a Kirby game.

          *runs away*

            The only Kirby game I have ever played was one on the SNES called Kirby's Dream Course which was basically a mini-golf/putting game

            I was scrolling past this and thought it said, "Kitty game" and it made me think of Hello Kitty Roller Rescue which I totally had on PS2 and thoroughly enjoyed.

      Pikachu on 64, DK secondary, Marth on Cube, young link secondary. Undecided on the new ones, waiting for Wii u version.

      More serious answer: so far on 3DS I seem to have sucked with pretty much everyone, except I managed to clear Classic on 9.0 with ROB and Luigi. So I guess I'll be sticking with them a bit. Falcon's usually my most main, haven't used him since I was still on the lower levels though. DK went alright too I think.

      I'd *like* to be good with Little Mac and Mega Man, but I don't know if it's going to be. Especially Mega Man, he's just weird. Pac Man seems good though.

      Last edited 24/11/14 10:21 am

      PAC IS MY MAN. ATTACK OF THE PAC. RETURN OF THE PAC. Those are the three things I shout ad infinitum while playing with friends.

      ROB, Robin, Lucina, Link also ballers. mean you don't tell them "watch out for the Pac Attack"? Nor the subsequent line?

        Last edited 24/11/14 12:26 pm

          I did but people wondered why I threw a basketball at their face.

      I've been playing a lot of Captain Falcon, but I'm also really liking Villager and Wii Fit Trainer. I played Falco in Melee and Brawl, but he's a lot weaker this time around.

    Just watched Oblivion. Pretty great movie.

      Definitely underrated.

      I also don't think I've seen a bad Tom Cruise movie. I know it's fun to hate on the guy but he's consistently good.

        Edge of Tomorrow is also brilliant. I think the hate he gets is because of non acting stuff mainly.

          Or his 80s/90s movies. He's pretty damn unlikeable in most of those. I think his recent 00s-10s success has been thanks to exploiting that unlikeability and playing unlikeable characters.

            Absolutely, same in Vanilla Sky, it works because he plays a douche.
            Will have to check out Edge of Tomorrow.

      That one was a surprise gem, for me.

    Weekend was uhhh very eventful.
    Somehow managed to buy Bayonetta 2 and fit in some time to play the first one for a few hours. The controls for this are probably the most impressive I’ve found in an action game. Somehow they managed to fit complex in to simple.

    Reassembled my desk on the weekend, and my G5/G15 combo have made their triumphant return back from 3 years of storage. It's nice being able to aim in a shooter again.

      Getting stuff back out of storage after an extended period feels rad.

        Initial sensation was 'holy shit the cursor is moving whenever I move the mouse'

    Has anyone been having issues downloading anything with Steam over the past few days?
    My net's downloading at 2.5 Mbps, but Steam appears to be going at a crawl.

      Haven't downloaded anything too large, but updates have been normal speed

      Yes, but it's come and gone. This weekend steam was downloading at 1.5kbp/s at one point, and then would just keep timing out. A few router and PC resets and it was back to downloading at full speed (for this place) of ~500kbp/s. Sooooo, maybe try that?

    My weekend mainly consisted of lounging around bitching about the heat. And cleaning. And getting mad at Destiny. And not playing The Wolf Among Us because I'm a stupid fuckhead.

    I know you've all been secretly waiting for me to weigh in on G20.

    To tell you what the G stands for, how well Brisbane brothel's did thanks to the political summit and who, much like people for some reason still do for E3, who we think "won" G20.

    Well today you're in luck. (Bad luck is still a form of a luck) It's the Dan And Karl's Zeitgeist G20 Special with special guest!!!

    So listen as the line between Karl & Alan Jones becomes even more blurred and I'm just excited to be talking to someone other than my sausage dog.

    Last edited 24/11/14 10:28 am

    I am so fucking done with the Assassins Creed franchise. Just finished all of Rogue and I really don't want to do it again. AC is nothing but a grindfest and icon map cleaning now. Which is saying a lot since I really loved the story and characters in Black Flag and I should have ended it there.

      I've lost all interest in it too. I haven't played Black Flag yet, and I want to, but anything after Black Flag just doesn't interest me.

        I had fun with Black Flag but I got right near the end and stopped playing for a while, and now I have no interest at all in finishing it, which is unusual considering I've finished way worse games out of curiosity to see how they end.

          Black Flag got a bit tedious for awhile there and it's hard to find the right balance of story missions and side content, but I'm glad I finished it. I was completely hyped for Unity until it turned out to be a piece of shit.

          Still tempted by Rogue, but I've heard literally nothing about it. Does it progress the story, is it any good? I'm really intrigued in how the events of Rogue will tie back into ACIII since it's kind of a prequel.

      Does Rogue progress the modern-day storyline at all or does it shelve it like Unity does?

        Depends, do you care about the avatar you were playing in Black Flag? Because for some reason he's now important.

        For everything else involving the Creed and Templars, most of that are all hidden away behind computer hacking to reveal recordings with no images. It's mostly about how the Templars are dealing with the Creed in modern times. The entire story ends with the Templars sending the Creed an e-mail basically saying, "Yeah we're winning! Suck it!". Only good thing about these recordings is that it introduces a new character who I loved listening to. Some guy they hired to be an assassin for the Assassins (see the problem when you name your entire organisation after a profession?)

        and I don't know if this was supposed to be a reveal, but during the credits there's an extra scene that reveals to the player that *gasp* Abstergo is run by Templars!

          Well I didn't so much care about my avatar in Black Flag as I did the fact that I was playing as someone inside Abstergo. I guess as the person the Sage was using and the one "researcher" who solved the mysteries presented in Black Flag I can see why the player character has some importance/value even though it has onlyp layed out that way for the sake of the plot - I'm prepared to accept that.

          I can understand why they'd need to reveal to the avatar that Abstergo = Templars but as the player surely this has been apparent to us since it was explained to us what Assassins and Templars are, back in AC1... I guess they have to re-do big reveals like that since we're used to discovering things at the same pace as Desmond did but there's no in-universe explanation for why the new avatar would know that stuff.

          Dude, re: Abstergo - SPOILERS! MARK IT AS oh wait we knew that five games ago.

          Are they even trying anymore?

      I'm playing Black Flag atm, it's pretty great. And those blue shores.. so beautifully blue.

        One of the few games I've completed to 100%. Not platinum'd because that has multiplayer achievements and fuck that noise.

          At least the multiplayer achievements were easy to get. As for the "Reach top rank instead of level 20" achievement, that can be grinded in a week through that co-op Wolf hunt mode thing. If you can get 4 players who are competant and know to wait for all players to get into position before performing an assassination instead of playing it like Call of Duty and getting as much kills as you can then you can do it all in a weekend.

          Man I hate people who played the game like that. They would run in an assassinate one guy, forcing the other targets to run, wasting time as we chase them down just so that he could get 300 points for 3 kills, while I blend in, wait, focus and get 1,400 points from a single kill. With good players, the final challenge as a 2 hour window because of how much bonus time you achieved, while playing it like CoD will cause you to run out of time before you're 1/3 of the way through.

    Morning all!

    I come to you with a question for my email expert Taybies whom I was hoping to receive their infinite wisdom in setting up my email account.

    Spoilered as this may be boring for a lot of you folks:

    I have tried to use Manual Settings to set up my Outlook account after my old laptop died an ungraceful and sudden death. I have populated my name, email address, account type, incoming mail server, outgoing server, username, password and are using default server port numbers. This enables me to log onto the incoming mail server but unable to send test email. When I put the POP 3 port number my system administrator has sent me and SMTP port it doesn't worth though as I can't log in at all. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?

    Please help me, you're my only hope.

      if this is outlook proper (not or express) then it's likely the security settings. You probably need to go to the More settings button, then the outgoing tab and select "My outgoing server requires authentication"
      If that still fails, and the port number the IT guy gave you is anything other than 110 and 25, enable SSL.

        Yeah, this is Outlook proper.

        I just tried checking the 'My outgoing server requires authentication' and entering in the two ports and enabling SSL. It is able to connect to the mailbox (hooray!), but then I get the following message when attempting to send email:

        Send test e-mail message: The operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). So this might not be my fault due to a lack of I.T prowess? :P

          mm sure you typed the address correctly? Is the pop address the same as the smtp?

            You the man Welbot!!! I wasn't checking the box with whether it was a SSL/TLS/Auto connection, changed it to SSL and it logged on and sent a test email pretty much in half a second lol.

            Thanks for the assist man, I actually had to restore my laptop to factory settings because I had ballsed up my last attempt so bad I couldn't even use the laptop lol.

              You're welcome sire! Great to hear it's sorted! That's why they pay me the big $!



    The weekend was all about trying to find Dragon Age. Looked in two places on Saturday, 5 on Sunday, everywhere was sold out in all platforms, except for the first JB we went to which had an XBone copy. If I'd known how difficult it would have been I'd have sold everything I could to buy it and an XBone. :P
    Ended up ordering it from JB Online last night. It shipped this morning. \o/

      Man, I was on the Coast and Dragon Age was plentiful.

      People were lighting cigars with copies and using cases as wallpaper.

    Hola Tay

    I am in Kompong Cham. Yesterday I rode a bike out to an island, a process that included a rickety ferry and a bamboo bridge. Today, the Killing fields.

    A Monday morning question: how are you? Really?

      Really? Optimistic. I think that's the best way to describe how I am today. And if you want super-honesty: sweaty. :P

      I've been loving seeing your amazing pictures of your trip, by the way.

      Tired. Stressed over finance and workload
      But with all that pretty happy with life in general

      Yeah, good and almost happy. Energetic and not down, which is different from the last few weeks.

      Thanks for asking man, appreciate it (not /s).

      I am really enjoying seeing your pictures on Twitter!

      I am okay. Getting sick again (I am not normally someone who gets sick so easily, but this year alone has really knocked me off my feet since I got pleurisy in March), and I'd rather be home playing games, but other than that, I'm alright. Thanks for asking ;D

    Waiting for my mate John to come around. Haven't spent a lot of time with him recently as he was in Melbourne for a couple of weeks (and went to PAX). Also I have basketball tonight, should be a great day. :D

      w00t! Friend visits are awesome! I rarely get visits from my bestie anymore cos he lives in Melb. But when he does... good times.. good times indeed! :)

    Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was fairly simple - Dragon Age, interspersed with food and sleep. After two days (plus a bit on Friday night), I'm sitting on 35 hours playtime, and really enjoying it. And as someone who didn't leave the Hinterlands until about level 10, some 25+ hours in, let me say to everyone: "Leave the freaking Hinterlands!" If you're above level 4 and think you're going to burn out on sidequests, continue the story.

      But I have to complete all the side-quests before advancing to Val Royeaux! I know I'm going to be judged harshly and feel the need to get all of the base-level inquisition perks that unlock the additional dialogue options that I believe will allow me to be a know-it-all smart-ass (totally my wheelhouse)! Also, I think it's important to have the people of the Hinterlands worshipping the ground I walk on. I mean... I've killed a fucking dragon.

      I'm treating the Val Royeaux 'next main quest step' like the DA:O landsmeet, or Crono's trial, in Crono Trigger.

        You killed that thing? What level are you?! I got completely squished when I tried at level 11... I've been meaning to go back now my party's 13, but there's so much to do.

        But, if you're enjoying it, don't let me stop you. Let me know how it works out. :)

          Totally cheesed it. Tactical mode, set the party to hold position, grab a mage and move to JUST within range of targeting the bastard while he's stitting, then plink away at the targeted body part (in this case, left front leg) for half an hour. (Level 8)

            D: That poor dragon...

              An inglorious end to say the least. I am mildly concerned that there is some kind of cinematic missing.

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